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Mako on ZM

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Mod started by ĞΣŠ | Rexy, Jun 20, 2014

  1. Jan 21, 2011
    I have a demo of the whole map (assuming its not corrupted or something) so if you want a certain round or something, I'll see what I can do. Its mostly recorded from free spec though.
  2. Aug 7, 2012
    That's interesting, how'd the blocking work out?
  3. Feb 1, 2011
    That's awesome would love to play this on ZM :party:
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    • Dec 30, 2006
      I was not present during this filming. If I show up, it's not me.
      Edit: rets hates me. :frown:
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        Secprotocol, Jun 20, 2014 Last edited by Secprotocol, Jun 20, 2014
      • Feb 13, 2014
        Atx horrible.... horrible

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      • Sep 30, 2013
        People were falling out of the elevator when coming up and down the elevator, look at my ex win when we get to the top.
      • Aug 7, 2012
        Lol, I guess there were too many fatties for the elevator.
      • Nov 17, 2012
        I still have an old clip of when we did it about a year ago on ZM xD