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[Map guide] ze_Portal_Story_v3_1 guide

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Escape started by SubDelt@, Apr 10, 2013

  1. Feb 12, 2012
    Few days ago it was 9 months since the Portal Story map exists. Thanks again to people who helped me to create it. To celebrate this little anniversary I decided to make a guide for this map.
    I'll start from basics like items and portals and finish with more complicated things like tactics and secrets.

    So, lets get started.

    Where to go and what to do

    Well, since it's Zombie Escape this is pretty obvious: run ahead and hold zombies at holding spots. If you're lost and don't know where to go, try to look around and find some portals to go through. Portals are look like this:


    If you still can't find a way and any portals (you need to be pretty dumb for this), just wait a bit. The map has AFK teleporters. One of them will teleport you to the field of battle.
    In the end of the map you'll face a boss. It's GLaDOS. Unlike the original boss in Portal, this one dies from bullets, not rockets. Just shoot it.
    Once GLaDOS is dead, you have to hold zombies for a bit more. If you survive this, you're winning and getting points.


    During the map you'll face portals. Portals are approximately human sized elliptical thingies (you can see one of them above) which are meant to be used by players to get teleported from one point of the map to another. Without portals you can't advance through the map.
    To place a portal, you need to seek 2 rotating targets: one red and one blue (see the picture below).


    See the target? Shoot it. When both targets are down, a portal is being placed. Now you can go through it and proceed ahead.



    This is GLaDOS. Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System. The boss. Call it whatever you want. This is the boss of the map. You need to kill it in order to win the map. It will try to kill you though.
    GLaDOS has 4 screens attached to it (and 4 more on the walls around). They show the GLaDOS' current health (top number) and the time left before GLaDOS instantly kills everyone with the neurotoxin (bottom number).
    ***BUG: Sometimes GLaDOS' health can go from 00000 to 09999. This doesn't mean that GLaDOS received additional 10k hp. It means that the hp started counting negative (< 0) numbers. But don't worry. When this happens, GLaDOS usually dies on about -300 - -500 hp.
    ***BUG: Sometimes screens can show static image or even show nothing (black screen). This means nothing. The HP and the time still go down. Not the map problem, but the game engine problem. Usually happens when there's a plenty of players on the server.
    GLaDOS' health depends on the number of humans entered the boss' room. The more humans the more health.
    Each bullet deals 1-2 hp/bullet damage to the boss (depends on weapon's power). Each grenade thrown at GLaDOS deals 200 hp of damage.
    As any boss, GLaDOS has things to kill with. It has 4 weapon systems:
    • White lasers (being activated on every difficulty of the map, see Difficulties and paths);
    • Multiple portals (being activated on HARD and EXTREME difficulties; kill players with the fall damage);
    • Rocket turret (being activated on EXTREME difficulty; tracks humans and launches rockets at them);
    • Neurotoxin (being activated on every difficulty of the map when the time given to kill GLaDOS runs out; instantly kills all survived humans);
    When GLaDOS dies, it explodes and the timer stops.


    There are 3 items in total. All of them are shown below.


    The 1st one (the one on the left), the White portalgun. Functions: gives you 2 trails of blue and orange colors. Thats all. This item was made just for decoration purposes. It does nothing (it had a very important function in the very first version of the map, but since everyone was griefing with it this function was removed).
    The 2nd one (the one in the middle), the Repulsion gel gun (aka the Blue portalgun). Functions: places a blue gel in front of the item user. This gel slows down the zombies who touched it.
    The 3rd one (the one on the right), the Propulsion gel gun (aka the Orange portalgun). Functions: places an orange gel in front of the user. This gel speeds up the humans who touched it. Also can be used to lower GLaDOS' health (see Tricks and secrets).
    ***BUG: Both blue and orange gels have a bug: not everyone who touches them is being affected. So be ready to shoot zombies which are not slowed down.

    Difficulties and paths

    This map has 3 different difficulties and 4 random paths.
    The difficulties are NORMAL, HARD and EXTREME. The higher the difficulty the harder the map is (too many "the"s). Harder means less barricades on holding spots, more weapon systems are being activated during the boss fight (see GLaDOS), more health GLaDOS gets from each human. On EXTREME difficulty most humans get 100 hp and most zombies are getting 50.000 hp, map plays different music.
    ***TIP: You can always turn off the music in CSS properties. Just go Options > Audio and set "Music volume" to 0.
    Difficulties are cycled. When you win the map, you're moving to the next difficulty. When you win EXTREME, you're moving back to NORMAL.
    There are 4 random paths. All of them have a common part. It's the part before the elevator. After the elevator, global path is being divided to 2 general paths (lower and higher levels), each of them is being divided to 2 subpaths after the closest holding spot. All 4 subpaths are united to the common ending.


    At this part, I'm offering some tactics for some hard parts of the map and for the boss fight.
    Lets start from the hardest holding spot on the map.


    Mostly humans are dying here because of the small space. People are blocking each other's FOV and can't shoot zombies properly. There are 2 tactics I can offer.
    Tactic 1: All humans divide to 2 groups: one small group (3-4 humans) and one big group (all others). The big group is holding the hallway before the holding spot. Small group is staying at the holding spot. Once the door is open, the big group is using the Blue portalgun to slow down most zombies and falling back. The small group is staying at vents and covering the big group (shooting zombies which were not affected by the blue gel). Once both groups passed vents, everyone's falling back to pipes.
    Tactic 2: In case Tactic 1 fails, there is another one. All humans are holding boxes. Once the door is open, the small group is falling back to vents, the big group keeps holding. When the small group is ready to cover others, the big group is using Blue portalgun and falling back.
    Tactic 2 is an emergency tactic, in case Tactic 1 fails.
    Lets look at another hard part of the map.


    On NORMAL difficulty this holding spot is easy enough. But on higher difficulties humans are dying often, because they don't have a time to react to zombies jumping through the door. So, here's the tactic I offer.
    Again, all humans divide to 2 groups: small and big ones. The big group is staying at vents (picture above, bottom part) while the small group is falling back, triggering the timer, going back and staying at railings (the spot between spots shown on the picture). When console says "15 secs", the big group is using Blue portalgun and falling back, the small group is covering them. Just like the 1st tactic.
    There are few others holding spots I wish to consider.


    What can I say... Just don't stay on the cubes. Also, there's no sense to hold this spot after the plate is open. Zombies are getting pushed back, so just fall back.


    This is an easy spot. But on EXTREME difficulty it becomes hard, so I recommend you to hold the hallway before this spot. Yes, and don't go on the front pillars.
    Few words about boss fight tactics. Don't waste your grenades during the map. Without proper number of grenades your chances to beat GLaDOS are low. Since the boss is static, better use M249 because it deals the highest damage. During the fight, stay closer to walls. When you're at walls, GLaDOS' portals can't reach you and you have more time to dodge the white lasers. Once you killed GLaDOS, hold zombies for about 10-15 seconds and then JUMP!

    Tricks and secrets

    At the moment, there's only one trick I can offer. You can use the Orange portalgun to lower GLaDOS' health. The thing is: the faster human goes through the GLaDOS room door, the lower health GLaDOS gets from him. So, you can use speed gel to speed humans up right before they go through the door.
    This map has one big secret/easter_egg.


    Companion cubes! Yes, these little friends can help you beat GLaDOS! But you need to work really hard for it. You need to find them all. Some can be found easily, some are hidden really hard. There are 27 cubes all around the map. You need to go through all 4 paths to find them all. After you do so, the random GLaDOS fight bonus will be given to the team in the next round (!!next round only!! if you fail in the next round, the bonus will disappear until you find all cubes again). The bonus can be:
    • Disabling 1 random weapon system during the GLaDOS fight;
    • Adding 30 additional seconds to kill GLaDOS;
    • Giving 200 hp to all humans entering GLaDOS room;
    • Giving full ammo load to all humans entering GLaDOS room.
    The bonus will be announced in the beginning of the round.
    To "find" a cube you just need to shoot it once.
    Cubes appear on EXTREME difficulty only.


    Well, I hope this guide will help people to fail less on higher difficulties. Maybe, some day, we will beat EXTREME. Personally I'm keeping hope for it.
    That's all. Thanks for attention.
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