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Minecraft FML

Discussion in Help Desk started by MuffinFuhrer, Jun 27, 2011

  1. Sep 26, 2010
    Ok so I was working on an enormous project that made my lighthouse look like a shitty toothpick and it would have taken me months to finish at my current rate of work...

    I decided to explore and gather materials (using zombes mod) and I left the originally mapped area, got lost, found my way back (I was over 800 blocks away from original spot), found my original encampment to be renewed and defaced of any work :wacko:

    I tried deleting new saves and returning to an older save in my appdata/roaming/minecraft./saves but it still loaded my failure :frown:

    :sick: I feel seriously ill and Ray can attest how much work I had already put into my new project...ALL FUCKING GONE

    Is there anything else I should try to retrieve my work with?
  2. May 15, 2011
    Lie down on the floor.

    Roll into a ball.

    And cry yourself to sleep.
  3. May 16, 2011
    Give a sacrifice to the minecraft gods. :thumbsup:
  4. Apr 2, 2011
    Sorry Muffin... the only thing I can think of for you to do is start over, and if necessary turn off creepers and what not... (if possible) if you spend that much time working on something, I wouldn't risk it being blown up... and should that not be the case with your work being gone... uhm... sacrifice Ray? or make him switch his MOS to 13 Foxtrot :thumbsup: No but seriously I am sorry to hear that
  5. Aug 18, 2006
    I seem to remember me telling you about how the Minecraft world is constantly generating terrain as you walk, and since it does, it needs to unload the terrain behind it to free some memory. :tongue: :tongue:

    Just teasing you, but damn, that really sucks. I suppose it's better that it happened now than later though when your city would've made more progress.

    [EDIT] ^army^ I asked about the 13 Foxtrot MOS yesterday. There were some available that left in... Wait for it.... March. Of 2012.
  6. Apr 2, 2011
    aww that sucks.... :confused:

    anyways Muffin I did some snooping, and from I can tell there is no hope... the server (basically) erased all of your epic muffiness during some random terrain generation thing I don't understand in the slightest.... I am sorry :sad:
  7. Aug 5, 2010
    What you can do for the creeps and other dangerous things is make a wall around your stuff and make sure they cant get in or out and sorry about your light house when i saw it i nearly shit my pants
  8. May 15, 2011
    Minecraft is suppose to have it all saved no matter how far out you walk.

    It's actually very odd that it did that.

    When I had the planes mod installed I've gone out a few thousand blocks.

    But I was still able to use my portal gun to bring me back no matter how far out I got.

    Maybe you should re-install your minecraft.

    Give it a clean wipe and a fresh start.
  9. Oct 10, 2010
    this clears something up ...

    i runned like 3 hours in same direction, without finding a end ....