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Maps Suggested for Removal/Replacement.

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Mod started by adinsx, Jan 15, 2013

Read Brian's post below before voting!

ghs_lila_blue_town 5 vote(s) 29.4%
zm_3dubka_v3_pf_ifix 4 vote(s) 23.5%
zm_4way_tunnel_pf_final 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_abandoned_mall_v5FF 4 vote(s) 23.5%
zm_abstractchode_pyramid3 7 vote(s) 41.2%
zm_an_jailbreak_miniV1 3 vote(s) 17.6%
zm_AnotherUglyZMap_v1e 5 vote(s) 29.4%
zm_app7e_betterbworld_JDfix_v3 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_arctic_bunker_v1a 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_atix_helicopter_v1e 4 vote(s) 23.5%
zm_base_winter_beta3c 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_battleforce_panic_pf_v1 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_biology_v2_pf 8 vote(s) 47.1%
zm_black_lion_macd_v8 5 vote(s) 29.4%
zm_blackmansion_v2 4 vote(s) 23.5%
zm_breakout_v2_final 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_bunker_f57_v2 4 vote(s) 23.5%
zm_cbble_redux_aidan6 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_choddarena4 7 vote(s) 41.2%
zm_choddasnowpanic_b5 5 vote(s) 29.4%
zm_church_of_faith_b1a_pf 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_citylife_V2b 4 vote(s) 23.5%
zm_clandestine_v1 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_complex 5 vote(s) 29.4%
zm_crazycity_pf2 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_deep_thought_nv 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_deep_thought_redux_r2c 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_desert_fortress_v3_edit 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_desprerados_a1_ifix 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_doomlike_station_v2 5 vote(s) 29.4%
zm_downtown_pf_2 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_dust_arena_v1_final 0 vote(s) 0.0%
zm_ep2outland_pf_v2 3 vote(s) 17.6%
zm_exhibit_night_2G 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_facility_v1 3 vote(s) 17.6%
zm_Fail_Inc_v4 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_farm3_nav72_unlim 3 vote(s) 17.6%
zm_firewall_aztec_a2 3 vote(s) 17.6%
zm_firewall_flats_fix 4 vote(s) 23.5%
zm_FireWaLL_forest_outpost_v2b 4 vote(s) 23.5%
zm_firewall_pF_2 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_firewall_samarkand_v3 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_forgotten_b2 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_fortress_b7 4 vote(s) 23.5%
zm_fw_adept_pf01 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_ghs_flats 7 vote(s) 41.2%
zm_ghs_2places_fix_pF 3 vote(s) 17.6%
zm_gl33m4x_errata 4 vote(s) 23.5%
zm_goldstar_sv2 6 vote(s) 35.3%
zm_hangar_pf1 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_idm_hauntedhouse_v2_pF 4 vote(s) 23.5%
zm_impossibru_desaturated_v2 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_impossibru_hideout_v1 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_impossibru_LBP_v2 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_impossibru_meh_v3 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_industry_v2_pf 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_kruma_kakariko_village_006 2 vote(s) 11.8%
ZM_Krusty_krab_a3 4 vote(s) 23.5%
zm_l4d_hospital_v2c 3 vote(s) 17.6%
zm_lila_off!ce_v4 5 vote(s) 29.4%
zm_lila_panic_beach_2_PF 4 vote(s) 23.5%
zm_lila_panic_l_v3 5 vote(s) 29.4%
zm_lila_wow_style_[s]_v1 7 vote(s) 41.2%
zm_little_city_v5pf_fix 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_moonlight_v3_pF 0 vote(s) 0.0%
zm_moon_roflicious_pF_02 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_moocbblechode_b2 6 vote(s) 35.3%
zm_mountain_b2 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_neko_abura_v2 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_neko_athletic_park_v2 5 vote(s) 29.4%
zm_novum_v4_sajakfix 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_ocx_orly_v4 3 vote(s) 17.6%
zm_officeattack_b5a 10 vote(s) 58.8%
zm_officerush_betav7 9 vote(s) 52.9%
zm_officesspace_pfss 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_omi_facility_pfv2 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_penumbra_PF3 6 vote(s) 35.3%
zm_playtime 0 vote(s) 0.0%
zm_pulse_templeofdoom_pf2 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_raindance_ak_v2 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_roflicious_pfcf2 3 vote(s) 17.6%
zm_roy_barricade_factory_pf_v2 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_roy_highway 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_roy_industrial_complex_pf 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_roy_old_industrial_pF 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_roy_the_ship_pf 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_roy_zombieranch_night_b4 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_skycity_v3_1 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_storagehouse_v2c 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_survival_f2a 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_temple_v3pf 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_theedge_v2_pf 0 vote(s) 0.0%
zm_towers_redux_v2d 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_towers_v3 4 vote(s) 23.5%
zm_tx_highschool_v1f_pf 4 vote(s) 23.5%
zm_unpanicv2_pF 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_vc2_office_redone_b1 5 vote(s) 29.4%
zm_wharf_pf 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_wasteyard_beta3 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_westwood_final 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_winterfun_b4c 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_worlds_v1_fix 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_wtfhax_v6 3 vote(s) 17.6%
zm_wwt_twinsteel_v8 2 vote(s) 11.8%
zm_xmas_cozmoshouse_v1_pf 1 vote(s) 5.9%
zm_zoleus_b4_day_pf02 2 vote(s) 11.8%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Sep 7, 2010

    It is a very long list. I considered size, illegal spot quantities, <lack of>"zombie stream" (when kills build up into a stream of zombies moving from one place to the next killing everything in sight [good thing]), and overall break of game play in my choices. (i also kept some maps out of the list because i am obviously biased and hold some maps dear to my heart ofc ... roy maps ftw.)

    I hope this list is considered and discussed; and I refrained from giving exact opinions on each map for that reason.
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      adinsx, Jan 15, 2013 Last edited by Brian, Jan 15, 2013
    • Jun 4, 2006
      @@adinsx - Added a poll to your thread. You can turn your list into votes if you want.

      @Everyone - Please provide reasoning / input & discuss your choices. While poll results can be useful it doesn't tell us everything. We value input here as we don't know one's reasoning behind their vote - it's very easy for people to merely vote for maps they personally dislike for no particular reason other than they don't fancy it (don't do this by the way). It may be a good map, popular with other players, et cetera. Do not vote for a map if your only reason is you dislike it. Try to think of maps that a lot of players dislike for various reasons (unbalanced, boring, bad/unfair spots, etc), maps that consistently kill server population, maps that are bad in general or don't work well with the server, and so forth. We're not looking to remove a shit load of maps, just the worst of the worst. So please vote with this in mind and post reasons / details / input.


      Also, I shouldn't have to say this but if you vote for every map, or every map but 1 or 2 like a smart ass, you will be tarred, feathered, and banned.
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      • Oct 17, 2011
        Made a different thread based on map removals last year lol and it was locked by Kyle. Finally, we can have somethat's removed. My reason for my polls is becausethe maps are really old, some are laggy and bad gameplay.
      • Jan 13, 2013
        I voted all of the Lila panics because i think those maps are old, something needs to be done to make them better.
      • May 31, 2012
        Aww so hard to pick from, I haven't had the chance to play all of them lol. Maybe some of these maps do not get played often cause they are awful?

        Hey, I like the lila panics. Keep 'em. I also like skycity, arctic bunker, roy highway, krusty kraps, and the unpanics... if any of these get remvoed Joshy will be very sad :frown:

        I wanted to have ATIX on both ZE and ZM because I really like it too but I did not realize the ZM list was so large, maybe remove it now? Even though most of it is a hold like a ZM, it doesn't mean shit if you do not get on the helicopter at the end like a ZE.
        Joshy, Jan 15, 2013 Last edited by Joshy, Jan 15, 2013
      • Nov 11, 2011
        One thing you fail to take into account is that there will always be a dip in server population at certain times, and it's not always because of the map. The reason we have over a 100 maps in ZM is to break the repetitiveness of playing the same maps over and over (i.e, mako/predator/minas:< on ZE). The general consensus is that if a map is large, most ZM players will whine and bitch about it to no extent. They want mid-sized maps with good hold spots, that's not asking too much. If we followed this notion, then we would have to remove a large portion of the maps on the server. The reason us mappers started creating zm_impossibru_* maps was to alleviate peoples' desires to have smaller maps and Kyle was going to create a zm_impossibru server :ROFL:). But since we don't have a special server for people who prefer small ZM maps, we have no viable options. Certainly removing maps based of the idea that people don't like them can kill the successful server we have. People enjoy the variety of maps we play, even though they might say a certain map is gay, they will play it because who wants to play ghs_lila_blue_town all day? And that map certainly needs to be redone or removed from the server. But all in all, I hate certain maps on the server but I don't want to limit the players from choosing the maps they like. To be completely frank, removing maps might sound like a great idea at the moment, but this might end up backfiring on us. In any case, have a look at the server population vs. map on rotation vs. time played, it follows a sine wave pattern indicating the player loss to be time based, not map based. Just my two cents.
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          sajak, Jan 15, 2013 Last edited by sajak, Jan 15, 2013
        • Oct 29, 2010
          You're certainly right about variety being important, we would never toss so many maps that we would lose that though. Having over 100 maps in rotation, I think we can easily be more picky to the maps we add and the maps we keep around.

          Certainly you're also right about time being a large factor in server population, but you can't believe maps have nothing to do with it, there are just certain maps the vast majority doesn't like to play. I don't think it's as simple as the size of the map, all sizes have their niche, these help alleviate the time based population changes.

          I think we could easily lose 5-20~ maps and be better off because of it, after such a long time of a more-or-less ridiculous map removal policy, we've earned the right to toss a few bad apples out.
        • Sep 7, 2010
          I think something else to be considered is how well known the map is for the players... If we have 100+ maps that are relatively unknown for the majority of the zombies the game play will be boring and lackluster. If we were to whittle it down a bit perhaps it would be easier for newer people to learn maps seeing as they wont visit certain maps only once a week.
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          • Feb 21, 2007
            Keep in mind its only going to be a handful of maps, as Brian stated, not 50 maps... and make valid points, if you are going to, not just "cuz it sux"
          • May 15, 2011
            I don't play often, so I chose the maps I have played on that normally takes a toll on the players, having them leave because these maps are overplayed, not fun or to hard for one side. I know lots of times it's just times and players schedules, but sometimes it really is the map. I also chose to get rid of all the Lila maps, being is we have a 24/7 lila server, and I don't fully understand the purpose of such maps being on the regular ZM. Lastly, I chose any maps that already had a double, or a fix. Why we need two of the same map on the server is beyond me.
          • Nov 11, 2011
            I voted for maps that lacked good cade spots or if they were too human-sided.
          • Feb 1, 2011
            Bump for more votes
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            • Apr 9, 2007
              Voted Sparky.
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              • Mar 12, 2008
                It already looks apparent at what needs to be removed.
              • Jun 4, 2006
                we're in no rush and disagree x 1
              • Mar 26, 2012
                I hope you guys won't hate me too much, but I just voted for maps I don't recognized. I figured that those maps weren't entertaining for me so I didn't remember them and therefore probably won't be entertaining to new people either and I won't miss them. I am assuming whatever has the most votes will probably be removed, and if the majority of people vote for it because they don't know it or don't like it for some reason, it probably should be removed (as long as not too many are removed so we can still have a variety like mentioned already). I voted them not because "they suck", but just that they didn't entertain me/I don't remember them so changing them probably won't make a difference to me or others and can possibly be replaced by a better or equal map. I can't think of a ZM map in my opinion that sucks. There is always something fun about ZM like hiding behind a couch or something, lol.

              • Oct 29, 2010
                If you haven't visited the ZMP server lately, I regret to inform you that it's pretty much dead. For this reason, we added 2 variations of panic to the ZM server (firewall and beach.) I feel these two variations are different enough from each other as well as from the two that were currently in rotation (stock and wow style) to not cause too much of a "replay-ability" issue.

                As for the duplicates of maps, this is simply due to some remakes differing so much from the original that there's no reason to replace the old one.
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                • Jul 8, 2012
                  Hahahahahaha. I held that spot too. 3 zombies walked right in and past me.

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                • Apr 9, 2007
                  If the server failed, wouldn't it stand to reason the maps were horrible?
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                  • Oct 29, 2010
                    Even if that were the case, you know it's not, that wouldn't necessarily mean all the maps were horrible; we only took 2 of the most popular 20-something maps on rotation. Honestly, I think we could take more, but I'm quite content at this time.