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Minas Tirith FAQ

Discussion in Tutorials started by Kyron The Wise, Aug 1, 2011

  1. Apr 29, 2011
    Seeing as how we always play Minas the moment we can nominate it, I thought I would put up a handy little guide to how to NOT fail on said map. Before I get into level specifics, I thought I would answer a few frequently asked questions..

    Q.) Why can't I pick up this barricade, it keeps glitching and placing itself on me!
    A.) This occurs when the player thinks they need to hit E to pick things up. You don't press E (Default Use key) to pick up movable barricades. I've seen many a noob run up to barricades thinking they're supposed to press E to pick them up, and instead, planting the barricade right on their face, resulting in not only a waste of a barricade, but potential waste of humans as well. To pick up the barricades, throw your pistols (G by default) in order to get the pistol that is connected to the barricade. Sometimes, when several people try to get a barricade at once, they keep catching each others pistols, or their own, so you have to keep tossing.

    Q.)How do I check my level?
    A.) Your level, the most important stat in Minas Tirith, is determined by your score. Officially, it is your score, divided by a hundred, but for those of you who don't understand simple division, your level is the number of stages you have survived as a human. So if you were one of the winning CTs on stage one, you be level one. However, if you either started or turned into a zombie on the round they won stage 2, you would not level up, and would stay level 1 until the next time you survived a stage.

    Q.) Hey, I survived a stage, where and how do I get these cool items that everyone has.
    A.) Another common question. At the very beginning of each stage, on the corners of the courtyard where the portals are, you should see two big signs, helpfully labeled ZOMBIE SHOP and HUMAN SHOP. In each is a variety of items, from the rather pathetic flag, to the epitome of Badassery that is the White Knight for the humans, and several devious items in the zombie shop for the zombies. To get an item, assuming you have a high enough level, simply jump on its pedastel

    Q.) Hey! I have the right level for an item, but the game won't let me go on the pedestal! What Gives?!
    A.) All items have a "quota", that is, only so many can be running around on the field at once. There can multiple flags and suits of armor, but for all the other human items, there can only be one at a time. Same goes for zombies, there can only be so many (3) trolls running around. If you can't get on the pedastel, the item quota has already been reached.

    Q.) I'm trying to light this explosive barrel on fire with a torch, but it won't ignite!
    A.) There are certain points in the game where you have the opportunity to make something explode. These points are recognizable by cracks covering a space, such as the hold point bridge near the end of Stage 2. To take advantage of these points, you must have two things. 1.) A torch and 2.) an special barrel. Note that i said a SPECIAL barrel, as in, you can't use any old barrel. These special barrels are recognizable by the large number of metal rings running around the barrel. They are also colored a darker shade than normal barrels. To use these barrels, a player must pick one up, the same way you pick up a barricade, and run and place it on a cracked surface. Then, someone has to grab a torch (There is always one near a cracked surface, keep your eyes peeled) and run up to the barrel. This will set the barrel on fire, and shortly after, it will explode.

    Q.) A zombie just came out of nowhere and killed me! WTF HAX!!!!
    A.) Something that MUST be kept in mind during Minas Tirith, is that there is almost always a second way to any hold point. Sometimes, it may be some barely noticeable ledges zombies can use to climb up a wall, or a wooden door that acts as a teleporter exit. Always pay attention to your surroundings, and never let your guard down.

    Q.) I'm a zombie, and me and a bunch of other zombies have been trying to get thru this guard/barricade for what seems like hours! Why won't it break?
    A.) This is a common issue on many maps, where zombies all pile up on each other to destroy a barricade/delicious piece of angus, and it takes forever to get thru. The problem is, when all of those zombies are piled up on something and keep swinging their knife, they are not knifing the barricade, but each other. There is a specific sound that is made when a knife hits a barricade, a kind of breaking wood/metal sound. When you start hearing that "cutting flesh" sound tho, that means all of the zombies are knifing each other rather than their intended target. Simply back up, and let one or two zombies do the work, and you'll get through

    Q.) I have been shooting this door and it won't open? Why?
    A.) Almost all of the doors in Minas Tirith are unbreakable by gunfire/grenades/Doing the Plaugefest. They either open from 1.) Pressing E on it, or 2.) A rock slamming into it.

    If you have any other questions about this map or others, feel free to ask. I will "probably" be able to solve it for you, unless it involves programming or map-making itself.

    PS I in no way shape or form own this map or any of the others in ZE or CS:S
  2. Feb 20, 2011