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List of Cell phones with the following display specs ( minimal resolution of 540, max res of 1280)

Discussion in Media Devices started by agent 058, Aug 27, 2013

  1. Mar 14, 2013
    As the title suggests, I am in search of cell phones that have those specs.

    a link to the name of the phone will defn help otherwise not needed

    Price of phone does not matter, i just need a list or names of phones, and please give me the specific name and model >.<

    though this is not the "no count section" dont hesitate to spam <3 eh hee~
  2. Apr 9, 2012
  3. Seeker
    This message by Seeker has been removed from public view. Deleted by Seeker, Aug 28, 2013, Reason: Ok.
    Aug 28, 2013