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Discussion in Completed Maps started by iBeast, Mar 31, 2012

What's the best about this map?

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  1. Mar 14, 2012
    Hello everyone! This is my last release of mg[underscore]beast[underscore]course! This is version 4. There is no 3 though because version 3 was weird but people downloaded it so I have to name this v4.

    What's new?

    Well to start off have I greatly increased the look of it.
    • Improved spawn, and made it look more nice
    • Added more details and decals
    • Changed lightning to a more friendlier lightning
    • Changed almost every texture
    • Changed Skybox to militia_hdr instead of Galaxy
    • Fixed the ending level and made it look better.
    • Fixed so its random on level 3 (Big thank to Ghost who fixed it).
    • Added a secret in level 4 behind the boxes. (Jump on the lamp to get to it)

    This is probaply my last release. Of course if somethings wrong do I reupload in another version name so it's really important that you report bugs and things that not how it's supposed to be!

    Please, give me feedback on my new map and rate and comment. Subscribe to if you like the map? :smile: I hope you do enjoy this map, this is a fixed version of my first map that I did.
    Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ibeasty/
    Leave a comment on my wall if you got any request I might do them or add me as a friend!
    You can also contact me on Skype!
    Skype: tripletutorial

    *There are more screenshots but I didnt want to make the post to long*