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My goodbye.

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by That Guy, May 4, 2012

  1. Aug 1, 2011
    Well my time came sooner than I had expected, but after a long talk with my dad (yay 3 hour talk) I have made the decision to quit CS:S and admining as well. Not only am I quoting because of the recent event that has happened to me, I have started to lose the drive to play anymore. I do not find the game as fun as I used to and can barely stay in more than 30 minutes at a time. In fact, I am finding that I am continuously wasting time on my computer doing absolutely nothing. I have yet to further myself in life or compile a plan for what I am going to do. More or less this is a goodbye until I have a set course in what I am to do with myself later in life. After talking with my dad I figured it's time to stop living in the moment and start planning the rest of my life. Being almost 19 years old without having a goal each day is pathetic to me and I need to fix that. So I will not be touching my computer until I do. This maybe a guaranteed month or two break from the Internet as a whole, which I think I need. I am also limiting myself from the forum as well, posting only on things that I love the most (the MLP thread really) and thus you will not see me on the forums anymore as well (Although I will be lurking from time to time reading in my free time). I have made many a friend here and have loved this community, although I have my ups and downs here with others, I believe that my time here for the most part has been enjoyable. There will be people I will miss talking to in mumble, laughing and arguing over stupid shit, and generally having a good time. I hope everyone has a good life, and I hope the community stays alive and thriving for my epic return (may it been months or however long).

    If anyone would like to contact me, feel free to send me a message. I would also like to be permanently banned from the servers as well, to not tempt me. I do not thing I will be asking to get on any time soon. I only have about a week or so left in my admin, so it would be nice if I could have this favor done for me. In the future I will ask to be unbanned I suppose, if I ever return to CS:S.

    I can't believe I just pulled a Vadleon with this wall of text, I feel bad making you all read it, but I'll get over myself! Goodbye fellow pFers, and I hope to return full time some day.
  2. Dec 6, 2011
    :crying: It's very sad to see great people leave. I wish you good luck with your goals, and hope you find what you're looking for. I honestly thought you were trolling when I saw the thread, but I guess it's true. Hoping to see you around.
  3. Nov 6, 2011
    bye bye :frown:(( miss you mucho grande
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    • May 15, 2011
      Peace bud. Well, not really. I'm going to text you daily bitch. :razz: Make sure you ain't slackin'.
    • Feb 12, 2012
      It was fun playing with you, bye bro :frown:
    • Aug 18, 2006
      Goodbye. I wish you luck on your future endeavors and I hope to see you around again soon! We'll be here.
    • Nov 29, 2010
      Fare thee well my friend.
    • Oct 27, 2010
      We'll miss you dude, but do what you think will help you most in life. I wish you the best and hope to see you again some time in the future. Good luck with everything!
    • Oct 17, 2011
      Damn that guy. I will miss all the problems and fights we had on the forums and also the good times on zm in the old days. Good luck in your life bro. Say goodbye to that pony too.
    • Feb 18, 2011
      Ill miss you bro............ Have fun.
    • Jul 1, 2010
      Hate to see ya go from the servers but at least you are going to be around on the forums from time to time. RL should always come first and pF will be here when/if you decide to come back full time.

      I sent you a PM as well.
    • Sep 26, 2010
      Good luck to you and I wish you the best.
    • Jul 28, 2011
      Good luck with everything that guy
    • Nov 2, 2011
      Saying goodbye is always hard. Great decision, have a great life ahead.
    • Jun 17, 2011
      :crying: I'll miss you a lot That Guy. We've had so much fun In-game& on mumble. I wish you the best with your life. If there's ever anything you need just ask. Uwah =((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
    • Apr 2, 2011
      Best of luck That Guy! It has been fun and I hope to see you around some time :smile:
    • May 27, 2008
      Take it easy.
    • Dec 2, 2011
      o.0 Good luck guy !
    • Feb 14, 2012
      You'll be back. They always come back. Best of luck dude.