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Discussion in Minecraft started by ablanantanalba, Jun 3, 2011

  1. Apr 13, 2011
    McMMO is an OPEN SOURCE plugin for the Minecraft multiplayer server mod Bukkit. The plugin allows for an RPG-like experience to exist in the world of Minecraft complete with experience points, special powers, parties, PvP and more!

    There are 11 skills you can level up with increasing benefit as you do so:

    • mining: High skill levels give blocks the chance to drop double the normal items. Mining ores will give much more XP than just mining stone. How much XP depends entirely on the rarity of the ore.
    • excavation: Excavation in mcMMO provides a passive ability to dig and find treasures buried beneath the earth. What you find is based on your skill level and the type of material you are excavating. (dirt, gravel, and sand).
    • repair: Gained by reforging old and battered equipment, this skill helps the player use less resources when repairing with an anvil. Anvils are constructed via 9 Iron Ingots in a crafting table (Iron Block).
    • archery: Ignition: 25% flat rate chance to ignite enemies, the duration of which increases as your Archery level increases. Arrow Retrieval: Chance to recover arrows from an enemy killed by the archer. Chance to daze an enemy player on a successful hit. (Daze temporarily stuns the target and forces them to look straight up or straight down.)
    • herbalism: Herbalism provides bonus healing for plant-based foods based on what skill level a player has.
    • woodcutting: Higher skill levels will allow a double drop proc to happen.
    • unarmed: Unarmed is a skill where the player uses their fists to defend themselves. Like all Combat Skills, the Unarmed skill does not gain experience from attacking friendly mobs.
    • swords: Gaining skill in swords will help your swordsmanship of course, allowing you a chance to perform a parry. Parries happen automagically and negate all damage. Higher skill levels will lead to parrying more often. High levels of Swords will let you gouge your enemies and bleed them to death.
    • axes: Embrace your inner viking with the axes skill. No longer are axes just for obsessively chopping down forests. With the axes skill, players will be able to do critical hits, instantly killing monsters and causing severe damage to players. As your skill increases, your chance to critically strike will too. At a certain skill level Axes damage will even be upgraded.
    • taming: Tired of your wolves being pathetic? Well now its time for you to stop being such a pathetic beast handler and increase your skill in Taming. Taming increases by engaging in combat with your Tamed wolves. Levels of Taming will offer benefits to your wolves such as damage reduction versus explosions, fire, fall damage, and all incoming damage. Offensive skills that increase the damage of the wolves and offer critical strike chance and a DoT applied to foes unlucky enough to be "Gored" by your wolves.
    • acrobatics: Finally the days of spraining your ankle have paid off. No longer will you look down a 100 meter drop with fear. With the acrobatics skill your ability to negate fall damage increases. And how do you negate fall damage? By rolling of course, a secret passed down through the Minecraftian ages. You can tap into this mysterious 'rolling' ability by falling and training your body. If you're good enough you will never have to worry about fall damage again.

    In addition, several of the skills posses an ability you can activate for an increased bonus in that skill:

    1. mining:super breaker - allows the Miner to quickly clear mining materials and obtain Triple Drops. However, the Super Breaker ability damages the tool twice as much as normal during use. The length of Super Breaker is based on your Mining skill level.
    2. excavation: Giga Drill Breaker allows the Digger to quickly clear excavation materials and receive triple drops and triple XP. The Giga Drill Breaker ability damages the tool twice as much as normal during use. The length of Giga Drill Breaker is based on your skill level.
    3. woodcutting: Tree Feller allows the Lumberjack to quickly clear trees by making them explode, taking out nearby leaves and logs in the process. However, the Tree Feller ability damages the tool twice as much than normal during use. The length of Tree Feller is based on your skill level.
    4. Herbalism: has the Green Terra ability, which allows the herbalist to recieve x3 EXP and a chance for x3 drops when harvesting plants. It can be activated when right-clicking with a Hoe equipped.
    5. unarmed: Berserk will finally let you take out your hatred on Dirt and Farm animals. Berserk grants a 50% bonus damage modifier to combat and lets the player instantly break soft materials, such as Dirt, Grass, Clay, Sand, and Gravel.
    6. swords: Serrated Strikes will deal 25% damage and apply Bleed+ to enemies within a small radius of your target, how many enemies you can apply Bleed+ to will depend on the Sword Quality.
    7. axes: Skull Splitter will let players cleave and hit multiple enemies at once, transferring the equivalent damage divided in half to cleaved opponents.

    There's also parties and party chat and party teleport as well as items that take you back to your customized spawn point!

    There's a lot more that I wish I could write about, but you can read more on their wiki page (http://mcmmo.wikia.com/wiki/McMMO_Wiki)
    or you can read about it on the minecraft forums (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/162344-pluginbukkit-mcmmo-the-rpg-lovers-mod-open-source)
  2. Feb 12, 2011
    I personally think this is amazing, it really adds to the fun of the game.
    It's also a reason for people to keep coming back, they want to stay on the top and have high skills.
  3. Feb 11, 2011
    I played with this plugin on my friends server and its alot of fun and very useful.
  4. May 28, 2011
    Wow, that sounds really cool. I might try it out sometime. I really love watching Yogscast to keep up-to-date on the latest Minecraft stuff.
  5. Apr 13, 2011
    If you want to see how mcmmo works, a sample server to connect to is thinghunter.com
  6. Jul 1, 2010
    I've tested it on a personal server I boot up on my machine and it's pretty cool. Everything is customizable as far as I can tell by looking at the documentation and the config files. Another plugin that would be kind of cool to have would be MonsterHunt. Going to test it on mine to make sure that it's working.. when it was first ported over to bukkit there were some issues.


    Seems to work fine now, toggled night/day a few times to see if it started up and it did. MonsterHunt basically allows you to sign up for a mob hunt that beggins at sundown. Each mob has a point value and the winner can be given prizes and such at the conclusion. The amount of people needed to start the hunt can be adjusted as well and you can also have it skip nights so it doesn't occur every night.