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Multi-Map ZE event

Discussion in Setup an Event started by Towelie, Nov 18, 2014

  1. Dec 27, 2013
    So what is it about ?
    We're going to start off with a chill map like ze_sunlight or ze_potter (it can be any map, suggest one) for warm-up.
    Now let us begin with the FUN part.
    We are going to beat multiple maps starting with ze_mako, once the map is done and got extended twice we will move over to ze_westersand_v7_2 and skip directly to EPIC mode because no one likes the boring shit right ?
    If we beat the map with 10+players we're going to do a special Lazer jumping event the last few minutes (means we will teleport all humans to the laser area)
    And last but not least we are going to beat ze_predator as a TEAM !

    Note: this is a event discussion, once this whole thing is planned and ready to roll I will do a proper event format.
    All I want is to bring as much people as possible and have some fun, so let's pick a Time and Date together.
    (should be weekend)
    As for the prizes I don't have much to offer but 3-5 donor should be fine I think.

    So let me know what you guys think?
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    • May 25, 2012
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      • May 17, 2014
        It seems amazing! But damn I'm bad at lazers. D:
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        • Dec 27, 2013
          Just so you know guys this is just a suggestion of what we could do !
          This is a event for you guys not for me !
          If you have a better idea of which map we should play or what we could do etc. . . please post it.
          I'm open for everything as long everyone agrees with it.
        • Oct 18, 2012
          As long as we get to play the whole map of wester I'm coming. Everyone knows I can solo God mode.
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          • Feb 25, 2014
            I see mako, no thanks
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            • Mar 30, 2013
              Do you know its the only way to attract people on the ze now ?
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              • Apr 28, 2013
                Where's the dislike rating so I can rate dislike to you? RIP: Neutral Ratings.
                I never seen you play ze for a while so you are going to need some practice :smile:.

                Anyway, I would like to see an event like this for pF isn't doing so good. I have a list of maps to suggest besides the ones you suggested Towelie. We probably will do very few of them.
                ze_LOTR_Minas_Tirith_v3_5 (only if antistack is removed.)

                And then the last map I want to mention which will be a little off topic:
                ze_TESV_Skyrim_v4fix. If I have to say something about skyrim, most people now like the new v4fix but I don't know which version to host. Here will be the outcomes.
                v4fix is overall harder but can at least tolerable if people listen. The only problem is how unbalanced the map is for servers like pF with that half zombie skin. I was going to say pF only has 1 nade but there is another server, i3d, that has not only 1 nade but the nades on that server aren't firenades. Also, i3d does good on skyrim too for most of the player at least listen and there is no half-zombie skin.
                v3 is tolerable even with the half-zombie skin. pF has beat the map before many times. The problems with hosting v3 would be some morons (@Kloud for example) who would pick up and troll items because they want to host v4fix. Also, there are some major bugs (like the dragon glitch) in v3 as well.

                As much as I like to host v3 again, we are going to have to host v4fix. I never seen skyrim played in general for quite a while and would like to see the map beat again.
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                • Aug 12, 2012
                  server is going to die after mako :poop:
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                  • Dec 27, 2013
                    Thats why ze_wester EPIC mode is there :razz:
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                    • Jan 5, 2014
                      This is a spendid idea.
                      Just make sure that there is enough time to promote the event. On fapescape there were ~20 people participating which is quite insufficient.
                      Maybe we can do two themed events - one for FF and one for LOTR and see hot it goes (Isengard's last level is a problem though).
                      I'm up for anything!
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                      • Dec 27, 2013
                        I know many of you guys are disappointed with the map choise and I would realy like to do ze_Fape or ze_Paramina, maps which are unbeaten.
                        But there is the problem, don't you guys remember what happened on the previous event ? No one would join for those maps :frown:
                        Since the IP change happened the server never recovered and thats why I think this maps are the only way to get the server full again and to attract some other players.
                        You guys realy have to think about: how to attract some people, what's a good map to get some people to play etc. . . :arrogant:

                        This event is made to attract people and show them "this server still exist" !
                        All I want is to see this server back to life :pray: Is that too much to ask for ?

                        If you have a better idea of what we could do then suggest it FFS, but keep in mind we want people to join not to scare them away with ridiculously hard maps!
                        What did you guys think would be the best time and date ?
                        Suggestions people suggestion I can't and don't want to do this by my own!

                        @opalqnka We'll see how this event is going! if it goes well i'm down to host a event every 2-4 weeks :smile: I'm also down for everything.
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                        • Oct 18, 2012
                          Full map of wester or riot.
                        • Jan 3, 2013
                          When I heard a ZE event. no thanks.:struggle:
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                          • Jun 11, 2012
                            When this event isn't all about 3 hours of ze_atix :sarcastic:
                          • May 29, 2012
                            No mako nor paramina. Both suck ass and are boring is fuck.
                          • Jan 1, 2014
                            lazors > fluffeh's needs
                          • Dec 10, 2013
                            Then why don't you guys suggest something as well?

                            To me this is a good initiative to show people we still care about the ZE server, Tewfen's idea of kickstarting ZE events wasn't bad at all, just needed more population.

                            Do you have any better idea to suggest then?

                            Also @Hydreigon ; Fapescape was already hosted, and if we want an event on maps like paper or pirates port we're gonna need much more people than 30
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                            • Dec 27, 2013
                              Sure we can try this but from my experience everyone will get frustrated after couple rounds and leave :frown:
                              Thats why i suggested skipping to EPIC.
                              But hey we can try.
                            • Feb 25, 2014
                              We should play popular and fun maps, instead of constant level maps we should do something totally different, play sorrento with low grav and have a laugh. And please mako is overplayed i really do not understand why people wanna play it, the core might think it is ok map but all the casuals leave when it gets on.

                              ZE is dead and burried the only thing that would help if there would be a real event where people can chill have a drink and laugh there ass off, what zombie mod is suppose to be about.