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Maps that change a player's classname can crash.

Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by nyronic, May 28, 2013

  1. May 17, 2011
    Found this out today while experimenting with a double filter system.

    If a player whose classname has been changed is sitting in spectate when the game resets the map on round ending, the server will crash. If the player is on a team when round restarts it will not crash, regardless if they are dead or not.

    This can be fixed by ensuring that the player's classname is changed back to the default "player" when they die.
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    • Feb 24, 2011
      This is the current issue with serpentis aswell, that's why you should stay out of spectate when fighting/dying by the medusa.
    • Mar 30, 2012
      Isnt this old news now? Hannibal had this problem with the mako update, didn't he?
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      • May 17, 2011
        I didn't know, I did a search on the forums and nothing came up so I figured I'd post it for those who aren't aware.
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        • Jan 11, 2011
          It is old news for some of us. Luffaren and I discovered it around the release of Serpentis, while testing his Krazy Karts map.

          Both Mako and Mount Doom required a new version using only TargetName. Earendil's Light used ClassName on purpose to be 100% sure it was the problem and that it affected all kind of servers. Mako used both TargetName and ClassName at some point to have the Materials filtered to the owner while keeping their old leveling system; when it was made clear that the ClassName was the one causing the random crashes, Hannibal could only keep one or the other, and finally decided to keep the materia filter (anti-spam) instead of the leveling system; and since then the materias level with the difficulty instead of depending on how many the player has picked.
        • Jul 4, 2011
          He did, but he didn't know exactly why it happened which is why the map now has anti-spam rather than upgradable materias.

          Thanks for the info nyro, good to know. I knew changing classnames around could crash the server but had no clue why, so I staid away from it. I guess it's safe to use on maps where you don't ever start a new round such as bhop.