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Discussion in Entertainment started by Maddest Hatter, Aug 13, 2015

  1. Jul 10, 2011
    Anyone else beside me still collect Lego? I'll send ya pics once I get some sleep
  2. Jun 17, 2014
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    • Mar 10, 2014
    • Oct 13, 2011
      Why would you collect the deadliest weapon on earth
    • Jul 10, 2011
      I have no fear of such things!
    • Mar 29, 2015
      lol my brother collects lego sets like the big limited ones that come out. That indian place the taj mahal was a $400 limited edition set, now it seels for over $1500 on Ebay and thats opened... its crazy how much value lego gains when collected. ill try get some pics from my brother...he has a entire room dedicated. why do you ask tho maddest? you collect too?
    • Dec 30, 2006
      I will trade Tony for the whole thing. Deal.
    • Apr 13, 2012
      Damn.. a housewife, slave, butler and sex slave all in one. Thats a deal!
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      • Oct 24, 2013
        I still have every major base for any of the sets that came out in early 90s-2000s. I doubt it's all set up but if they were to be sold they would get big money. I even still have the boxes i believe to the giant castle, water world, and most of the pirate ships aling with the port. I know my dad lets my retard nephew play with them though.