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Michael Brown Video - What they dont want you to see

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by louis, Dec 18, 2014

  1. Oct 25, 2012
    I had a rather long conversation on fb with an adamant supporter of Michael Brown they went on and on and on about how he was a "gentle Giant" and would never hurt a fly then I posted that video in the chat box and waited.......they watched it but never posted again
  2. Oct 24, 2013
    When I had to live in Jacksonville, Florida and I dealt with so many ignorant pieces of shit wanting to play thugster.
    Notice the big crowd of them around one guy, people like this are cowards and so common there. I remember having to defend myself a number of times from people like this asshole who finally got what he deserved.
    I dated a black girl for 3-4 years and remember during the relationship how I felt sorry for people who lived in squalor, had no stable parental influence, or had kids out of wedlock.
    Now I've finally gotten back in touch with reality, realizing you decide the person you become or at least have a very big part in your decisions that shape you.
    There are plenty of people who come from awful backgrounds who don't use it as an excuse to behave badly.
    This isn't an attack on all black people or some racist commentary because I'm talking from experience and fully acknowledge that just because your skin color is different or even that you have slightly different DNA doesn't make you inferior.
    What pisses me off is the amount of excuses the black community has made for itself and the bad leadership they choose to represent them.
    Al Sharpton for example is one of the sleaziest anti-Semitic, guadi, scum bags you could google.

    People got mad at Bill Cosby for telling the black community to get it together, but everyday when I was in that relationship...I would constantly feel an embarrassment with my ex every time a black person would show up on the news for doing something absolutely ridiculous. It felt like everything she worked hard on was for nothing because assholes like this reinforce racist notions.

    I remember her brother who had two kids with his unmarried "baby's momma" who had only crude hair and nail cosmetic education and credentials. They struggled to have enough money to feed themselves and still the asshole had the gall to have a second kid with this bitch who he separated from for years. He had the same exact opportunities his two sisters had in school but decided to become a felon and eventually get caught with coke and a bunch of stolen goods.
    We one time watched a documentary all together about some street thug who stole a camera from some white hipster kids documenting a heroin purchase in the hood.
    The guy robbed them in the car and stole the camera and recorded all the horrible drive by's and crimes he committed then sold it to some shit stain and made money for it, without doing any prison time.
    The brother empathized with the professional mugger because he lived that life, all I felt after the movie ended was the urge to go into the hood and start kicking asses.

    Today my Fiance got in trouble at her job because she thought she was cool with some of her black coworkers, when she was overseeing some of their work calls.
    She told two girls, one of which knew she meant no harm by it, to stop speaking so rudely with customers and you cannot shout in here acting ghetto.
    The other girl complained and tried to get my girl in trouble for it. Management knew she didn't mean anything racist by it, but instantly got fed white guilt because we have to tolerate any kind of racial commentary by the black community towards whites or other groups because their so called ancestors were subject to horrific acts by older generations of white people.
    All she was trying to do was relate to them in a casual manner because she's from a different society and doesn't know the political correctness we have to put up with in America.

    Rodney King and this dickhead Michael Brown were both literally just coming from violent or dangerous crimes and got dealt with accordingly.
    But because they're black they get special treatment and excuses to terrorize neighborhoods with riots because they have a chip on their shoulder from a supposed unequal treatment.
    What other group of people in this country gets special consideration when applying for jobs? What other group of people gets to be racist towards another group because of something that happened to people when they weren't even alive yet?
    You don't see the Jewish community destroying Miami when a synagogue gets vandalized, even though it was just 70'ish year ago they were put in ovens.
    Of course black people are going to be treated poorly if they allow members of their community to glorify violent or destructive behavior.
    I criticize my own people constantly, and have a very large resentment towards my Caucasian brethren a lot of times for the stupid ethnocentric behavior they are notorious for.
    I don't see it happening in the black community nearly as much as it should be done.

    You know what will stop this kind of shit? Black men need to stop succumbing to the notion they have to be tough guys to be respected.
    Black women need to stop being so insecure with their own hair that they chop of most of their own hair to pay 200$ for some Indian woman's hair sold in plastic packages woven into their heads so tightly it actually hurts them.
    If you ever heard the term tender-headed, it's because of the fact they tie the weave into their hair so tight it causes pain because you can actually see the folding of their cranial skin from being pulled on.

    As somebody who dated a black woman for such a long time I know exactly what blacks have to put up with, but along side I also saw the things they do to damage their reputation.
    There is this stupid notion that they can get away with these things unchallenged because they frequently have poor starts in life.
    But so did the Irish, so did the Italians, so did the Chinese, so did every group who came to this country, go through some initiation.
    The Asian community was put in internment camps more recently than any slavery that's happened in the US. Where was their riot?
    Even the Muslim community who gets blamed for 9/11 has done an amazing job of repairing their reputation in just 13 years.
    I didn't grow up with a strong paternal influence but you don't see me robbing defenseless old men because of it, and I'm even bipolar with a disposition for violence.

    There are a lot of things going against black people, for instance have you ever noticed the "black beauty stores" are always owned by Asians?
    That's not a coincidence, they literally have a monopoly on the suppliers from Asia so they block black people from being able to get their hands on the industry by only selling to other Asians who own those type of stores.
    If you ever go in those stores, the security is on par with Target's. There are cameras everywhere along with those theft protection devices on everything even in the smallest of beauty supply shops.
    That's because instead of being proud of their natural hair and accepting it as being curly or styling it with emphasis on what's commonly called in the black community "being natural".
    There is a huge misconception that black people have greasy hair, that's actually the furthest from the truth, they have very dry brittle hair but drown it in chemicals to match white or European hair types.
    In fact I wouldn't be surprised that some of the bad choices that get made by "hood-rats" is a result of mother's to be dousing their hair in chemicals that include formaldehyde which even after years of non-use stay embedded in their brain matter or pass through the blood-brain barrier causing permanent brain damage.

    I am by no means saying any race of people in the world or America specifically is better than the other but it's definitely true that more responsibility needs to be taken for this kind of stuff.
    I don't think there was even a white power rally after that incident with the 4 black cops killing some white kid. If that happened with the races reversed more people would be dead or buildings damaged.
    My ex got called an Oreo growing up simply because she liked reading and having the slightest interest in education by her peers.
    It's stupid how black cultural leaders wont acknowledge this as an atrocity.
    It was actually damaging to Obama's reputation because he was handed a Nobel Peace Prize for simply being the first black president.
    That's because it was patronizing and just gave fuel to the fire of white people who already disliked him for whatever bullshit they heard on fox news.

    I'm sure I could go on forever but I feel like this has been my experience with why this stuff happens.
    Again I definitely don't think black people are necessarily at fault all the time or even bad people but they have chosen horrible spokesmen for dealing with national racial controversies, and I believe this is where the actual problem lies.
    If the people who bring it upon themselves to speak for an entire race in this country don't get their shit straight, I'm willing to bet black people will eventually be no better off than gypsies.
    My Fiance has told me that in her home country, gypsies are legally allowed to steal up to 35$ worth of anything without recourse, I sometimes feel like this country isn't far away from that.
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    • Feb 21, 2007
      "gentle giants" don't rob stores. Any proof that is MB? Or just someone who happens to be similar size, and color?
    • Feb 25, 2014
      This is why the media should stay with the facts, because I live in Europe and get a total wrong picture of some big ascendant in the US, now i know better then to believe everything on tv or in the paper so I doubted it anyway. Just wish media wouldn't be whoring about these kind of stuff, but I guess the wore the more money they can gain form it.
    • Oct 24, 2013
      I doubt it's him but just another example of this hood rat, gangster wannabe attitude.

      I told the story in my status about my fist fight with a black guy who pulled a gun on me and tried to race bait me into calling him the n word or something racist.
      I could tell he was waiting for me to say something racist so I made him feel like a real asshole by calling him a pussy black George Zimmerman.
      I made fun of him telling him his mama didn't raise him very well and I could see the anticipation in his eyes for me to say it just once so he'd have the excuse.
      He eventually threw the gun down on the ground and sucker punched me on the top right of my forehead.
      I had already prepared for an the inevitable fight that was about to happen and stood my ground even with a gun pointed at me because I knew he was a coward who was wearing nurse scrubs that wanted to be the antihero to black society. After he threw his one and only landing sucker punch he quickly realized a nerdy white boy can throw down and I threw a right hook that hit him so hard I almost broke my wrist and his mouth started gushing blood instantly. He tried to return another punch but I actually caught his right fist in my left hand, which scared the shit out of him. Mind you I at this time had stopped lifting weights for a while and have dropped like 10 lbs of muscle. Some doctors came running out of the building we were fighting in front of and told us to get the hell off the property or the cops would be called. I yelled he had a gun and they literally said i dont care leave! He tried to catch me off gaurd as i was saying this to them and i evaded his cowardly burst of rage that he tried to sucker punch me again with while i had my gaurd down. I obeyed the doctor's orders and got into my car which he tried to block me in with his car earlier but i had enough room to get out. His honda civic's windows were open so i chucked a 44 oz wawa cup filled with coke in his driver's seat, leaving him with a nice place to rest his ego. As i pulled off i ran over his gun and backpack destroying his nurse's papers. Before i left when he tried the second attack I told him this is why you've got a busted jaw you stupid piece of shit and i hope you learned a good lesson about fucking with people. I'm 6 5" and have a real long reach so he learned just because you're some strong black guy doesn't make you tough enough to just fuck with some random skinny white kid. Remember this guy who was about in his early 30s and a person with some kind of education and still behaved this thuggish way. I've got bipolar type 2 that makes me become incredibly dangerous and go into blind rages where I don't feel pain or fear, yet because I know this about myself is exactly why I'm more able to control my temper in these situations. He as a grown professional job having man should've been able to control himself but still allowed this mentality to excuse him. I don't want people to think I have an issue with black people but really more of a concern for their future, the same way a feminist woman would criticize a girl who has a trophy wife mentality for being part of the problem towards progress.
    • Jan 2, 2012
      The evidence against this guy is overwhelming but people still decide to keep their eyes shut..
    • Dec 1, 2013
      Some racists up in here. As Retslag asked, is there any actual proof that that is in fact, Michael Brown? Or are you just insinuating that because he's black?
    • Jun 19, 2013
      Racists? How?
    • Oct 24, 2013
      People thought it was Michael Brown, and I never cared enough to figure out if it was him or not.
      I hope you aren't lumping me in with that racism comment.
      The real point is this mentality in many young people, especially black impoverished males, that it's OK to be a thug, that it's OK to make your persona all about displaying machismo, that it's OK to rob people, and that it's OK to dress like what people stereotype as looking like a classic hoodlum.
      You know how much that FUBU shit cost back in the day? Or how much some of the hoodies and "street wear" cost?
      It's at least as expensive as buying a nice shirt from express without stupid logos on it or looking like somebody who you would most likely at the very least keep a look out of the corner of your eye for, for the first sign of trouble.
      These aren't unfair assumptions based on racist beliefs, if you dress and portray the character of somebody who is what you generally would be cautious letting your guard down around, then you're going to be treated that way.

      When I posted that pic of me with my misfits shirt, jeans cuffed, and straightlaced steel-toe's, I wouldn't expect anybody who saw me to go running to talk to me if I dressed like that in public.
      I don't wear band shirts hardly ever anymore because I grew up. I still have friends who live that "punker" lifestyle and I look at them with shame.
      If I still cropped my hair and wore my boots out the way they're laced, I know for a fact that I wouldn't get the same treatment and true respect from people I do when I dress like a normal god damn human being.
      If I go out like that and somebody looks at me with puzzled looks or seems uncomfortable, I don't let it phase me because I know it's the way I'm dressed.
      Am I going to go fuck up somebody because I feel entitled to it from my own problems I'm stating here? Absolutely not.
      What gives this certain culture then the right to not expect recourse for their actions?

      I was just at the mall this weekend, taking my fiance to see what she needed to do about changing her phone to an iphone 6.
      Naturally when you're out with a girl who's pretty you're going to have onlookers or people casually checking her out.
      But when I was riding down the escalator with her, directly behind me I had two black guys way smaller than me making sexual comments about her purposely being passive aggressive, most likely trying to start a conflict.
      I had to bite my lip and act like nothing was going on because she couldn't hear it and because she throws a fucking shit fit if I even yell because she's a fucking pussy about that shit.
      It made me incredibly pissed off having to let it continue, acting as if I couldn't hear them all because I didn't want her to start crying or bitching at me.
      I'd never hear the fucking end of it from her, "oh you should've just kept walking", "it's not your place to correct their behavior".
      Because I'm supposed to be a grown man and act like one, not letting some stupid wannabe faggot in a hoodie and baggie jeans with no fucking belt, "get to me".
      It's bullshit, if she wasn't there which would be redundant, but if they started saying things about me while I was alone I'd have thrown them off the escalator and smashed their skulls in because I don't tolerate people harassing me or others for no good reason. People say I'm a troll on this site, but it's only when I feel like I've been wronged/attacked and I just lash back 10x harder. I don't go and look for targets, I simply defend myself.
      There's no recourse to these little pieces of shit other than getting shot in self defense once they PHYSICALLY attack you, then even then, they still get to excuse themselves while rioting, burning down peoples hard earned businesses, and shooting at cops (who I hate) just doing their jobs to minimize collateral damage, justifying it by claiming "well we've been held down for 250+ years".
      No you haven't, you've let yourselves be held down. Only in fucking America do you see this excusing of bad behavior because we're supposed to be a prosperous, progressive society, tolerant of all people nation.

      I consider myself a liberal person but at the same time I can almost sympathize with a lot of these hardcore conservatives calling for people to be hung.
      There's no reason people should be allowed to act like a bunch of animals because they feel like they get unfair treatment from the rest of society.
      I hate to tell this group of neanderthals but you provoke these attacks on your own personal self by the stupid pride you glorify at your "culture".
      When did you ever see Sammy Davis Jr., Miles Davis, Neil D. Tyson, or George Washington Carver fuck up and get caught in the mentality of let's do everything in our physical power to create conflict or portray a fake sense of ultra masculinity?
      Not until recently when we allowed the media to portray this lifestyle as something positive did the black community start hitting another rock bottom.
      Tupac who's had a huge influence in hip-hop culture had a great line that really hits close to my heart, in the song "dear momma", about loving to be able to pay his bills.
      At the same fucking time he dressed like a gangster and wore an exposed pistol on his pants, what part of the message do you think young poor kids are going to want to be part of more?
      Yeh, the "thug life" mentality.

      You know the worst part of it? The commenters on youtube and even HERE, are more concerned with whether it is or isn't Michael Brown.
      What about the fucking fact that we obviously let this behavior be glorified by allowing ourselves be too sympathetic to the black man's burden?
      Plenty of black people from poor areas become successful because their parents grew up teaching them about how hard it was as a young black youth growing up and the extra effort they're going to have to show to prove themselves in this racially intolerant society we live in. But it wasn't until the more recent decades when that attitude faded away and we embraced the struggle as reason to be abrasive towards "whitey" or the police because now that society is LEGALLY equal or....at least a great deal more so we say just sweep it under the rug because they had it so hard before. It's not so simple when people are being hurt and there is no action being made.
      There are a lot of poor people, but you don't see them all robbing and beating people. It's only certain demographics of angry youth taking advantage of small loopholes in societies rules and norms.

      You know what I hated the most about living in Jacksonville??? Not the really bad "ghettos" or the really dangerous areas filled with felons.
      I hated the white people driving in oversized pickup trucks with confederate flags, and stickers that said "redneck" or some other stupid prideful bullshit. They're just playing pretend make believe crafting a world in their head they can deal with that isn't their sad reality of stupidity and loneliness.
      It's all a bunch of insecure assholes on both sides with too much pride in their minds about their stupid cultural heritage.

      I live(d) currently about 10 minutes driving time from where Trayvon Martin was shot. I had to deal with all the stupid arguments from both sides about how they hate each other for the reasons that aren't even real or affecting them.
      I got equally as pissed off at the people holding white pride marches in downtown Sanford as I got when I saw these people protesting in front of the Sanford city mayors office.
      Why? Because those assholes ruined the reputation of Seminole County and Sanford, and hurt not only the white business owners but every single other race in that area with their condemning it a racist place.
      The mayor of that town had to work so incredibly hard to fix the financial damage as well as the reputation of that city that ruined everyone's lives there.
      All from two stupid assholes who represent the worst of the both sides clashing.
      The same exact thing happened in Jacksonville the following year where some white guy shot some loud obnoxious black kids for just playing music too loud is what it basically boiled down to.
      He's now in jail I believe.

      If you've ever read Nietzsche and ever examined his portrayal of the "Übermensch" you know that society can change to be better than anything we've done before just by trying to focus on reality.
      Nobody does this, in fact when the character who comes down carrying this message that "god is dead" isn't even close to some atheist statement of fuck your god promoting an aggressive stance.
      It's the logical reasoning's of a person who has realized even the so called "good" people in society need to change themselves, with reference in his books to Christians.
      I can't believe that in this day and age where we have people literally on the brink of research using stem cells to indefinitely prolong a person's life back to their youth, that we still have to deal with this bullshit.
      Everyday I'm reminded about people like this guy in the video being prime examples of what selfish creatures we're reverting back to.
    • May 27, 2008
      That's not Mike Brown. This is a falsely labeled video. They don't want to show this to people because it isn't him, lol. Still doesn't excuse that shitty behaviour. Click this.
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      • Dec 1, 2013
        I didn't care to read that gigantic wall of text, Grape. However, I do agree with Peter in that regardless of race, it doesn't excuse for this type of behavior.
      • Oct 24, 2013
        Well I hope you dont run into any books then
      • Dec 1, 2013
        Haha. You might want to stop using your enter key. ;-)
      • Oct 24, 2013
        Well at least you really backed up your claim of racism, good job.
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        • Feb 25, 2014
          Can u guys never stay ontopic :struggle:
        • Oct 10, 2014
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