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Resolved Luc Power tripping

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by teemo, May 23, 2015

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  1. Jan 25, 2014
    I would like to note this player warned me earlier in the night for glitching a prop and i wasnt at all beggar can speak to the truth as well as seekers demo im sure.

    1st demo (lalala)

    He also warned and muted me and Bomber all night for the littlest of things. Nobody was complaining everyone was having fun no issues except for LUC. Might i mention we have an !sm function as well for a reason its not that hard to use.

    He needs his admin revoked with how much crap is going on.

    Ticks around 12,000 21,000 , 31,000 and 45,000

    2nd demo (luc)

    This player took over my cade so i was upset but he went from warning to just straight banning me. As soon as he warned me i stopped and then just straight up banned me.

    I was banned for "ignoring admins" since when has that ever been a rule I complied except for when he was straight out of line. (aka the glitching the prop beggar who killed me and I went to hide behind it and just pulled it enough to where I could still be tagged).

    As soon as I was warned I stopped...... Its because that player was following me around all night and backstabbing me so yes i was frustrated.

    Tick around 44k
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    @Beggar So @J BomBer's Booty Hole

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  2. Mar 26, 2015
    Weren't you warned multiple times already? Not to mention that you started trolling me out of nowhere and changed your name to "Yuri Cunt"
    Then you started being a dick and began provoking Luc. Despite the warnings, you still continued and he did what he had to.
    I didn't see him going on a power trip, I saw him doing his job.
    And making a thread about something you caused? Seriously?
  3. Jan 25, 2014
    who cares if i change my name. Did it effect the situation?

    absolutely not.

    As i said I was not effecting anyones gameplay until i got frustrated with that player nobody was complaining that anyone was breaking rules. He took over my cade so yeah youd probably be upset too. Either way for cade breaking there is a reason it is warn kick ban. he went straight to ban.
  4. Apr 13, 2012
    The reason that I banned you was because it was not just the barricade breaking, in which you like to remind me that you are were an admin, and you know the rules very well, yet you still cade broke, mic spam, made noises, player/admin disrespect and trolled players and myself, disconnected to avoid death. For more than just one map. The warning does not stop once the map changes.. You had MORE than enough warnings. I also have atleast 5 demos of you constantly disrespecting me and other players, one is also you disconnecting to avoid a death, which I believe is a ban in itself, which I only kicked you for. You did indeed start to troll Yuri and you were out to prevoke me so you could do exactly this. It did not work until now and still doesnt work. I banned you because you piled up a long list of crap in trying to prevoke me, you broke many rules yourself. I will post my demo of this as well on the ban, it is the same one you posted for the luc_2 but my point of view. Many players saw you trolling me for no reason but to try and prevoke me, which is not the first time youve done exactly this. Any demos the LSA team needs, I can and will give you.
    Thank you.

    Edit: So you are saying in changing your name to troll a player who did absolutely nothing to you(Which I have the demo of you doing just that) you say its perfectly fine to troll a player for that reason and it does not matter or have anything to do with you trying to prevoke me and troll me?
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    • Jan 25, 2014

      You have a demo of just me changing my name?

      seems you are out to target me as a player thats pretty sad.
    • Apr 13, 2012
      Teemo, even on the forums you cannot prevoke me... I have a demo because I demo every game I go into, for this exact reason. The demo shows you trying to troll Yuri, Yuri didnt care, you then changed your name to Yuri Cunt to troll him again, and they still remained uninterested. Kind of funny out of all of that, thats all you got from it. That im trying to target you, which what were you doing with these demos, named my name for example? Seems like you are trying to target me as an admin.. Pretty sad.
    • Jan 25, 2014
      I would also like to note I had no issues with any other admins while I was on. @Acidpingas @tekneeQ it seemed luc was targeting bomber and I and I stayed on way longer than bomber and got the full front of the rest of his abuse. He also said he has no control of other admins "making noises" in the first demo provided. My guess is he speced and recorded just me for 3 hours to see if I would break rules like it was his job.
    • Jun 29, 2014
      your just targeting players for the smallest things, like when i made one small noise in the mic, u didn't warn me and instantly muted me, i already went through the chat logs and dont see where you warned me, so if i overlooked it please correct me, not sure why you hammer on people for the smallest things when the 5+ other admins on didn't say a word about it, barley any people were on and everyone was having a good time until u stepped in then everyone left, you need to lighten up.
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      • Mar 26, 2012
        I am going to mark this as resolved. Although it wasn't really admin abuse, I do agree that Luc was being too strict/aggressive. It ended up provoking certain players and they started to behave poorly. Most of this was resolved in private chat with the parties involved and I hope there are no hard feelings among you guys.

        Admins shouldn't be warning or disciplining players for making funny noises over the mic as long as it isn't be excessive. This is up to the admin to determine if it is excessive or not. Players (not admins) who are annoyed by other people use the mic should use !sm to mute the player for themselves only and !su to unmute the player for themselves.

        If an admin warns or discipline you, you should listen to them. Report admin abuse or problems with the admin on the forum, to a Leader Server Admin such as myself, etc. You shouldn't test them or disrespect them. Asking them to ban you, excessive name calling them, harassing all because you want to burp over the mic, or whatever sound you guys were trying to make, is absurd.

        In regard to the glitching into prop rule, I doubt that Teemo was truly trying to glitch into the prop, but... I can see why Luc thought he was. A warning for this overall is harmless. It looks questionable. Teemo said over the mic that a zombie pushed it on him, but actually it looks like Teemo was trying to E it into the corner to hide behind it. Zombies don't usually look in obvious spots like that. This is OK to do as long as the player isn't literally hiding inside of the prop (being partly in it sometimes happens when you do this, but you can still be stabbed and still very visible, which is OK).

        From what I can see, he didn't warn Bomber before the mute, but he was giving out a lot of warnings prior to it. It's not abuse; It's a mistake.
        Aprz, May 24, 2015 Last edited by Aprz, May 24, 2015
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