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Killing Floor Tips and Strategy Guide

Discussion in Gaming started by Vadleon, Oct 23, 2011

  1. Jan 12, 2011
    ...Since we all know that you'll be eaten on your first day out. Welcome back, in undead form!

    Alrighty, as mentioned in the KF Event thread, I'll work on an extensive guide to the game to help players along in not dying (as much).

    I'm putting up a framework of the guide now and I'll be filling in, editing, and updating this for some time as I think of things and have time to write them.
    Everyone is welcome to contribute to it after I'm done with my sections for the perks, maps, and specimens. I have a lot to put up first, so please be patient.

    Also as additional reference, the Killing Floor Wiki is here.

    ||==== Perks ====||

    Since the proper selection of perks is important for any strategy to work, I'll start with them first. I'll provide a description, and a few level bonuses which are very important. Refer to the Wiki for a complete table of bonuses for each level, as I don't know how to put tables on the Forums. :sweat:

    -=- Medic -=-
    The medic very simply keeps everyone else alive. The perk is geared primarily towards healing the other players during a round and staying alive to be able to heal others.

    The main weapon of the medic is the MP7M. The primary fire is a very fast-firing but weak automatic stream of bullets, and the secondary fire is a semi-automatic healing dart that is effective as your normal syringe.

    The perk bonuses of a medic include: syringe recharge speed and injection potency, bloat bile resistance, total movement speed, MP7M clip size and discount, and combat armor damage resistance and discount. Highest levels will spawn with armor and MP7M.

    (not done)

    -=- Support -=-
    The support specialist provides penetrating power to the team and has the ability to carry extra equipment. It'll be a mid-line shooter and will need to handle many of the larger enemies that other perks cannot handle alone.

    =---- Weapons -----
    =-- Pump-shotgun --- This staple weapon chambers 8 shells before you need to reload and between 40 and 54 reserve shots. This has a medium spread over a distance and weighs 8 kg. Though all the shotguns have a small amount of character pushback, this one has the greatest and will need to be compensated for if trying to maintain a position.
    =-- Hunting Shotgun --- This is a very powerful double barrel shotgun with two modes of fire - single or double blast. The pellets spread quickly in a short distance, but it deals the most damage per shell of the three shotguns. It is suggested not to auto fill this weapon unless you intend to use every shell, as it has an equivalent total ammo as the pump-shotgun and the ammo is much more expensive than either of the others. Plan inventory space accordingly, as this weighs 10 kg.
    =-- AA12 --- This automatic shogun is one of the best multi-use weapons in the game. It has 20 shells in a drum, with between 60 and 86 reserve shots. At the sacrifice of pellets per shot, it has the tightest spread of the three shotguns and can be fired the fastest. This gun can be toggled to either semi or full auto by secondary function, allowing many possible uses during the onslaught. While the ammo is affordable, the gun is one of the most expensive in the game, even after perk discounts. Weighing 10 kg and costing so much up front, purchasing this weapon requires some prior thought.

    (not done)

    -=- Sharpshooter -=-

    (coming soon)

    -=- Commando -=-

    (coming soon)

    -=- Firebug -=-

    (coming soon)

    -=- Berserker -=-

    (coming soon)

    -=- Demolitions -=-

    (coming soon)

    ||==== General Map Strategies ====||
    Since there are a few common ways to survive maps, and there isn't really a good place to put this in the map descriptions, I'm putting it here before all the maps. I'll reference this area few times as I talk about various maps.

    -=- Holding a Position -=-

    (coming soon)

    -=- Kiting -=-

    (coming soon)
  2. Jan 12, 2011
    ||==== Maps ====||

    Things such setting, layout, and choke points will be detailed here.

    == Core Maps ==
    -=- West London -=-

    -=- Biotics Lab -=-

    -=- Manor -=-

    -=- Farm -=-

    -=- Offices -=-

    == Summer Maps ==
    -=- Foundry -=-

    -=- Wire -=-

    -=- Bedlam -=-

    == Grindhouse Maps ==
    -=- Crash -=-

    -=- Departed -=-

    -=- Waterworks -=-

    -=- Filths Cross -=-

    -=- Icebreaker -=-

    == Incendiary Maps ==
    -=- Mountain Pass -=-

    -=- Hospital Horrors -=-

    -=- Biohazard -=-

    -=- Suburbia -=-

    == Event Maps ==
    -=- Santa's Evil Lair -=-

    -=- Aperture -=-

    -=- Abusement Park -=-

    (more will be edited later)
  3. Jan 12, 2011
    ||==== Specimens ====||

    Zombies, Zeds, Monsters... Whatever you call them. Details about their appearance, tactics, and ways to defeat them are here.

    -=- Clot -=-
    Your run-of-the-mill weak zombie. It appears as a pale naked corpse shambling around. It has low health, walks slowly, and is a prime target for headshotting. The only significant characteristic about them is their rather dangerous ability to prevent players from moving while they chow down. Never let them get close, as only one clot hold will spell your death by other Zeds.

    -=- Gorefast -=-
    The meaner brother of the clot, the gorefast has red skin, no jaw, and a large blade on one arm which it uses to tear into players quickly. They are tougher and a bit fast than clots. At a distance they walk slowly, but within close proximity they make a running beeline for players. It is best to headshot them at distance or stun them with an explosion to allow some time to line up your shots.

    -=- Bloat -=-
    The bigger brother of the clot, the bloat is a tall fat zombie that pukes acid onto players. Though it walks slowly, it doesn't need to be close to a player to throw its bile onto others. It has a surprisingly high amount of health for its body, so headshots at range are suggested to be rid of it quickly. Do note that after its head is removed, shooting its body until it dies will result in an acid explosion which can still harm players.

    -=- Crawler -=-

    -=- Stalker -=-

    -=- Husk -=-

    -=- Siren -=-

    -=- Scrake -=-

    -=- Fleshpound -=-

    -=- The Patriarch -=-

    (reserved for Specimens and additional tips, will be edited later)