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Multiple Admin Abuse

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by jookbob, Mar 27, 2012

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  1. Mar 19, 2012
    I am constantly getting kicked and threatened of ban for not playing the game to admins preference. Today Badgruil kicked me and threatened of ban for shooting the glass on paper escape. Thing is I said before that I would be testing if shooting actually does damage the glass.(which I still think it doesnt.) AND I waited for everyone to get to the safe spot and THEN started shooting. Another time on mako i see someone gets ultima and uses it at a bad time and he gets kicked. Why is is that admins get to choose how players play/ have fun... Sure nobody likes a griefer but using an awp on predator or mako isnt griefing. Can this get cleared up because I have a play style where I dont like to mindlessly repeat maps over and over, I like to switch things up and what not so i dont get bored. Love this server but admins controlling everything is making it a bit less fun.

    Anyways most admins are doing a great job just needed to post this before I get banned.
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    • Jul 20, 2010
      SOOOOOOO saw this coming lol. You were shooting the glass after the hold point and it broke within 5 seconds of you firing at it with the M249. You've been on for the warnings that have always been given out on that map by other admins and seen players get kicked for it. You thought it'd be funny to shoot it and break the glass. It seemed the round before that you did it also but I wasn't watching the glass room since I was spec following the ct's. So I thought to watch the glass this time since you made a comment about you shot the glass and it took forever to break or something along those lines. I watched you shoot it and break the glass thus helping the zombies by letting them progress faster than usual. Also that ultima it was someone else spammed it not the player itself that got it. Seeing as the guy that was kicked was the guy on fire for spamming ultima when it wasn't even his...... Moral of the story is don't break the rules and you have nothing to worry about it.
    • Nov 16, 2011
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      I think he asked to be banned when he posted this o.o

    • Jun 4, 2006
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      • Jun 23, 2011
        If no one else cleared this up for you

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        • Jul 1, 2010
          There is no abuse here.

          Shooting the glass on paper escape and breaking it is griefing. Spamming materia on Mako is also griefing and is against the rules.

          Enforcing the rules of the server is not forcing the players to play to our whim, and these are agreed upon when you log on and click okay on our server.

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