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ND Mandatory Update Released

Discussion in Server Updates started by Josh, Feb 23, 2012

  1. Mar 16, 2008
    Weapons and slots
    • Frag grenades now vaporize other thrown frag grenades in blast radius.
    • Medpacks now have unlimited "ammo". (Still only one can be placed at
    • a time, per person).
    • Saboteur's REDs now use grenade slot.
    • Added secondary weapon slot for sidearms. (Weapon slot binds will be
    • reset to default).
    • P900 is now enabled for players that have reached level 60.
    Commanders may now set a default spawn area
    • Transport gates in default area will show in purple color on minimap.
    • Default spawn area will show as purple on spawn point map.
    • Manually changing spawn location for self will override default
    • until a new default is set by commander.
    Added ammopacks for Support Engineer
    • Engineer has a max of three ammopacks.
    • Ammopacks follow same supply rules as supply station, but do not refill.
    • Ammopacks do not supply more ammopacks
    • Ammopacks disappear when depleted or after 45 seconds.
    Added hypospray device for Support Medic
    • Hypospray has a max of two charges
    • Hypospray can be used on a teammate or on self (alt-fire).
    • Hypospray effect gives 15 seconds of 80% damage reduction to self.
    • Units under the effect of hypospray cannot be healed.
    Added artillery strike calls
    • Commanders may now enable artillery strike calls on artillery
    • structures.
    • Players may call own artillery strikes from radial menu.
    • First in-range artillery that is enabled for calls and ready to fire
    • will attack area designated by caller.
    Other enhancements
    • Enabled attack notifications, health, and round timer in commander view.
    • Added minimap blips for some player radio calls.
    General Fixes
    • Fixed squad appearances not getting reset on team change.
    • Player stats now get updated when map changes mid-round.
    • Updated armblade crosshair to be more noticeable when in stab range.
    • Fixed multiple issues with Around the Track achievement.
    • Fixed Mac client crash when joining a server with custom files and
    • sv_downloadurl enabled.
    • Fixed an issue causing medpacks to not affect certain players.
    • Fixed medpacks healing enemies.
    • Fixed a case where turrets would not decloak a stealth unit.
    • Fixed turrets continuing to fire at out-of-range enemies after
    • locking on.
    • Fixed heartbeat sound sometimes getting 'stuck' as well as some
    • related performance issues.
    • Fixed issues with heartbeat and bloodsplatter when spectating.
    • Fixed an issue where players could spawn with advanced kits at round
    • start.
    • Fixed issues with Add Server to Favorites dialog box.
    • Fixed scaling of MOTD window.
    • Fixed being able to stack buildings by having multiple assemblers
    • selected.
    • Fixed some chat notifications not displaying (name changes, cvar
    • changes, and more).
    Server changes
    • Added oilfield_beta to default mapcycle and maplist.
    • Removed mapcycle, motd, and motdtext from vpk files so that custom
    • ones can be used more easily.
    • Enabled mapcyclefile cvar.
    • Added sv_allow_voice_from_file cvar to allow server owners to stop
    • voice file spam.
    • Added support for sv_logsecret and S2A_LOGSTRING2 log packets.
    • Servers with alltalk or friendlyfire enabled are now automatically
    • tagged in the server browser.
    • Empty servers are no longer tagged with "empty" to reduce clutter.
    • Team names on player name change logging are now consistent with
    • other logging.
    • Fixed medkit_heal event always have 0 for "ownerid" property.
    • Added "weapon" property to structure_death event.
    • Updated team balancer to be more likely to keep squads together.
    Map Changes

    Oilfield Beta
    • Additional optimizing pass throughout the map
    • Relocated watchtower at the Empire Secondary point, to avoid
    • assembler sniping
    • Added more cover around both faction areas, to avoid base sniping
    • Fixed invisible wall near the broken airplane
    • Fixed invisible wall blocking off the pipelines on the edge of the level
    • Fixed props disappearing at the primary point in rts mode
    • Fixed stairs to low in storage building
    • Increased amount of resource points
    • Fixed collision on the large oiltank
    • Fixed airplane wheel collisions blocking player
    • Fixed ladders not climeable on fueltrucks
    • Added climeable ladders for the oil silos throughout the level
    • Fixed able to fall between the two buildings and get stuck near the
    • helicopter platform
    • Fixed several small issues throughout the level
    • Decreased lightmap scale for better shadow casting
    • Fixed several texture overlapping issues
    • Removed ladders from oil derricks in the playable level (separated
    • model)
    • Fixed missing brush in the corner near the Empire base
    • Rebuild nav mesh for bots
    • Fixed commander able to build in the primary pit
    • Added a few extra no-build areas to avoid structures being deployed
    • inside buildings.
    All maps
    • Improved Primary bunker collision model
    • Improved collision for the small metal stairs in Hydro
    • Fixed primary console collision models
    • Changed default skybox to Tokyo
    • Removed some L4d2 related parameters
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