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Let's have some fun.

Discussion in The No Count Section started by Taters, Apr 8, 2012

  1. Mar 12, 2008
    I accidentally some codes around here from some indie bundles, Just for some fun and because i have a couple leftover steam codes for Nuclear Dawn, and a bunch of copies of Fractal. These are up for grabs for anyone that has some time, patience and can figure them out!

    For example, the first code to solve is PHMXA-8MXH0-3X7VY. Figuring out this code will give you a full copy of Nuclear Dawn. This code will not work because: It is missing some NUMBERS.

    The large, bolded "X" are missing NUMBERS, they are NOT letters, for the sake of making it slightly easier.

    Now granted, this can take you up to twenty tries, just because a couple of numbers are missing, but I believe that if you have some time to kill, and some dedication to this you will have earned it.

    MY ONE, AND ONLY RULE, IS IF YOU GUESS A CODE CORRECTLY YOU MUST MAKE A POST HERE SAYING YOU WON IT SO EVERYONE KNOWS IT'S TAKEN. Also no butthurt. I am giving everyone that can read this a chance at getting some good stuff.

    If, at the end of Friday nobody gets any correct guesses, or only some of them, I will delete the unclaimed codes here, and ask this thread to be closed.

    To make guessing easier as well, i have colored some numbers that are the same. (You may/may not have to remove the forum option to hide colored font, depending on whether or not you can see the color or not. This is up to you, not me. It's in your forum PREFERENCES, under Disable Bright Post Colors

    These codes also have the most missing numbers, so they will be harder to guess.

    I might drop hints around the site too...

    Nuclear Dawn:
    PHMXA-8MXH0-3X7VY Doesn't work, will replace this with another one later on


    EJGGR-BXAMF-HZAJZ (Easiest one here)

    These are all the codes i have left over, and Since i mostly buy digital copies, i don't receive codes. I might make more of these threads after new bundles come up, so keep an eye out!
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    • Jul 14, 2010
      Claimed :razz:
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      • Mar 12, 2008
        Of course. LOL. Congrats
      • Aug 1, 2011


        Of course it was the VERY LAST fucking numbers I punched in. Was about to punch a hole through my laptop.
      • Dec 6, 2011
        Figured out the first Nuclear Dawn one, but somebody has it already.
      • Mar 12, 2008
        cripes, i must not have marked that one down :shutmouth:

        sorry! i have a list that i cross off of each time i send a key, i thought it was available!

        I will replace it with something else, after i get back from work tonight
      • Dec 6, 2011
        No worries, I already have ND, and Fractal looks funky.