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Killing Floor Event Planning?

Discussion in Gaming started by Vadleon, Oct 10, 2011

  1. Jan 12, 2011
    I figure since I like playing Killing Floor and finding people to play with on a given afternoon is kinda difficult, I'd make a thread to discuss and plan a time for some number of us to meet up and play. :grin:

    Event Times, Places, and Map Downloads
    Skip to the bottom of this post for full listings!!
    There are no scheduled events.

    For starters
    I'll start with a game description for those unfamiliar. Skip ahead if you want to plan a time.

    Killing Floor is a zombie game that features holding out against waves of enemies and using different 'perks' for weapon sets (not the same as classes).
    - The enemies come in many distinct varieties and each will prove a challenge on different maps and difficulties.
    - The perks that I mentioned are different from classes in that you can use any weapon at any time, provided you have the space. Additionally, you can level up any other perk while using a particular one (ex. using commando and level up support).
    - Between waves of enemies, you are allowed a short period to find a trader and purchase new guns and more ammo.
    - Due to the nature of the gameplay and the location of traders, team cooperation and advance planning is a necessity to survive a whole map. You will need to plan who carries what and where each of you aim if you are to successfully defend from the 'specimens' (zombies).
    - The maximum team size on an unmodded server is 6 players. Organize your team and work together. However, mind the potential advantages and disadvantages of a larger team. (More details later as needed.)
    The game is currently $20 on Steam (link here), though I strongly suggest looking out for a sale price. As is, I think it's worth it if you enjoy shooting games, leveling up, and working as a team. Don't feel obligated to buy it, as I too am a deal seeker and I know money can be tight.

    Now to the meat of this thread
    If you have the game and want to play, say if a time works for you or suggest your own. Optional: post your levels so we can guage what kind of server and difficulty we should find. No point in playing it on HoE if all we'll be doing is dying and not leveling up. :razz: Also, posting your preferred difficulty that gives you sufficient challenge will help us choose something that works for everyone.

    For this, I suggest we try meeting up weekend on weekends. Days include Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Post times that work for you and we can all figure something out. Current and future events will be at the bottom of this post, in addition to IP's or extra custom map downloads.

    Just a few things to mention in advance:
    - Don't be a jackass. We're all here to have fun with each other. While there is no official pF server for this (and probably won't be), we'll find an empty server to play on and I expect everyone to be respectful of other players. If you think a plan will fail, don't scream at people; present your own and explain why.
    - Levels don't matter for playing together. You can be lv.6 in all perks or lv.0 in all of them. Just bear in mind that higher levels will likely kill more and not find as much interest in normal difficulties. Also, as a note to higher levels, don't hog the kills. Other people need experience and money, too.
    - Since the max team size is 6 on a standard server, if there are too many of us willing to play we'll need to break up into groups and play. I'm open to the idea of a non-standard slot server, but those will not allow perk leveling, so I would avoid those.
    - I strongly suggest downloading and installing Mumble and joining our server for it (details here). This will make voice communication a lot more clear than the in-game mic.
    - CHECK YOUR KEYS. Don't start playing the game without giving all your controls a gander. Reset a few if you must (such as voice chat and for throwing weapons). Arrange them so they work and you don't end up asking how to do something while being eaten by 3 gorefasts.
    - If you want to learn more about the game and have more knowledge to use in playing, consult the wiki here. Trust me, there's good information in there.

    Full Listings for Events

    Scheduled Times:
    1st event: Saturday October 15th at 6:00pm EST
    2nd event: Saturday October 22th at 6:00pm EST
    3rd event: Saturday (29th) a 4:00pm EST
    (more to be planned)

    Event IP's to meet on:
    All event IPs: (I will bold each IP we are using for a particular event! I will italicize the first server to populate in addition!)
    Event 2: Join first! -- F7Lans.com :: KF II | Normal | Long (Currently offline) -- F7Lans.com :: KF III | Hard | Long -- F7Lans.com :: KF IV | Hard | Long -- F7Lans.com :: KF V | Suicidal | Long
    Pings between 30-50. -- ( : Fight-Club-Server *1* Normal 10 Waves Perks and Achievements! : ) -- ( : Fight-Club-Server *2* Hard 10 Waves Perks and Achievements! : ) -- ( : Fight-Club-Server *3* Suicidal 10 Waves Perks and Achievements! : ) -- ( : Fight-Club-Server *4* Hell 10 Waves Perks and Achievements! : ) -- ( : Fight-Club-Server *7* Normal 10 Waves Perks and Achievements! : )
    Pings between 60-80. -- Vad's Killing Ceiling (Vadleon's hosting) -- password = (will post as needed)
    Ping should be stable around 50ish. I can change difficulty and maps as needed.

    If you don't want to try finding these on the big Internet listings under multiplayer, simply open your console and type "open (IP)" and you should go right to it.
    (Servers and IPs may change if they are occupied at the time of the event. CHECK THIS THREAD BEFORE PLAYING.)

    Extra custom map downloads (for faster connect time):
    1st event: None
    2nd event: None
    3rd event: None
    (Will be added as needed or requested)
  2. Nov 2, 2010
    Great bloddy work man, I was really hoping to see something like this soon. I personally haven't gotten into KF for a while. But hell I would love to hang out with fellow pF'ers on KF!
  3. Apr 29, 2011
    I would be interested in being a part of this. As long as you don't mind me "accidentally" buying the Derp Launcher Thumper and somehow managing to kill my self with it when I shoot a wall on the other side of a huge room.

    As to my lvls:

    Commando:0 (I just don't like the machine-guns)
  4. Sep 30, 2011
    I'll look into it but I will not promise anything. As my money situation is not the best at the moment, I'm not willing to spend $20 on something I may lose interest in.
  5. Mar 16, 2008
    I can attempt to put up a server for this if Brian doesn't delete it before it's gone. Not making any promises though.
  6. Feb 17, 2011
    i am in!

    sharp lvl 6
    commando lvl 6
    support lvl 6
    demo lvl 4
    zerk lvl 4
    medic lvl 4
    firebug lvl 3
  7. Feb 21, 2007
    im down. lvl 6 on everything.

    someone be sure to point RXN to this thread, as he will want to participate
  8. Jan 12, 2011
    Don't worry about buying it immediately, especially if you aren't sure about the game. My plan is to round up some people who already have it, want to play it, and have some free time to play. I'd suggest looking up videos to see if you are interested. And like I said, it's obviously best to nab when it's on sale, which it frequently is.

    That would be awesome, but I'd feel bad if resources got tied up on some silly venture for fun. Optional if you're allowed and thanks for offering!

    I definitely plan to get in touch with him soon and see if the server he rented some time ago is still good to play on. If he still controls it, I'll post links to as many of the custom maps on it as I have. That'll cut down everyone's download time (even though it should be fast download). I'll post the IP when I know it's good. No guarantees, since that was months ago.

    For my own stats:
    6 - Medic
    6 - Support
    6 - Commando
    6 - Sharpshooter
    5 - Berserker
    6 - Firebug
    6 - Demolitions

    Difficulty and map doesn't matter to me. I just like playing with people and trying new ideas. Post your preferred difficulty that gives you sufficient challenge. For me it's hard-suicidal. HoE is more for "I did it" bragging rights. :razz:

    Let's start suggesting times for this. Since I don't think I'll be busy at this time, I'll go ahead and put in Saturday (15th) at 6pm EST. Lemme know what you guys think or if we should shift it around.
  9. Dec 17, 2010
    I should be able to make that meeting vadleon since i have nothing planed that day. As far as my stats go they should be between the range of lvl2-4, im to lazy to check right now. I mainly play on normal because i like a challenge, im just that kind of guy.
  10. Feb 12, 2011
    I could join in.
    Medic - 4
    Support - 2
    Commando - 3
    Sharpshooter - 3
    Berserker - 3
    Firebug - 3
    Demolition - 1

    Prefered difficulty - Hard
  11. Jan 12, 2011
    So to tally up who may be participating (Don't freak out; Team # will be explained later):
    Team ? - NightFury
    Team 1 - Kyron the Wise
    Team 2 - elduke
    Team 2 - Retslag1
    Team 1 - cyberwulf
    Team 1 - 3DG
    Team 2 - Vadleon

    If you want to play, post in the thread!
    Now, either we can try getting a few more people for a split to play on 2 servers, or one of us could wait a bit to play. Don't feel discouraged, we just need to sort something out since we all want to play. :smile:

    Since I see no objections to Saturday (15th) at 6pm EST, I'll make that the time to play. Notice EST, so if you're PST it'll be 3:00pm and if you're somewhere else, just calculate it. Let me know if this doesn't work and we can shift it around a few hours.
    Just a heads up though, when it's midnight I'll need to go help a friend with his paper route. Try to set a time that's at least 2 or 3 hours before then that accounts for EST. I want to play too. :sweat:

    As for difficulty, I think we can try hard. This is because we have a good split between higher level players and mid-ranged players; the higher levels can provide the extra firepower to cover the other players as they level up. If this doesn't work, we can find another server on normal.

    If we have too many players for a single server, we should split up into teams depending on level. That's why I have team numbers up there. Team 1 can either play on normal or hard and Team 2 can do hard or higher. This is so each team can play on a difficulty that is appropriate for them and isn't overwhelming as they try to level up. I hope more people join in on this so we have more fun on the servers.
    We'll figure something out. :sweat:

    Also, I know I need to get in touch with rxn to check if he wants to play and if his rented server is still up. I'll try to do that tonight when I have time to hop onto Steam.
    I'll also try to find 2 servers for us to play on, just in case we need to split up into teams. CHECK BACK IN THIS THREAD BEFORE THE EVENT FOR IPs AND TRY TO BE IN MUMBLE. Servers aren't always empty, so I may need to do some last minute hunting to find what fits our needs, and being in Mumble will help coordinate people for the updated news.

    Edit: I've edited the OP with information. Please check that and all new posts in the thread to know what's going on!
  12. Feb 17, 2011
    can i get that in like GMT? :razz:
  13. Jan 12, 2011
    If I recall, you are something like 6-7 hours ahead of me, so it'll be about 12:00-1:00am for you. Blarg..
  14. Aug 30, 2010
    Id be happey to join Vad Im game for normal or hard either one is fine for me!
    ==Current ranks are==
    Medic 4
    Support 2
    Sharpshooter 3
    Commando 2
    Berserker 2
    Firebug 2
    Demolition 2
  15. Apr 29, 2011
    EDIT: I see that the teams are based on having level 6 skills, and those who don't are team 1
  16. Jan 12, 2011
    When you put it that way.... :confused:
    Not what I went by, but looking back I suppose that's how it sorted out. I was actually going by who had an average of Lv.4+ perks and put them into a group for a higher difficulty. If anyone wishes we can reorganize teams so there is a spread of levels for either team. Dropping the teams idea - this may defeat the purpose of a KF get-together. I had leveling in mind, and I figured that like-levels would be able to distribute the kills evenly. Blarg.. I wish we could all play in one server... :sweat:

    If everyone just wants to play and not worry about working on various perks, then I guess we just have at it. First come, first serve (up to halves) or what? :banana:

    Also, I think I've found a set of servers that will work for us. I'll post the IPs soon when I have their addresses and names.

    Edit: Server listings (I'll add this to the OP): -- F7Lans.com :: KF II | Normal | Long -- F7Lans.com :: KF III | Hard | Long -- F7Lans.com :: KF IV | Hard | Long -- F7Lans.com :: KF V | Suicidal | Long
    All should have an average ping of about 40-50.
    If you don't want to try finding these on the big Internet listings under multiplayer, simply open your console and type "open (IP)" and you should go right to it.
    (Servers and IPs may change if they are occupied at the time of the event. CHECK THIS THREAD BEFORE PLAYING.)
  17. Jan 12, 2011
    Quoting this, I'm sorry for the confusion about teams. I kinda overlooked the upper guideline and went by the lower one first. I done derped....
    Honestly I'm not trying to separate or leave anyone out. I just don't know how to let everyone have the most fun with server slot restrictions. :confused:

    So we need to figure something out: How to manage 8+ players for server sizes of max 6. We can do it first come, first serve up to half the number of people playing (currently 4) and carry the other half to the other server. Or we can settle on who wants to play in half groups with some buddies for a map or two, then switch it up. Or we can think of alternatives. Ideas?
  18. Jan 12, 2011
    Sorry for the triple post, but I'm bumping since the event will be in about 6 hours. :sweat:

    Any additional inputs or extra players are welcome!

    Like I said, before we play I'll check which of the 4 servers are empty and I'll post here where to go. Try to be in Mumble please, as live coordination is a lot easier, both before and during the game!
  19. Feb 20, 2011
    Count me in! Although I seem to have issues connecting to servers sometimes. It'll just say "Connecting" forever.
  20. Feb 21, 2007
    alright. just be sure to tell me where to go. I'll be around at 6pm. Did we ever get ahold of rxn?