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Minecraft Enchantment Spreadsheets

Discussion in Minecraft started by Vadleon, May 3, 2013

Should I make additional spreadsheets for the different materials and equipment?

Absolutely! 2 vote(s) 100.0%
Nah. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Blarg. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Jan 12, 2011
    Heya folks, I was bored in my college atrium today so I decided to type out all the book enchantment percentages into a handy Excel spreadsheet. I enchanted so many books in Minecraft each week while I AFK'd in my mob trap in class that I figured I should make a neat sheet to see all the enchantment probabilities at a glance rather than select individual enchantments each time I use the Minecraft Calculator. I sat down and wrote it in 5 hours, and once finished also figured I should share it with my fellow miners on Plaguefest. So here it is!

    What will I find?
    Since I originally wrote this to be as clean and intuitive as possible for myself to read, I formatted it with a number of things to make it easy to find specific enchantments.
    • All enchantments are alphabetical to make name searching faster.
    • All enchantments are color-coded for a particular type (tool, armor, sword, bow).
    • There are periodic level meters mixed into the rows to keep things lined up and easier to reference (especially if windowed).
    • I've added underscores to any blank spots in enchantment tables so you can follow them across to their values.
    • I've added an additional listing of all the enchantment types and levels to the right side in case you want to scroll from there when finding the higher-level enchantment probabilities.
    Here is an example showing what you can expect to find in terms of layout: (Click for full size)
    Minecraft enchantment spreadsheet example

    Will you make more of these spreadsheets?
    I wasn't thinking too much about it for the other materials/equipment, but if people want me to type them up I can. Let me know in this thread/poll and I'll get started on them.

    How can I download it?
    Downloads are available in both the newer 2007 Excel format of "xlsx" and the older 2003 format of "xls". The zip file for both formats will be attached at the bottom of this post.

    You made a mistake! FIX IT!
    Although I reread the document many times and thought I corrected any mistakes, it's still possible I missed something. Let me know what the problem is and I'll fix it and re-finalize the document.

    Edit: Derp on me for making a fancy post and then making a typo in the zip title!

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