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Liquid Cooler Help

Discussion in Help Desk started by grindorf, Mar 14, 2011

  1. Nov 25, 2010
    Help, what kind of liquid goes into a liquid cooler? my other computer ran out of whatever liquid it used. I was thinking of just replacing it with regular water but I don't want to mess anything up.

  2. Sep 5, 2010


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    Also for your reading consideration:
  3. Oct 22, 2007
    or you can put deionized water in it... OH SNAP...
  4. Nov 25, 2010
    alright, thanks guys!
  5. Oct 22, 2007
    Coolant: The coolant absorbs the heat from the waterblock(s). General we use distilled or de-ionized water. It is a good idea to add some anti-biological additive to your coolant. Barqua Spa spa sanitizer works well. It’s expensive but it will last you forever. Just add about 4 drops and you won’t get that lovely algae build up. You can also add an anti-corrosive additive such as Zerex Super Coolant, Red Line Water Wetter, etc. I would only use an anti-corrosive if you had another metal besides copper and brass in your system. Copper/brass will cause the corrosion of aluminum if you do not have an anti-corrosive additive. 5% anti-corrosive, 95% water is the standard mix, plus anything else you want to add. UV reactive dye is another option.

  6. Sep 5, 2010
    Id stay away from water period.

    "Theoretically, you could fill your water cooling system with anything, but some fluids work much better than others. First of all, do not use tap water. Tap water has minerals, bacteria, and algae in it which will corrode and cloud your water cooling system, possibly causing a catastrophic failure. Another alternative is de-ionized water. De-ionized or non-conductive water may seem desirable initially, because it is a poor electrical conductor, and therefore will not cause much damage if a leak occurs. However, water is an excellent solvent, and so if de-ionized water is put into a water cooling system, it will corrode the water blocks to get its ions back. Therefore, de-ionized water is not something we recommend, either.
    A good choice is distilled water, because it is relatively cheap yet pure enough to use in a water cooling system. Distilled water will not deposit harmful minerals in your system, nor will it cause algal blooms because there are no living organisms present. It will not, however, corrode your water blocks because it is not de-ionized. There are various additives which may be added to the coolant in your system. Water wetter is great for increasing the cooling capacity of your system by altering the properties of water and making it even more thermally capacitive. Water wetter will also help reduce corrosion in your water cooling system. Other additives, such as UV-reactive dyes, may be added for aesthetic reasons."


    I mean you can spend your time mixing chemicals into water or you can just spend the 12 bucks on the coolant...
  7. Dec 7, 2010
    I've been using distilled water in my customized water cooled system before there were any specific coolant products for water cooled devices. To let everyone know, distilled water works great and have worked great on my specific system for 8 years so far.