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Lots of mad.

Discussion in The No Count Section started by nyronic, Sep 13, 2012

  1. May 17, 2011
    I ran out of keys... I always get a kick out of reading these so I thought I'd share.

    bind "l" "say Hewp Dewp : I WANT THE BAN HAMMED TO COME DOWN ON NYRO!"
    bind "p" "say B-cock : Yeah, I'm done. It's not even fun with nero here."
    bind "KP_INS" "say *Dead* twostep twostep: it looks like everyone in lt is gay"
    bind "KP_END" "say [Expert] Mr. Asplundh(derp) : nyro fuck you"
    bind "KP_DOWNARROW" "say *DEAD* [VIP] NEFF: i like it wen alot of people in the lt clan are here"
    bind "KP_PGDN" "say *DEAD* - \/G - Angel Of Death : hay nyro do you play this all day"
    bind "KP_LEFTARROW" "say *DEAD* [WDZ]☾THeJoKe{R}☽ : all ppl in lt are nerds"
    bind "KP_5" "say *DEAD* EWWWWWWW CHICKENNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! : nyro can you just go please to an other server"
    bind "KP_RIGHTARROW" "say Kaiser Neko : nyro good job ruining the game"
    bind "KP_HOME" "say Platform : sniper your gonan think that qr and nyro are hacking - Platform : so dont cry"
    bind "KP_UPARROW" "say M.V.P [DamnImBad] : everyone beware qr and nyro hack qr was banned yesterday for aimbotting"
    bind "KP_PGUP" "say *DEAD* Handsome ₦iƇҜ : nyro: qr is gay for talking like this"
    bind "KP_SLASH" "say Ghost: i want the lt. clan to just leave they are ruining the game 4 us"
    bind "KP_MULTIPLY" "say Myrollan : nyro wut kind of name is that"
    bind "KP_MINUS" "say }7{ Chris }7{ : nyro and qr you brother?"
    bind "KP_PLUS" "say Pinkie Pie : Nyro is godlike"
    bind "KP_ENTER" "say *DEAD* Kinnzish : nyro is it true your in myg0t"
    bind "KP_DEL" "say Tjmizzy ➜: damnit nyros here hes gunna wwin every round rtv"
    bind "[" "say *DEAD* ɴDғʀомԚϲ : is nyro legit"
    bind "]" "say *DEAD* Tanos : wow that freaking nyro guy"
    bind "'" "say *Spec* Seeker: i laugh when people rage at the lt guys on this map"
    bind "/" "say *Dead* Kirino: nyro is a ranked fag"
    bind "\" "say *Dead* Pez/dev/null: sup gay nyro"
    bind "INS" "say *Dead* Hogey: fuck off nyro you faggot"
    bind "HOME" "say *DEAD* Derp Guy : im trying to beat nyro... he's hard"
    bind "END" "say *SPEC* pǝzɐp : nyro can you teach me how to bernie"
    bind "PGUP" "say FwR] -=DotDotDie=-: Lt stands for loster tryhard"
    bind "UPARROW" "say *SPEC* [PRO] intox. Tioga060 : youre talking about nyro like you talk about god"
    bind "LEFTARROW" "say *Dead* {HCA}TEDSTER: nnyro is my nemesis"
    bind "DOWNARROW" "say *Dead* Spoka[pF]: Nro you are a fag"
    bind "RIGHTARROW" "say The 5 Ws: whats the fun if Nyro wins everything"
    bind "F4" "say *DEAD* Hity the Kitty : nyro i came to realize you arent hacking youre just really good"
    bind "F5" "say *DEAD* ᴀɴoᴍᴀʟʏ : nyro you never talk"
    bind "F6" "say candysell : i think i saw speed hacks"
    bind "F7" "say Razi : Lol nyro has climb hax"
    bind "F8" "say *DEAD* Kanas : OH GOD ITS NYRO"
    bind "F9" "say M.V.P [CoolStorySis] : nyro is a little kid"
    bind "F10" "say MAFIA : nryo keep wallhack faggot"
  2. May 15, 2011
    I just noticed Nyronic sounds like Ironic.
  3. Nov 29, 2010

    Might wanna change that~
  4. May 17, 2011
    I censored it for you. But you added 1 too many hearts, making it look bad when it really isn't:neutral:.

    It wasn't used in a racist context, and there's a million "fags" and "gays" in there as well but I guess "nigga" is way too serious. I'm not spreading hate speech here, they're just binds of people getting angry at me.
    nyronic, Sep 13, 2012 Last edited by nyronic, Sep 13, 2012
  5. Nov 29, 2010
    Of course however rules are rules you see, that word is not to be used period.
  6. May 5, 2011


    Nyro I wish i had something to say, everytime I play all I try to do is kill you and qr it makes me feel better lol.
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    • May 14, 2011
      Is that me? :O
    • Jan 21, 2011
      I forgot about this. Lulz inducing indeed.
    • Aug 1, 2011
      What map was this on? Assuming its MG.
      And everyone wants to be like you nyro...haha
    • May 14, 2011
      Velocity, what else. LOL
    • Aug 1, 2011
      Is it sad that I forgot what that map is?
      It's only been like 4 months D:
    • May 14, 2011
      The one with the surf only a handful of people can do. Where you have to get through the slits and into the hole and then do some crazy thing.