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Look at this dog O.o

Discussion in Entertainment started by Celexie, Sep 19, 2011

  1. Jun 17, 2011
    My friend gave me this stuffed dog because she didn't want it anymore but its gigantic standing next to me T_T Im like a little kid next to it...why can't I be just a little bit taller [IMG]
  2. Jul 14, 2008
    :shock:hmy: I'm jealous.
  3. Jan 5, 2007
    Woah, there was a dog in that picture?!
  4. Feb 18, 2011
    JEEZ I diddnt know you were that short.... But that thing is huge... Was she even able to fit the whole thing in her car?
  5. Jun 17, 2011
    I know~! haha I'm so happy XD It's my new guard dog [IMG]

    [IMG] lol silly reaper

    I told you I was short T_T we jammed it in my friends car...she said she'd only drive me home as long as i took the dog with me LOL
  6. Nov 25, 2010
    I've seen some big stuff animals in my time, but that has to be the biggest f*ing stuffed animal ever! :shock:hmy:
  7. Jun 17, 2011
    [font="'Century Gothic"]Nah...I'm just REALLY short~![/font]
  8. Nov 25, 2010
    still pretty big though!
  9. Jun 17, 2011
    If you're telling me 5'3 is big...then there's something wrong with your eyes lol
  10. Jun 26, 2011
    LOLOL cool! i got a big ass nemo in my bedroom...
  11. Nov 25, 2010
    maybe i gotta check with my eye doctor then!
  12. Aug 20, 2011
    Lol Celexie Looks so cute just standing next to that Huge f*ing dog lol....Celexie you are really...really short. Still love you :tongue:
  13. Jun 17, 2011
    how big is big? [IMG]

    XD I meant nothing bad I promise...I'm sorry =(

    I ish a midget standing next to it [IMG] but i love the dog haha
  14. Aug 20, 2011
    Lol Celexie your not a midget your just...Adorable...In some ways... >.> Love you :tongue:
  15. Jun 26, 2011
    prolly the size of ur dog or little small or bigger idk :3
  16. Jan 5, 2007
    I think someone's got a crush on Celexie. lol
  17. Aug 20, 2011
    Damn You reaper ^-^... >.< Nu i got no crush >.>...Maybe.... :tongue:
  18. Jan 5, 2007
    Awww how cute, he likes Celexie.
  19. Jun 22, 2011
    My wife is 5'2 .. I know how tall that is..
  20. Aug 20, 2011
    *Growls* Reaper your actually making me blush....Wich is really...really awkward for me. >.<...*Coughs* i wonder why Celexie Still has not replied >.>