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MC plugins

Discussion in Minecraft started by Thorazine, Jan 11, 2012

  1. Jan 14, 2008
    What plugins are running? I'm guessing it's vanilla 1.0 survival since it popped up ok on the server list. But there might be more interest from the PF communitiy if some server details were posted. Spoutcraft would be excellent.

    Edit: Per Haplo, these are the currently running plugins:

    Some of the relevant ones for players:

    Dynmap: See a real-time map of the world here: http://mc.plaguefest.com:8123/

    LWC: Self-serve, single block protection for containers, doors, signs... dunno what else is or is not included. Dev page and command list is here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/lwc/

    LogBlock: With a wooden pickaxe, players can see the logged block changes anywhere. Just right click the block, or if there's nothing there place a dirt block and click that. There are also command line options for area searches, but players don't have permissions to use them because they can lag the server. List here: https://github.com/DiddiZ/LogBlock/wiki/Commands

    Spout and SpoutCraft Client: can be found here: http://dev.bukkit.org/client-mods/spoutcraft/ Still messing with this because it keeps insisting on updating MC to 1.1 and won't log in. PF server is now 1.1, but the SC client isn't updated yet. When it does I would highly recommend it if nothing else for built in HD texture support and lots more graphic control options.
  2. Jun 4, 2006
    Yeah Haplo, what have you been doing with MC lately hmm?
  3. May 27, 2008
    I would definitely not oppose seeing Spoutcraft on the server. :thumbsup:
  4. Aug 18, 2006
    Yeah Haplo. Do work.
  5. Mar 12, 2008
    It was supposed to stay as vanilla as possible, but then people got butthurt about creepers so we nerfed them.

    May as well add plugins at this point.
  6. Jan 14, 2008
    Well they are a lot deadlier in mp due to lag. But I also think if it's going to be survival, it should be tough and ppl need to learn how to deal with it. Build smarter, don't run around at night. I've played on servers where enders got nerfed too because of QQing and at that point it might as well be creative mode.
  7. Mar 12, 2008
    my thoughts exactly.

    although pf server never lagged too much, it added to the whole experience. we actually HAD to replace things if creepers got too near.

    It adds a whole level of depth, plus its not so hard to repair something when 5+ people are working on it.

    IMO we should have a community vote on it. i prefer it to be vanilla as possible, but the introduction of spoutcraft would be OK in my book. i just want creeper terrain damage back.
  8. Jan 14, 2008
    An earlier thread on griefing mentioned douches kiting creepers to other houses and blowing them up. If WorldGuard or Residence or some adequate area protection is up then creeper terrain damage shouldn't be a game-breaker. But there also shouldn't be this kind of griefing problem on a whitelist server with logging and rollback. Dunno. I suppose some shithead will eventually do it anyway or try to claim 'oops just looking around'.

    Personally I think you should always build with moats, high walls, narrow bridges, lots of lighting, obsidian, lava/arrow traps... sky fortress, underground, underwater... whatever it takes to minimize creeper/ender/griefer damage without having to rely on area protection that only admins can define/edit. It's survival. And if you do accidentally get blown up and cause damage to someone else's work, um, at least attempt to fix/replace it. But whatever, that's from my experience in sp and servers where all you get is Spout backpack or chest protection.
  9. Mar 12, 2008
    we define regions pretty well (usually many, MANY signs and warnings/LWC protections/etc).

    Digging through walls "just looking around" justifies one as intentionally looking for stuff to take.

    needless to say many people have already been banned on MC due to that.

    Bans from MC carry over here. That is also on the rules for the whitelist so I'm not gonna lose shit over some replaceable crap that got taken.

    In that particularly retarded instance however, I had to say something about it.
  10. Apr 4, 2009
    Current plugins list is.

    There is no updated bukkit for 1.1 yet so if you want to play make sure you don't update your MC, there should be one out soon.

    I don't mind turning creeper block dmg back on but the worldguard won't protect buildings in regions against dmg unless it's set. If you want creeper block dmg turned back on expect there to be griefing issues here and there involving them.

    Edit - Bukkit is updated.
  11. Jul 1, 2010
    Spout is on, but it is really only for anti-xray measures. The theme behind the pF minecraft server has been as close to vanilla as possible survival, and actually if I remember correctly Haplo was told that it was supposed to be like that.

    If we want to get away from that, I have no issues with it.

    Also, if you want to revert back and have windows, type %appdata% in run, right-click on .minecraft, go to the previous versions tab and restore a version prior to today. When it asks you to update in minecraft click Not Now.

    The server has a no griefing rule, and it creates more work for Haplo and I if area protections are not being used. If something needs to be edited or expanded its very easy to get a hold of one of us.

    Edit - Bukkit is updated.
  12. Jan 14, 2008
    Thanks. Yay dynmap! Found it: http://mc.plaguefest.com:8123/

    See, that's the kind of thing that should be posted and stickied and updated.
  13. Apr 4, 2009