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Limestone Networks Network Issues

Discussion in News started by Kyle, Jan 1, 2013

  1. Apr 9, 2007
    Hi all

    Since this is a recurring problem, I thought it would be wise to create a thread about it. LSN has always had daily carrier dropouts (as Mumble folks definitely know), but in the last week or so it's gotten ridiculous. Right now the problem seems to mostly stem from AboveNet seeing traffic, which has myself included in the dropouts. The outages are typically not listed on their status page, which is really unfortunate as I have to update the ticket each time to get information for you guys.

    Can anyone spot the problem for a realtime service?
    ss (2012-12-29 at 032437) ss (2013-01-01 at 025247)

    Copperegg rounds spikes off pretty badly showing the latency for the whole day, one little spike like that is typically a dropout if you inspect it (there's a 15s resolution), there are a lot. The cool thing about Copperegg is they have servers around the world, and can monitor the uptime of a service.

    An LSN employee forced me to provide traceroutes as the dropouts occur, saying there was nothing wrong without them (there are a few who actually checked it out without one and confirmed the problem, huge thanks to them). Since there's nothing out there that does this (as far as I'm aware, there were a few, but they wrapped other applications and didn't implement the protocol), and I wasn't going to sit around waiting for a failure just to traceroute to confirm a failure... I wrote a script to ping the web server (the server that's supposed to be the most stable), and when there's a latency increase, or failure, log it and traceroute.

    We've always had problems, but they've mostly been invisible to the end user. Besides this problem, if you are looking to host a couple servers for cheap, they're probably one of the better ones.

    This will probably continue to occur for quite sometime, and I apologize for this.

    PS: Sorry for the plugs; I'm not a shill.

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    • May 14, 2011
      Can someone dumb this down for me?

      Are we going to be losing connections to the servers? Or will they crash? Will this affect the website?
    • Apr 9, 2007
      Over the last couple of days people have been timing out randomly. It's possible for a set of clients to lose their connection to the server while others are completely fine.
      It depends on which carrier you're coming in on. I typically route through AboveNet, which is why this is a problem for me.
      Probably not, but ~Valve~.
      This is across all three of our servers and their entire customer base. This includes Mumble and The Website.
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      • Mar 12, 2008
        If you skipped reading all of this and went straight to read the comments, read the entire first post.

        Just because stuff is lagging does not mean that we personally are getting DDoS'd.
      • Apr 1, 2012
        whatever the issues are (I don't understand what in the world is going on..), hope things would get back to normal (or even better) as soon as possible for you.

        oh, happy new year too
      • May 14, 2011
        Read Kyles reply to me. It sums it up.