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League of Legends Chatter: AD Carry Facts and Information

Discussion in Gaming started by Clam Chowder, Oct 15, 2012

  1. Nov 29, 2010
    AD Carries are the late-game juggernauts that can make or break a game. These guys are probably the most valuable aspect of the team as they rely on a support in the laning phase.

    Gameplay: The laning phase is the most important, and emphasis on last hitting is a must. If you can sneak in a kill here and there, the better, however getting that farm until the late game is the most important aspect of an AD Carry. They do not rely as much on their skills as much as autoattacks since most AD carries have a tiny mana pool or their skills spend a ton of mana. They will always have a support throughout the game and they spend time in the back dishing out damage. AD Carries are ranged.

    Mana: Ad Carries have tiny mana pools, so don't go spamming your skills. Be conservative since your skills can make or break a fight.

    Focuses: Your focus is to fuck shit up. Target squishy people, get them out of the fight ASAP.

    I also split AD Carries into different categories. Note: A champion can fit under more than one category.

    Autoattackers: Main source of damage and utility are from their autoattacks, right click and win. Skills also reinforce their dueling potential. Examples: Ashe, Caitlyn.

    AD Casters: These champions hybrid between skills and autoattacks, though their skills do the talking. A good chunk of their damage is through their skills. Examples: Ezreal, Urgot.

    Hybrids: These champions use both AD and AP for their damage output, well-rounded for any team fight. Examples: Teemo, Ezreal. These champions are complicated and I'll put them in a different guide

    Important Terms:
    Attack Damage (AD): Most of your offensive skills scale off of AD, and improves your autoattacks
    Crowd Control (CC): Stuns, Silences, Knock-up's ect.
    Attack Speed (ASPD): Nuff said.

    Items: AD Carries generally follow one of two routes, but they do have a good amount of item variation. There is no "Core Item" since each ad carry vary in different needs.

    Starter Items:
    Boots: Merc Threads if enemy team has hard CC, Berzerker's greaves For Attackspeed. Ninja Tabi if enemy is heavily harassing you.

    Dorans Blade: Well-rounded for early game, Health, +10 AD and 3% Lifesteal, however you cannot buy pots.

    Early/Mid-Game Items:

    B.F. Sword: A great item that is very flexible and is used in a variety of items. Good +AD Stat

    Zeal: +10% Crit Chance and ASPD bonus. Good all-around item.

    Phage: AD, health and a slow. Good for tankier ad carries

    Sheen: AP, Mana and a proc to add attack damage to your autoattacks per skill. Great for AD Casters

    Vampiric Scepter: Lifesteal is pinnacle to keeping you in lane.

    Quicksilver Sash: A must-have if you're getting CC'd hard. Otherwise pick cleanse as a summoner skill.

    Tears: Optional: AD Casters get the most benefit out of this item as it procs on skills (+4 Mana per autoattack)

    Late Game Items:

    Infinity Edge: The most important item for autoattackers, +80%AD, +25%Crit Chance +%50 Crit Damage. THEY. DO. NOT. STACK. It boosts your crit damage and if you manage to get one early, you can inflict hilarious amounts of damage, Very useful for crit stack champions like Ashe.

    Bloodthirster: Great Attack Damage and Life Steal. +Stacking life steal and attack damage. Caps at 100 AD an 20% Life Steal. All AD carries need this item (Teemo is an exception). Stacks with other BT's

    Last Whisper: +40AD and Armour Pen. Must have item late-game since almost every character will build armour against you.

    Madreds Bloodrazor: A tank buster item inflicting a %of enemy's max health as magic damage. 40 AD +40% Aspd, and 25% armour

    Guardian Angel: Important for lategame, basically acts like a weak Zilean Ult and brings you back into the fight should you die off early.

    Manamune: MANAMUNE!! Perfect item for champions like Urgot and Ezreal. AD + AD bonus per %of your mana, each autoattack adds +2 Mana. (3 second cd)

    Phantom Dancer: A must have for autoattackers, Increased Movement Speed, +30% Crit Chance and A ton of attack speed. Works in perfect synergy with the Infinity Edge.
    Trinity Force: Tons of Damage. Perfect for AD Casters like Corki, Ezreal, Urgot. Combines the effects of the Phage, Zeal and Sheen (and adding a little extra to each item)

    Black Cleaver: AD, Armour reduction and Attack speed. Only champion I personally use this item on is Vayne since it adds a little extra damage on her 3rd silver bolt + tumble.

    Recommended Runes:
    Armour Pen: Good meta, makes squishy champions a little extra squishy
    Attack Damage: Great for early game, but falls away late

    Flat Armour

    Flat Magic Resist
    Flat Cooldowns for casters

    Armour pen
    Flat Damage

    Squishy and will die quickly if focused
    CC: Will wreck any AD carry
    Most will be more prominent only mid-late game if they have an average game, especially Ashe.
    Thornmail. Unless they've built up lifesteal, an AD carry can potentially kill themselves attacking enemies with thornmails.
  2. May 27, 2008
    Oh yeah?
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    • Jul 8, 2012
      lol Peter. Working on that. I have a flat ad and almost flat ap page at the minute.
    • Apr 1, 2012
      MBR is fubar on ad carries because they don't get mpen usually (have yet to see a sorc shoes + void staff + MBR varus lol).. and tanks usually have 100+ MR by the time you grab MBR (meaning that 4% per hit is going down to 2% at the very least), imo the best way to handle tanks is to get last whisper + lifesteal + some MR if the tanks decided to grab thornmail or QSS if they have randuin's to remove the aspd debuff.
    • Nov 29, 2010
      Thing is, it's a great item to use on teemo and Ezreal since they're a hybrid champions who can build both AD an AP (Teemo especially). The attack speed buff and the extra damage adds kick to their attacks. It also brings down minions and neutral mobs a lot faster, overall increasing their total DPS. I can see where you're going since a typical AD champion won't need magic damage anyways.

      It's perfect against champions that are building a huge health pool such as mundo or volibear, 2% of 5000 is still 100 extra damage.

      Saying it's FUBAR on all ad carries is like saying all people don't eat caviar (It's early, I can't think of something else).
    • Jul 8, 2012
      I think it's definitely useful on teemo or Ezreal. But yeah someone who isn't quite so hybrid it's probably not quite as effective. Although like clam said 2% of anything 4k or 5k+ is still a fairly strong added hit I think

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    • Oct 29, 2010
      Teemo and Kayle are about the only ones I can see using it reliably, kog'maw is a possibility if the team is particularly tanky; as Ezreal isn't an auto attack champion, I don't see it being good on him at all.
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