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Minas Tirith Guide

Discussion in Tutorials started by Kyron The Wise, Aug 1, 2011

  1. Apr 29, 2011
    This topic is intended to help players through the most recent creation to come out of Hannibal's skills, Minas Tirith. In it, I will go over step-by-step, holdpoint to holdpoint instructions on how to win stages. I also intend to make a zombie version of this, for those zombies who want to know how to really ruin a human's day on said map.

    NOTE: When I say available store items, I mean that they are available to those who have won every prior stage as a human.

    Stage 1-0 Warmup Round

    Suggested Loadout= Doesn't matter
    The very first round of the game is what's called a Warmup round. Basically, it is a ZM round that was implemented so that more players would have time to connect, thus hopefully avoiding most maps first fail round, where the human's start out vastly outnumbered by a ever growing zombie horde. Feel free to survive as long as you can, so that more people can connect, but after a short time, a nuke will go off, killing all players.

    Stage 1-1 Osigilath
    Suggested Loadout= M249/P90 plus grenades
    Available Store Items: None
    This is the first actual stage, the defense and retreat from Osigilath. Buy your weapons and head through any of the portals after their fencing breaks.
    Some of you, depending on which portal you took, will sppear on the bottom floor of a structure facing a river. IMMEDIATELY head to your right (If facing the river) and head upstairs, making sure to pick up those two placeable boxes (You can identify pickupable barricades by their transparency, as well as the obvious gun sticking out of them) to the left before the stairs. Once on the next floor, those without barricades head up the stairs to your right, and open fire on the boats heading towards you. There are also some placeable barrels scattered around that you can pick up as well.
    Those of you who HAVE picked up barricades, after making sure that the bottom floor is clear of stragglers, place your barricades on the stairs. However, only place one of the boxes, as one of the others will become important later on.
    As the zombie boats inch ever closer, you will notice rocks start to hit the structure around you. Ignore them, and continue unloading onto the boats (You want to knock the zombies out of the boats, as they move REALLY slow in that water). Be sure, however, to count the number of rocks hitting the structures. After the first two rocks hit, and once the boats have almost landed, a third rock will fall, and some music will start. At this point, make sure to STAY AWAY from the door on the middle floor. If you decide to Do the Plaugefest on the door, you will get crushed by an avalanche of rocks.
    After the rocks have stopped falling, jump down and make your way to the door, which will open on its own accord after a few seconds.
    After running through the door, you will find yourself on a rock strewn road. There are now two options availible to you.
    Option #1 Run Right
    You can run to your right and pass through a multitude of archways on your way to a door guarded by two...well, guards. If you take this path, be cautious, as rocks will fall on the left side of the archways. Simply run through the rightside archways to avoid these rocks
    Option#2 Up the Stairs
    Rather than running through the perilous archways, you can go up the stairs straight ahead of you as you exit the door. Run up them, and make a LEFT at the wall, and run all the way down to the end. NOTE: There always needs to be people going this way, as if zombies get on the door before the fall back sounds, they will rape the humans on the right side, as their door opens a few seconds earlier, and has no guards.

    Regardless of which path you choose, the doors will not open until a zombie triggers the fallback (As in, he gets within a certain distance of the right side door, the one with the guards). As soon as the fallback sounds, both doors will open, the left side slightly earlier, and the humans must fall back to some horses. On the way, if you listened to me and kept a barricade or two, place them in that glowing door to the right, just before the horses. In order to get on the horses BTW, crouch jump onto them. If you fail to get on a horse, start backpedaling away from the city, and watch the skies.

    As you ride your horses, you may see dragons appear on the top of the wall you traveled through. Please note, these are not harmless props, and are actually flying beasts controlled by zombies. If one touches you, you die. The easiest way to deal with said dragons is to use the same method we use in America. We Don't Know What That Can Do, So Shoot It With Everything! If you were unfortunate enough to miss a horse, take one for the team and hold the dragons off for as long as you can.

    For those of you on the Horses, eventually, you will see Gandalf run towards you. This is your cue to start reloading. As soon as the screen goes all white, start running forward, off your horse, and dont stop. As soon as you can see again, you may notice the great big fortress that has suddenly appeared. Ignore that, and turn around and start backpedaling towards the gates of said fortress, shooting as you go. This is because the dragons have spawned right behind you, and if you dont turn and shoot, they will rape your angus. Once you have reached the door, get against the middle of it and keep holding your backwards movement key, shooting at the dragons the entire time. If you manage to hold them off long enough to slip through the gate, backpedal to the other side of the guard lines, and keep shooting at the dragons. If you don't, they may be able to kill the guards and slip into the fortress before the doors close. If they do, you have no choice but to kill the dragon, or lose.

    Stage 1-2 Minas Tirith Ground floor

    Suggested Loadout= Automatic Weapon or rifle (AWPs and Auto snipers have a medium potential on this stage) and HE grenades
    Availible Store Items:

    Human: Flag (Gives extry health)
    Zombie: Flag (Makes you a shitload faster)

    If you managed to survive the last stage, make sure to get a flag if you can, as it gives you extra health, and will let you survive longer falls. Head through the portals to start the level.
    If you appear on top of a wall, or in a room with four narrow windows, stay there and hold. If you went through the middle portal and spawned in a courtyard with a horse statue, there are two places you can go to assist in holding off the zombies.
    A.) You can go to the left side (Assuming you are facing the gate) and go thru an archway and up some stairs. If you go this way, keep heading all the way up the stairs (Don't go down any stairs) and end up in a room with four narrow windows overlooking a giant battering ram Get in the windows, and start shooting the zombies climbing onto the planks on the sides of the ram.
    B.) You can go over to the wall of guards on the right side (Again assuming you are facing the gate, and climb up a series of ladders and ledges to make your way to the top of the wall overlooking the gate. Again, your target is to shoot the zombies off the side of the ram

    A third option, one that only needs a few people working on, is barricading the gate. There are multiple items laying around the courtyard and hold points that can be used to prevent zombies from just waltzing in the front gate when it is smashed open. Here is a list of items found in the first area that should be used on the gate.

    1.) Underneath the overhang on the same side as the guard wall are two movable bench barricades.
    2.) On the top of the wall are two movable blocks, which can either be used on the gate barricade, or used on the guard wall to make it harder fro zombies to knife them
    3.) There is also a third bench and an overturned table in the area with the four windows.
    4.) I haven't located them yet, but I know there are two hay bale stacks that can be moved

    In barricading the gate, you must be careful of where you place your cades. You must remember not to place your cades right against the gate, as this gate doesn't open like a sliding door, but is rammed inwards. Thus, you want to place your stack of cades at the edge of the recessed area in front of the door, making sure that the middle of your stack corresponds to the middle of the door.

    Those who are holding the windows and wall need to hold until the time left counter, the clock in the middle bottom of your screen reaches 7:10 (If you are playing on a different server than pF, this may be different, as I timed this map by pF settings). Once the timer reaches 7:10, fall back to the guard wall in the courtyard. At 7:02, you will hear Gandalf say "You are Soldiers of Gondor, no matter what comes through that gate, you will hold your ground!". At this point, the giant ram will finally break in the door. If you barricaded successfully, you will see some zombies trying to jump over the pile of items at the gate (Keep an eye out for zombies jumping over the cade by jumping on the ram and then through the gate. Regardless, keep zombies away from your team (Without shooting at the cade or throwing nades in its general direction) until 6:48, at which point, humans can pass through the guard wall.

    Run down the narrow alleyway, keeping an eye for falling rocks, until you reach a tiny courtyard with a three man guard wall. Two people go and pick up the box in the corner, and the bench to your left side, and place them in that recessed door near the guards. Hold off the zombies at the end of the alley, until about 6:18, when a large piece of masonry falls on the guard wall. If you were Doing The Plaugefest against the guard wall, chances are you will be killed by the falling chunk of rock.

    Fall back up the stairs, with about three-four people throwing grenades at the zombies, as this time there is no stubborn guard wall to hold them back. Fall back past the first narrow point, with one or two people barricading the narrow point up with the three rocks that are nearby after everyone has passed through, with a small squad of humans defending them. (Note that you have to jump in order to get the top rock.)

    Fall back to the next guard wall, keeping an eye on the first narrow point (or shooting if the cade failed or was placed poorly). However, there are two other places that the zombies can attack from. One is the door at the far end of the wall, and another is on the left side (Facing said door) of the wall, where there are some windows that zombies can use as ledges. Use those planks hanging on the wall (They are pick up able) and place one or two on the door, and the third above the windows. Hold at the top of the stairs before the guard wall until 5:27, when it opens up.

    Run down the path and over the bridge. At this point, all but two people should hold at the edge of the bridge. One of the two people not holding needs to go to the barrel across from the bridge (The dark brown barrel with all of the metal rings on it) and pick it up. They then need to take the barrel and place it on the crack in the middle of the bridge. The other person not holding should go near the guard wall and pick up the torch closest to the guards (Its the one not standing up straight and isn't lit), and take it to the barrel. Hold the torch on the barrel (Im pretty sure you just need to be near the barrel with the torch, tho you might need to press e), until the top of the barrel lights up in flames. This is everyone's cue to make sure they are NOT on the bridge. Hold the zombies off for a couple of seconds, and the barrel will explode, taking the bridge out and sending anyone on the bridge plummeting downwards. Once it goes boom, or, if you didn't place and ignite said barrel and you've held off the zombies for a while, fall back through the guards.

    The next two doors you press E on to open. After passing through the first one, you have two, well, three choices.

    1.) Assassino
    You can pass through the second door and find yourself at the beginning of a Assasins Creed-esque free-running sequence. It is suggested that you not try this, as though it looks cool, and won't have random zambies appearing right behind you, it also takes the longest, and its rather easy to fall off.

    2.) Play it safe
    Right before you pass through the second activated door, you can go down the stairs to your right. These will take you to the area below the jumping area. Run down the alley to the gate, and unload your gun on the splintered section of the gate to open it, repeating this on the second gate to your left. Before you enter the first gate, make sure that the box and shelf to your right have been picked up. Get one of these, and place it right before the gap in the gate, not in the gap. This is so zombies have the smallest area available to attack the cade, and it gives a greater chance for them starting to knife each other.

    3.) GERONIMO!!
    If you decide that you would rather take the fastest way possible, ignore the jumping section and the stairs. Simply run up to the jumping section and drop down to the street below. Only do this if you haven't taken much damage, or you have the Human Flag, as the extra health helps survive the fall.

    Regardless of which path you chose, you will end up in an area before a large guard wall standing before some wooden gates. The first person to reach this area should climb up the scaffolding in front of them, and start tossing down the masonry blocks that can be found there. Everyone else, start barricading the second staircase (The one past the guards) with the junk you can find around the area. HOWEVER, and this is IMPORTANT, a few people, at least two, need to hold onto their barricades and not place them. These items (It doesn't matter what they are, but preferably a barrel or basket) will be important in a moment. If the zombies get through the barricades at the broken gates (Or if no one placed barricades), hold the zombies off by getting on the top of the wall across from the second set of stairs. Hold at this point until around 3:30 or when you hear Gandalf yelling "Fall Baccccck! To The Second Level!". This means that the large guard wall has opened up, at which point you should run to the gate. To open the wooden gates (There are two of them, open them both) press E on them. This is where the people who held on to the barricade items become important.

    You have two paths at this moment. A.) You hold off the zombies for about 30 seconds until the gates close by themselves (Very Hard) or B.) You place barricade items in the gates. If you place a barricade item in a gate, the door will automatically close, and lock itself. Be careful about which gate you are barricading, and make sure that only one person is on each gate. Once the gates are locked, and any zombies past the gates are killed, the stage ends.

    Stage 1-3 Defending Minas Tirith

    Suggested Equipment: Automatic weapon, ammo capacity doesn't particularly matter
    Available Store Items: HUMAN: Flag, Armor (Lets you survive 6 hits, while the shield is intact, also gives minor pushback to zombies), Ammo Barrel (Right click with knife to place a barrel that gives ifinite ammo, no reload, and supplies grenades while its active) Oil Jar (Right click with knife to place oil that can be ignited with HE nades, igniting all zombies who pass over it.) ZOMBIE: Flag, Explosive Barrel (Right click to place, jump and right click to catapult. Useful for removing guards and barricades), Ladder (Right click to place, useful for climbing over guards and barricades)

    It is CRUCIAL that at least one person, preferably two people are level 2 at this point, as the ammo barrel is key element to winning (Oil Vase is useful for slowing zombies at chokepoint). Go through the portals after visiting the store to start the level.

    You start out at the same place where you ended last time. The moment you spawn, aim at the gate. At this time, player with ammo barrel needs to place one where he spawns. Zombies will start attacking the gate, and the humans need to hold them off for a while. If the ammo barrel is present, start throwing nades, but DO NOT SPAM THEM! Throw one or two grenades, making sure to space them out. If a player has an oil vase, dump oil in front of the gates.

    Once the RETREAT call sounds, run up the steps and head past the guard wall and onto the lift. If you cant make the lift, go to the opposite side of the courtyard and head past two guards up some narrow stairs. It is suggested you not go up the main stairs, as it is hard to hold off zombies there.

    If you went up the narrow stairs, you will see some open windows that look out onto some beams. Go out one of these windows, and you can run down the beam and jump onto the lift. Be cautious, as zombies can use this to get on the lift as well.

    As soon as you get to the top of the lift, run straight ahead to the large gate. Don't stop, because some debris will fall, killing all under it. After the debris has fallen, run near the edge of it, and if you have the ammo barrel, place it there. If you have the oil vase, pour it at the sides of the debris field. While these brave players are holding off the zombie horde, on person needs to run towards the gate and climb up the ladder to the left, and run through the door and up the spiral staircase. At the top of the surprisingly hard to climb staircase, the player will see a lever, which they need to go press E on. This will trigger the message "The Lever has been pulled! Gate Opening in Ten Seconds!"
    Players who are holding at the rocks, continuing holding until the console says the message "Use the Catapults to defend Minas Tirith!" At that point the gate has opened, and it is time to fall back, tossing nades as you go. If you were one of the pussies who didn't hold at the debris, thought Doing the Plaugefest would help, or had the ammo barrel and thus needed to keep it safe, only place one level of barricades with the rocks. What I mean is, only place one layer of rocks, so the people holding can get over it, and then place more rocks after they're through.

    Past the gate, you'll have two paths to go.

    A.) Catapult Staircase One
    This will be the first passageway you see on your right. Simply go in, climb the spiral staircase, and make sure to go up the next staircase to the top of the tower to activate catapult 1 (Pull the lever on the top of the tower). After Catapult One has been activated, fall back past the guards to the second tower, and if its hasn't been activated yet, activate catapult 2 in a similar fashion

    B.) Slightly more difficult path to catapult 2
    If you keep running past the entrance to the spiral stairs, you will see a scaffolding you can climb up. Get to the top, and you can jump into a small room, where you climb up some stairs into tower two. If it hasn't already been done, activate Catapult 2.
    While you are waiting for that metal gate to open, be sure to barricade up the stairs in Catapult tower 2. If you don't, chances are that the zombies will erupt from the stairs before the metal gate breaks, starting the infamous Rape Train. After making sure everyone is up, barricade it with one of the nearby boxes. After the metal gate breaks, and everyone is through, place the nearby shelf in the place where the metal gate was to buy some breathing time.

    Everyone fall back past the boxes. Though it seems as tho the boxes would be a good place to hold, its not because that nearby wooden door is a zombie spawn portal that they can pop out of. Everyone should fall back to the final tower, and hold there. Oil Vase Guy should place some oil between those boxes (The ones near the Door) and the wall. Ammo Barrel Guy should place an ammo barrel at the archway of the last tower. A FEW people should go into the area right of the door (Assuming you are facing it) and pick up those boxes, and one person should get the shelves in the final tower. One of these barricades needs to placed on top of the scaffolding next to the walkway connecting the door and the last tower, as the zombies can climb up the scaffold. The timing for when that door breaks is as follows:
    A rock falls and hits Catapult 1
    A rock falls and hits Catapult 2
    A third rock slams into the door across from the last tower.
    NOTE: If you try to do the Plaugefest on the door across from the last tower, not only will you get killed for your efforts, but you may glitch the door, preventing it from opening.

    As soon as the third rock falls, everyone should fall back through the broken door. It would be a good idea for the person with a barricade to cade up the place where the door was, after everyone has passed through.

    This next part can be made considerably easier with the aid of explosive barrels. There are two of them, one straight ahead from the entrance to the room, another on the right side staircase, against the far wall (The One you run towards before getting on the second set of stairs). The torch needed to detonate these barrels is on the right side, next to the door just after the first set of stairs. Two people get these barrels, and one person get the torch. Place the barrels on both sets of cracks and light them with the torch. After a short while they will detonate, and the doors should open.

    If you didn't get the barrels and torch, or you only detonated one set of stairs, just get against the door with guards protecting it and aim at the zombies. The ammo barrel guy should take this chance to plop down a barrel.

    As soon as the doors open, run through and take a right. On your immediate left side, you should see a doorway. Go through it! If you continue along and make a right at the corner, chances are you will be killed by zombies travelling the opposite way.

    Run up those stairs, until you get to a door. Press E on the door to open it, and you find yourself at another courtyard. Run up those steps, and go to the far end of the walkway, where the guards are. Two people should get the rocks at the far side of the courtyard, one of which should be placed on top of the stack of boxes to your left (Facing away from the guard door). The other rock should be placed in the middle of the walkway or saved for later.

    Ammo Barrel Guy, you should NOT place your barrel at this segment. You will need a barrel soon, and the recharge will take too long.

    As soon as the door opens, run through to the opposite end of the guard gauntlet. Oil Vase Guy should pour oil at the point where the door was, and Ammo Barrel Guy should place the barrel at the other end of the guards. A lot of people (3/4 of the team) needs to hold at the end of the line of guards, using the infinite ammo to keep the zombies out of the corridor. As soon as the barrel wears off and you spend your ammo clip, or if the zombies make it into that hallway about halfway down the corridor, everyone needs to retreat to the top of the stairs. Once up here, the other people who immediately ran up there need to start dropping cades on the stairs. Two cades also need to be placed at the left and right edges of the top area, where there is a gap in between railing and wall. Humans also need to place barricades on the railings, or watch the railings if there is no cades there. Ammo Barrel Guy needs to keep right clicking so that he places infinite ammo as soon as he can.

    After a while, the gates at the right and left sides of the top area, as well as the gate in the middle will open up. As long as one human makes it to the end of any of these gated hallways, the level advances.

    Stage 1-4 Top of Minas Tirith
    Suggested Weapons: M249 and P90s, grenades
    Items available in shops:

    HUMAN: Flag, Armor, Ammo Barrel, Oil Vase, Horse (Gives you some protection from zombie attack and makes you lightning fast), GANDALF! (Turns you into the White Wizard. Right click to raise a protective aura around you that zombies can not enter, type [not in chat] dawds really fast to perform his signature move, YOU SHALL NOT PASS, which takes a few seconds to warm up, and once done, knocks all zombies a great distance away from him [be careful not to knock zombies towards your teammates]. While charging up YOU SHALL NOT PASS, Gandalf is Invincible.

    ZOMBIE:Flag, Explosive Barrel, Ladder, Troll(Turns player into a troll with greatly increased health, lowered knockback, and a right click attack that swings the trolls mace, killing guards in one hit and destroying barricades in 2-3)

    Once you go through the portals, run up to the big wooden door in front of you and press e to open. Then run down the path until you enter a library. Run Forward until you see a Book Shelf with no books; you can climb up it like a ladder. Run forward, climb up another bookshelf (This one is tilted) and jump off the bookshelves. Head down a stair to your right and follow the path past some large kegs until you see a spiral staircase. Climb up said staircase and across a bridge. You should see some torches on the wall with pistols beneath them. Toss your pistols and pick up the torches, they will be important soon. 3 players should also grab the nearby rocks.

    Gandalf, as soon as you see zombies at the top of the stairs, perform your YOU SHALL NOT PASS ATTACK (dawds) to knock them away. Once the door opens, everyone should run through, and once they have passed, the people with the rocks should place one on the top of the small staircase, and the one more in that narrow hall. One person should save a rock for later. Ahead of you, you will see a door leading into a dark room. Before that, you will see more pickupable torches on the walls, which should be grabbed. If someone has an oil vase, they should drop oil in the doorway of the dark room and ignite it with a nade.

    In the dark room, you will have to rely on the torch light provided by the torchbearers. Torchbearers, run straight ahead, and you will see a stack of boxes that forms a large wooden platform with two haystacks acting as stepping stones onto the boxes. Everyone should get on these boxes, and get on top of the two tall boxes via use of the crouch jump. Ergo, Vis a Vi they can survive. As soon as someone sees zombies enter the door that the humans passed through to get in the darkroom, an ammo barrel should be placed by ammo barrel guy. Half the team should watch one side of the haystack at one side of the boxes, while the rest watch the other. Eventually, a wall will break, denoted by a great yellow/orange light. The wall that breaks is random, and will change from round to round. As soon as the wall breaks, the entire team should head towards it.

    Gandalf, at this time, right click while running to the wall so that zombies are pushed away from your team.

    At the wall, the humans need to rapidly jump their way up the ledges. Ideally, a player should get on the path they want to climb up, and just keeping holding forward and crouch jumping repeatedly. Hurry to the top, as the barrier that blocks the zombies doesn't last long. If a player has a rock left over from earlier, they should get to the top and wait for the zombie ladder to spawn. If they're quick enough, they can place the rock on the top of the ladder, preventing any zombies from using the ladder for a short time.

    Once at the top, find a staircase and climb it to the next floor. Look for a door, and run through it, and take a right. You should shortly thereafter pass through a gate.

    Some humans need to hold at the gate, while others get the rocks at the far end of the path, and the rocks near the gate, immediately to the left after running through it. While they collect the rocks, the humans at the gate should hold off the zombies long enough for the people to get the rocks to the gate.

    Gandalf, once you see zombies coming at you, use the YOU SHALL NOT PASS combo to knock the zombies away, and give your team enough time to barricade the gate with the rocks.

    Soon, a retreat will sound and the gate past the next guard wall will open. You now have two paths

    A.) Take the VERY slow lifts
    If you do not know how to climb up ladders quickly, get on the lifts and hold off the zombies

    B.) If you know about strafing a ladder, take the ladders. You will get to the top before the lifts.

    Regardless of the path you take, you will end up near a boarded up gate and a wooden ramp. Take the Wooden Ramp and take the boxes on the left past the archway.

    By now, you should see a timer at the bottom right of your screen that says "GHOST ARMY ARRIVES IN (Time)" This is the countdown to the end of the stage.

    Horse, if you run down the RIGHT side of the wall all the way to the end, you will find the secret barricade item: The Toilet. While small and unassuming, this barricade is the strongest one in the game, and will prove useful shortly.

    On the other side of the gate, people should start grabbing those blocks, and placing them against the gate you bypassed with the ramp. If you go to the tower to the right side of the guard wall at the other end, you will find more barricade blocks. Place all barricades, save for the toilet if gotten, and get near the other side of the guard wall of the gate you just barricaded.

    If done correctly, the next area should open before the zombies even get through the blocks, unless they have a troll. If they get through, ammo barrel guy should plop a barrel down and give everyone infinite ammo.

    As soon as the next gates open, run up the stairs. If the toilet was picked up, place it in that glowing portal. If it was not found, place one or two rocks in front of the door.

    Gandalf, Wait at the bottom of the stairs, and as the zombies approach, use your YOU SHALL NOT PASS ATTACK to give your team some time to place some barricades in the next area.

    Run up to the top, and hold at the top of the stairs. A couple of people should go around picking up barricades, and placing them on that staircase. There are some rocks in the area directly behind the stair exit, and others scattered around. Place them all on the stairs.

    Eventually, the zombies may break through to the dragon portal. If this happens, ammo barrel guy needs to place a barrel, and everyone needs to form a circle around it.

    Or hide like little pussies in the scattered hiding spots. WARNING! If you have a flag, remember, it is poking out of your hiding spot.

    Gandalf, if the zombies are getting too close for comfort, use your right click protective aura to hold them back. Preferably, use this on the stairs so they cant get up.

    As soon as the timer winds down, and a further ten seconds after that passes, you win stage four. Congrats! You now get to play all the levels again with increased Nazgul (Dragon) count, random flaming rocks smashing down onto people, and the chance to fight a giant invincible fire demon!


    Item guide

    Flag: Gives you more health and gives you increased damage
    Armor: Lets you take more hits from zombies. Shield takes 4 hits to break and while active gives you minor pushback against zombies. Armor body takes a further two hits to break after shield breaks, and once it breaks, gives you a temporary speed boost to escape zombies.NOTE: Hard to place barricades while in armor!
    Ammo Barrel: Gives infinite ammo and grenades while active. Right click with knife out to use. Do not nade spam on pF servers, or you will be removed
    Oil Vase: Pours a pool of oil on the ground which, when hit by a nade explosion, will ignite, burning all zombies passing through it. Right click with knife to use. Good for chokepoints
    Horse: Makes you lightning fast, and gives somewhat of a protection against zombies. NOTE: Hard to place barricades while using the horse!
    GANDALF!: Turns you into the White Wizard. Right click to raise a protective aura around you that zombies can not enter, type [not in chat] dawds really fast to perform his signature move, YOU SHALL NOT PASS, which takes a few seconds to warm up, and once done, knocks all zombies a great distance away from him [be careful not to knock zombies towards your teammates]. While charging up YOU SHALL NOT PASS, Gandalf is Invincible. NOTE: While easier than with the horse or armor, it can be hard to place barricades as Gandalf.
    ?: Level 5 item. Shall not include until I can write up an Extreme Difficulty Walk through, as that is the only point at which it comes into play

    Flag: Makes you REALLY fast
    Barrel: When placed (by right clicking), starts to spark, then flame, then EXPLODE! If you jump and right click while you have a white arrow in front of you (Takes time for the arrow to appear) The barrel will be flung up and forwards as if thrown from a catapult.
    Ladder: Right click to place a ladder you can use to climb things.
    Troll: Besides pissing off people just by existing, the Troll gets extra health, and if right clicks, swings a mace that fucks up everything in its path.
    Orb: Level 5 item of Badass. Will discuss in Extreme Walk through, once I make one.

    This is part one of my walk through for Minas Tirith, and I hope you find it useful. If I left something out, please mention it in a reply.

    Kyron The Wise
  2. Jan 30, 2011
    Quite the tutorial of bad-assery, thank you sir.
  3. Jul 3, 2011
    thank you kyron this was helpful
  4. Jul 25, 2011
    Nice guide man thanks. Ill definitely use this ha
  5. Mar 25, 2011
    Level five isn't an orb...
  6. Feb 21, 2007
    i need pictures, I'm a picture person ^^
  7. Feb 20, 2011

    Fine, but you still have to read it, Im not doing it for you.
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  9. Jul 4, 2011

    On topic: Nice guide, very detailed.
  10. Mar 19, 2011
    Good Guide has some spelling Mistakes which should be corrected whenever possible but Overall Nice Job
  11. Apr 29, 2011
    Im going to be editing this soon, I played through and there were tactics people came up with that were very effective, as well as places that should be barricaded rather than another, and so on. Also, seeing as how we have now beaten Extreme, I need to get around to making that guide as well.

    Side note: I have discovered that there are some places where the best tactic is to actually do the plaguefest. So Mckays guide is going to be neccessary reading after edit.
  12. Apr 15, 2010
    should address the buffer overflow issue aswell

  13. Mar 25, 2011
    What buffer overflow issue?
  14. Apr 29, 2011
    Buffer Overflow isn't a problem unique to Minas Robin, it happens on other maps. As I understand it, its when there is too much information coming to your computer at one time. This overflow usually stems from too many people talking at the same time, and is very pronounced on maps that are already sending a lot of information at one time, such as Pred and Minas. The solution? Everyone STFUs.
  15. Apr 15, 2010
    on these big maps anyone whos not contributing advice should be muted :grin:
  16. Aug 12, 2011
    Wrote this on the sG forums: http://www.syndicate-gamers.net/showthread.php?t=46895

    Probably more basic, but it has pictures :grin:

    Also, by Kurojed:

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    How many people has this guide helped people kyron haha :smile:, Anyways good job with the descriptions :razz: