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Mg_hidden_realms_pf permission for editing

Discussion in Completed Maps started by Super Mario, Jun 21, 2012

  1. Oct 17, 2011
    This map was tested like 3 weeks ago on the mg server and I guess many bugs were found. I actually fixed the map like 12 days ago in school but forgot to post the new version. This map contained the first 3 hide and seek maps and other levels to play and all bugs are fixed(bugs that were fixed in map suggestion thread) for pf only because I do not have much time today because I am leaving soon. I made this thread giving permission to any mapper while I'm gone to edit the map if any bugs are still found and add a logo or a picture or something that shows his name that he edited it or something if he wants to. Also, if you find more interesting things for hide and seek or other levels, feel free to add it or do it since the map is free editing. I would like to see more cool ideas on that map since it is not that special and I did not have time to make new cool suggestions that were asked this month.If you edit the map, please alert me so when I come back from my vacation, I will see.
    Please do not delete any level and replace it by any level of your own.
    Edit the map if you are only a great mapper and don't add stupid things that will rewin it or crash it.
    Edit the map for plaguefest only.
    If you think of a new level, post Make the level picking larger and add it(no more then 2 levels)
    Do never ever ever touch the triggers in spawn because they took me hella time to set them all up.
    Feel free to add logos or anything of yourself for the map :razz:.
    do not retexture the whole map(only few spots if you find it better)

    I am not forcing people to edit my map nor editing it freely.i know that a lot of people like editing maps and I give permission for anyone to edit my map and make it better with the following rules. I hope this is not illegal or something that bothers people but I do not have much time to edit maps in my country because I will be busy with my family and I would also like to see my map getting better. I will hopefully try To set up an event or something when I come back after summer for the map editing because people deserve credits for editing the map but now it's freely opened if any bugs are found or if you get new ideas.
    Thank you, enjoy!!!
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      Super Mario, Jun 21, 2012 Last edited by Super Mario, Jun 21, 2012