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CS:S Map Suggestion Thread CS:S

Discussion in Server Suggestions & Bugs started by Pebble, Mar 12, 2008

  1. Jan 17, 2020
    Map name: zm_MkZk_Proto_v5

    Creators name: myself

    Spawn Points: 64

    Map size: 12 mb

    Download URL: https://gamebanana.com/maps/207957

    Short Description:
    Suburban area with one kinda heavy barricaded main-building and also some smaller defendable areas around it. From the old version i suggested some time ago to this one now i changed a lot of things including the change to daytime (wich surprisingly made a huge impact on fps), general performance improvements, much more cade-building material and an overall more usefull placement of it, added some details for a more realistic ambience and made the areas that are not meant to be accessible not accessible.
    I hope this one now runs good enough to not cause fps-problems.
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    • Apr 2, 2020
    • Feb 27, 2012
      Zombie Mod:
      zm_mkzk_proto_v5 - added to high pop. rotation. Seemed to be well received during the 2 tests done in the past. Might have to re-look at this later as i feel there's a lot of potential for it to become disliked as it ages. Sorry @SupaDope47 this totally slipped my mind before. If you're still around i can expand more on why this is.

      mg_thc_lego_final - added to rotation.
      mg_color_multigames_v2_fix - added to rotation.
      mg_kennys_multigames_x1 - added to rotation. - May need to keep an eye on this one. IIRC the knife arena might break on 100 tick, but we didnt seem to have issues when tested a few nights ago.
      mg_pauls_multigames_v2_fix - added to rotation.
      deathrun_iceworld_v2fix - added to rotation. First deathrun map on the server!! It was very popular when we tested it. We had tested another that was..... awful. I'm glad to see everyone liked this one so we have some more variety on Customs.

      mg_100traps_v3 - did not add to rotation, however it is still on the server for LSA+ to force change it to if players want it. Because source engine is fucky, some of the traps break so admins will have to teleport players through these sections which is not exactly ideal. It's also a course map so it needs to be RTV'd before the map will ever change, which is another reason why it was not added. Sad, because we had a lot of people enjoy it.
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      • Apr 2, 2020
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        • Jul 20, 2014
          I have finally updated/remade all my existing maps. I hope these replace the existing version in the server.

          Map name: zm_lego_miniworld_v4r_o_1
          Creators name (If known): w6a7z99 (myself)
          No. of Spawn Points (If known): 64
          Map size (in mb): 12.5 MB
          Download URL: https://gamebanana.com/maps/198176
          Short Description: Updated version of the remake of the old lego miniworld.

          Map name: zm_unv_world_v2r_o
          Creators name (If known): w6a7z99 (myself)
          No. of Spawn Points (If known): 64
          Map size (in mb): 2.62 MB
          Download URL: https://gamebanana.com/maps/209119
          Short Description: Remake version of the old unv world.

          Map name: zm_cbble_panic_v2r_o
          Creators name (If known): w6a7z99 (myself)
          No. of Spawn Points (If known): 64
          Map size (in mb): 4.44 MB
          Download URL: https://gamebanana.com/maps/209445
          Short Description: Updated version of the old cbble panic.

          Edit: This is not a remake, but this is one map I created after remaking lego miniworld 2 years ago.
          Map name: zm_skyscraper
          Creators name (If known): w6a7z99 (myself)
          No. of Spawn Points (If known): 64
          Map size (in mb): 3.01 MB
          Download URL: https://gamebanana.com/maps/198311
          Short Description: I haven't done any updates to this map ever since it is first released, but I'm looking to update it after I am truly done with winter escape. I also have noticed some problems, but if this map were to be tested in the server, the other problems I hadn't noticed would be easier to be identified, which is good for me. I'm looking forward to give this map a proper update after I am finished remaking winter escape and ensure that it is really playable, and if I have the time.

          The problems I noticed are possibly illegal (OP) spots, texture inconsistencies, and lack of spots. I know that the problems I mentioned previously isn't all the problem this map has.

          Map name: zm_winter_helicopter
          Creators name (If known): w6a7z99 (myself)
          No. of Spawn Points (If known): 64
          Map size (in mb): 7.58 MB
          Download URL: https://gamebanana.com/maps/210045
          Short Description: This is the successor of the old winter helicopter. Since the helicopter isn't that big, there are two helicopters to help accommodate more humans. The final nuke can only be triggered after the second helicopter lands in the safe part of the map, and only if there are humans/zombies in that safe part of the map.

          So far, there should not be any issues (i've checked if the trigger works correctly, etc). But rather, the balance of the map should be questionable.

          zm_winter_helicopter has been updated, I updated it to resolve a problem pointed by another user. Please test the newest version (_v2r_o_1).

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            w6a7z99, May 7, 2020 Last edited by w6a7z99, Jun 4, 2020
          • Jul 14, 2010
            The old unv_worldv1 version was crashing, and I think was taken off rotation, but I wonder if the new version would be okay since it was changed a lot. Felt worth noting.

            Looks like no one was able to test these out :frown:

          • Jan 26, 2017
            Map name: zm_industrial_madness_fixed2
            Creators name (If known): Reaper
            No. of Spawn Points (If known): 64
            Map size (in mb): 4mb
            Download URL: https://gamebanana.com/maps/download/78093
            Short Description: This is a simple zm map loads of spots to go in.