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Mental health week on buzzfeed

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Jeremy, Dec 6, 2015

  1. Apr 18, 2014
    So, buzzfeed is doing a series of videos about mental health, this is one of them:

    I think that its necessary to break the taboo around mental disorders, and plus, this video is really good. What you guys think?
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    Other one:
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    • Jan 3, 2013
      @Beggar So and @Thanh, I think I'm getting emotional abuse from both of you guys. Pleases don't hurt me in game, it hurts.:crying:
    • Feb 8, 2013
      I don't know why I let these topics get to me, but thanks. Sad things are touching.
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      • Apr 18, 2014
        Those videos hurted me a lot, if youre facing any mental trouble, youre not alone.
      • Jan 5, 2014
        Haven't seen the videos, but I think it's good to raise awareness on mental health. So many people suffer from something. It might not be as serious as chronic depression or schizophrenia, but there's a vast quantity of people in this world that simply aren't happy with their lives. It really saddens me when I think that most people, when they wake up on a normal day, aren't excited to live out their day. That they might die filled with regrets or a feeling of incompleteness. Life is too fucking short for it to not be enjoyed.

        Like there was one dude on this server who flexed SO FUCKING HARD about how he owned a lot of businesses, did coke with random sluts, etc., and I'm just thinking to myself, "dude, despite all your material success, you're still raging HARD in CS:S on a Wednesday night. Are you really that happy?"

        I wonder how many people could improve their lives if they were aware they had a mental illness or if they got the courage to seek help for it. Reducing the stigma attached to it would greatly improve the quality of life for many people.

        However, on some level though, I think a lot of people use mental illness as a way to justify shitty personality traits or lifestyle choices. For example, someone else may use "Lol I'm bipolar" as a way to avoid taking responsibility. They very well may be bipolar, but they might not take any action towards, say, seeing a therapist or reaching out for support.

        Another thing that worries me is letting the diagnosis of a mental illness control one's life. For example, someone gets diagnosed as depressed. For the next week, they think to themselves, "I can't do <x>, I'm depressed" or whatever. As time goes on, the belief that they're intrinsically "broken" or their problems are insurmountable could grow stronger and stronger. I'm afraid that can cause a positive feedback loop that ends up being a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        Anyway, not really trying to make a real point, just me thinking some bullshit out loud.

        bby u kno i luv u


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          Beggar So, Dec 6, 2015 Last edited by Beggar So, Dec 6, 2015
        • Apr 18, 2014

          Yeah, we ''romanticize''' mental problems like they have some kind of glamour on it, like ''im soo bipolar today'' ''that girl is soo depressive'' and shit like that. It´s important that we notice that those illness are real, and they kill people.
          But im happy that you think the way you think. It´s nice to see some people with open mind.
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          • Jan 21, 2011
            As much as I despise Buzzfeed for being comprised of stupid lists of meaningless things, its nice to see them posting about things that should matter.
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