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Loathing Experiences....

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by TrainedSquirrel, Jul 2, 2012

  1. Jul 8, 2011
    For the past months of weird unexplained chain of events i have been having inside and outside of my home i wish to tell who ever this my concern.

    A few months back i was at a friends house for a BBQ. He lives out in the middle of no where and one side of his drive way is a dark forest and the other side is a wide open field. Later that night around 11 pm i got a call from my parents. I was talking to them for a good 10 mins when stuff started happening. The phone call started to cut out, then led to complete silence. I started asking if anyone was there. Then all of a sudden there was large amounts of static and weird unexplained dull noises...freaked out and paranoid as i was I remained quite and listened to it for a good 5 mins. I could never re-create the noise or forget it. I called my parents again and started talking to them. A few mins later the same noise started going again. This time i called my friend over to let him him here it. We sat there listening to it and then the unthinkable thing happened. I started to hear my name being called through the static. Me and my friends hearts dropped. We could never recognized the voice.

    The next day i was told that my friends dad had weird stuff going on out there near his house and is led to believe that paranormal activity has a role there.

    A couple of weeks later i was down there once again to spend the night and had to make a phone call to my girl friend at the time. We were talking for a good 20-30 mins and then she started to cut out, a little freaked out, i started calling her name into the phone. The noise started. I had never felt so cold and freaked out in my life. Then the worst thing happen. I heard the same voice calling my name....

    "Garrett" "garre.." *static* "come" "come to" *static*

    As i looked up (facing towards the trees) i saw a figure. Standing tall and a dark. i froze. I was starring at it and it was starring at me. i couldnt make out of what it was. Then something made a noise next to me i looked down. Nothing. I quickly looked back at the figure and it was gone. Freaking out i ran inside. Looked at the time. It was 11:05 pm...

    A few days later i was in my room. It was about 12:30am and i crawled into bed and turned off the lights. I was just about to fall asleep and then i heard a knock on my door. I opened my eyes and standing at the foot of my bed was a tall, long limb person in a black suit starring at me. I freaked out, yelled and covered my eyes and hid under my blanket. A few mins later i turned on my lights and there was nothing. I didnt go back to bed.

    About month ago, my brother told me to look up on google this thing called "The Slender Man"
    After looking at the first picture that i saw, my heart dropped and i froze. It was the same figure that i saw in the woods and in my room...

    Writing this encounter has relieved some stress but has increased my paranoia and i found myself looking over my shoulder alot...
    Hopefully this is just a phase that im going through and or im over thinking this combinations of random unexplained events.

    Thank you for taking your time reading this.
    This is the picture i saw.....[IMG]
    TrainedSquirrel, Jul 2, 2012 Last edited by TrainedSquirrel, Jul 2, 2012
  2. Oct 20, 2011
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    • Jul 8, 2011
      As funny as it sounds and wishing it was a joke, This is all true...
    • Jul 14, 2010
    • Jul 8, 2011
      Yea... I do know about that website and do believe that The slenderman is fake and what not but this is still a freaky experience
    • Mar 4, 2012
      I'm assuming you're trolling. However, I will answer this as if you were not. Your mind is playing tricks on you. You only saw glimpses of this figure right? Well your mind does a good job of imagining things but it also does a good job of not filling in everything. You THINK you saw the slender man after seeing a picture of him only because you never really saw what the thing looked like. Your mind is filling in what you didn't see with slender man's image because it looks similar to what you think you saw.

      Are you stressed out at the moment? Depressed? Not getting enough sleep? Taking meds?
    • Mar 12, 2008
      If you see a ghost cum on its face. It will run in horror. I've only done this once before.

      Alternatively, do a gutteral yell and run at it, hoping to disembowl your prey. This is how you into man.
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      • Jul 8, 2011
        I am not trolling my friend.
        And yes i am stressed out, depressed, and not getting the sleep i need. (Im NOT on any medications)
        I just wanted to talk about my experiences that i have been having.
      • Jul 28, 2011
        This EXACTLY how I into'd man!
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        • Aug 18, 2006
          Hard to say for sure what is going on here, but I've had some experience with the supernatural. But if there's one thing I can say for certain, it is that this entity wants to make sure you know it's there. I am not quite sure what kind of entity, but from what I gather from your story, am I correct in thinking that these experiences took place in two different places? There is a phenomena where entities can "follow" people around, I would not necessarily say it's a result of RSPK (Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis), but it's a possibility, but there are various other types of phenomena that could explain what is happening. That is just an example.

          To put your mind as rest, I would not say that this "entity" is harmful. It's intentions may be unknown, maybe it's trying to tell you something, maybe it's trying to scare you. There is no reason to believe that it wants to hurt you. I hope this helps put your mind at rest... Speaking of which, try not to think about it, or talk about it in person as you may be "inviting" such entities to try and interact with you. Your reaction is perfectly understandable though, the unknown can be very scary, especially the supernatural.

          Feel free to add me on Steam if you want to discuss this further.
          [31Bravo] Ray, Jul 3, 2012 Last edited by Ray, Jul 3, 2012
        • May 30, 2012

          these pictures if you say he did looks like this, i will say it looks like your been following/watched by a somekind of Deathgod/"whatever they call it" these things are harmless but can be mental dangerous if you play their games, ignore and forget his existence him and he will be gone they have been seen from meny stressed peoples and i think it's somekind of evil absorbing of your energy.
          Never seen one but hear alot of serious stories about these things.
          And yes im serious about what i saying.

          You may think i'm Crazy or trusting everything i hear but thats not true.
          I can't say this is real or a mindfuck but they do exist.
          not saying The Slender Man exist but somethings that looks like that.

          As Ray say, you're also welcome to add me if you want.
          Kim, Jul 3, 2012 Last edited by Kim, Jul 3, 2012
        • Aug 18, 2006
          Great advice. I would not go as far as saying this entity is "evil", that is jumping the gun IMO, but there are types of entities/phenomena out there that do feed off of your attention and negative energy in general.
        • Nov 11, 2011
          Sounds really fake...unless you're truly dealing with the paranormal. Check your internal and external RJ-45 telephone jacks to make sure no one is playing a joke on you. From experience, improperly bugged phone lines will result in the type of static I'm presuming you are.hearing. If not, then the.best thing is to stand your.ground, let this entity know your intentions and let it know you won't play its games. I have had a lot of paranormal experiences overseas (none in the states) and activity usually stops once you demand the entity to stop. Hope this helps a little.
        • Oct 27, 2010
          Paranoid schizophrenia?
        • May 12, 2012
          I think you may of been freaked out by something that looked similar to the Slender man. Maybe you should go back to the spot where you saw him (with friends, of course) and try to find something. I think it will ease your paranoia and tension.
        • Sep 26, 2010
          Paranoid schizophrenia doesn't develop randomly out of the blue. So unless there's a history, this wouldn't be the case.

          @TrainedSquirrel For sleep I'd recommend using lavender or mint to help induce deeper sleep cycles since lavender relaxes blood vessels while mint raises mental acuity.

          I'd also recommend seeing a Licensed Clinical Social Worker if you've been feeling depressed for an extended period of time and don't understand the root of the issues. All you really need is someone to listen and offer feedback when necessary, but it helps if the person you're speaking to doesn't know much about you so they can view your issues objectively.

          If you believe these are paranormal experiences, simply follow one, most, or all of these steps:
          1) Understand why it's interacting with you. Simply meditate when the sun is present, and ask the figure questions such as "Who are you? Why are you here? etc."
          2) Regardless of whether or not you've decided to engage it, focus on how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, tell it to leave like you would ask an unruly guest to leave your house. Always remember this is our dimension, and we can grant or take power away. So never believe an entity can dominate you because it's from another dimension.
          3) Purchase an Amethyst geode or stone and place it in the room you sleep (preferably next to your bed) to cancel out negative energy that enters the surrounding area. Amethyst is an excellent protection stone, and so is Lapiz.

          Most importantly, understand why you're depressed and create a new norm for yourself so you can alleviate stress. Negative energy attracts negative energy. Beings that make things go "bump" in the night tend to show up during times in which we are not doing something beneficial for growth. Don't cast something aside if you believe it will help you, but always challenge it to ensure it has the best intentions. The path with the least resistance isn't always the most profitable, but don't endanger yourself and always enjoy the ride.
        • Jul 8, 2011
          Thanks Ray. I couldn't really sleep last night because just the thoughts running through my head. I think for the most part my mind maybe playing tricks on me due to lack of sleep, but with the entity that may be "following" me, that could be the explanation.
          I use to live at this old house about 2 years ago that was built in 1902. The man that built the house also died in the house in 1923. I had experience some major paranormal activity when i lived there.
          From my closet *door opening and closing (This was the major thing, i would find the door open just enough for someone to slip through and every time i closed it and left the room I would find it open again, in the same spot were i had closed it from), Loud unexplainable noises, To the sounds of someone walking around up stairs and down stairs, And furniture moving.
          *Just for the record, These doors where old oak doors. They were very thick and very heavy old doors.

          One night there, I was awoken by something and come to find out it was because of my bed shaking (Not violently but enough to freak me out). I quickly jumped up and as i did so the bed stopped shaking and i looked towards my closet door and there it was open enough for someone to slip through. I was starring at it and it felt like something was starring at me. Then the door started to close slowly with little noise and what ever it was closed the door and i heard the door latch. I didnt go back to sleep that night.
          As i was told, and have done some search on the man that died in the house, he had a son about my age when he died. My age at the time was 15. The activity would, as far as i know, only happen when im around. I have had my little brother experience some of the paranormal activity with me and he knew something was in the house too. I never liked that house one bit and always had nightmares about that room i slept in. Even when i was moved out and over it the same nightmare would happen.

          I know that the story im telling sounds like im "trolling" but i swear to you and who ever reads this. I am not faking this. The story is real and true.
          [IMG] This is the picture that i found of the man. Mr. Anthony Caminetti
          Post Merged, Jul 3, 2012
          Ok, well i have noticed that i have been quite paranoid lately when it comes to me thinking about this and being alone at night. To the point of me looking over my shoulder every 30 seconds. Whatever it is, it is defiantly mindfucking me. At the same time im laughing about this and thinking im crazy, but when i start thinking about all the stuff that has been happeing. I start freaking out abit
        • May 14, 2011
          TL;DR all the posts but,

          I have had quite shocking experience once, I was lieing in bed about to sleep and suddenly i heard this ringing in my ears, like a sort of high pitched sound. Now this sometimes happens because pressure in the ears equalises etc but this was LOUD. Like I wouldn't be able to hear someone talking. This lasted for ~30 secs. I never mentioned it to anyone though because I might sound mad but it sounded like a high feq. noise. I have good hearing, so i am prone to high pitched noises. I can for example hear the sound old TVs make and I have a battery charger that i can hear go on and normal stuff like mosquito repellers etc.

          So I started going through all these alien or government consiracy things.

          Hmm i must sound stupid. :grin:

          I'll stop typing.
        • Feb 14, 2012
          This one time I had to play this zombie escape map made by someone named @Luffaren it was going so well until we got to this elevator. First it killed anyone who dared stand before it and then it caused a connection lag so evil I felt my very soul being ripped from my body. I nearly passed out.
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          • Feb 24, 2011

            No problem
            No worries
            No offense
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