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My Summer Man Cave & Basement Finishing Project

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Brett, May 20, 2013

  1. Dec 6, 2011
    Being as that it's hot as balls out, and I got a huge ass summer bash coming up, I'm going to be finishing and cleaning out my entire basement. Some of it was started but we put a halt on it for now. My man cave is the main point of this project, it stays a chilling 62°F since it's directly next to the A/C and gets amazing ventilation.

    I've created this to have somewhat of a 'before' and 'after'. I'm mostly excited for my man cave, I'm going to go all-out on making this the most epic gaming room you could imagine. Projectors, full home theater LEDs, the list goes on.

    Into the basement we go. Can't wait to finish these stairs.

    Most of the painting is already done, there's just some things that need patching up. Ignore the "in your face" Christmas decorations that I'm dying to toss in the garbage.

    Here's the walk-out door and back room. A nice window connects this and the main room on the right wall as well. (Air hockey table room), misc. storage that uncle needs to pick up. Also need to fix the damn ceiling, shower above it was leaking and it destroyed the ceiling, resulting in us tearing it out.

    Bunch of random shit that needs to be thrown away, floor hockey + air hockey table. Old washing machine + old tables/etc. Anybody want to buy these? lol

    Bathroom/closet across from the walk-out (in the back right when you look at the picture of the entire main area). These are both finished. They left an elegant hanging mirror and lighting fixtures, with some other hand towel racks. Not sure why the closet looks so small, that's a good 15ft to the wall from the door. Very nice walk-in with a sturdy shelf. Once again, just needs flooring.
    20130520_130101 20130520_130054

    Entrance to the man cave, some dumbass decided that he'd make a giant hole in the wall/ceiling to access a water valve instead of using the perfectly fine one inside of the back room. He didn't want to answer our calls to fix it. Aaand... more Christmas decorations, also, stairs.

    Some decent 1 year used carpeting we may re-use (came from old home).

    The other direction facing to the outside. More random junk that needs to go. Pool to the left in the background.
    20130520_130350 20130520_130526

    Looking back at those windows. Cannot wait to borrow my dad's power washer for this.

    Just next to the stairs, this room is a bit more finished with cheapo tiling, but just needs some tidying up to make space for more junk. Furnace room is also back there, completely empty the size of a normal bedroom.

    And here's where the man cave project begins. My sister decided to just dump all of her junk in here, she didn't even bother to organize it, ugh. The last picture shows the floor, the owners before us ripped up all of the tile, although, for some reason they left all of the expensive light fixtures, chandeliers, and other crap EASIER TO REMOVE THAN TILE.
    20130520_130208 20130520_130203 20130520_130217 20130520_130302 20130520_130230

    I'll try to update this as things move along, I'm hoping to have the man cave finished and basement cleaned up within a month, with the basement being finished in 2-3 months.
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      Brett, May 20, 2013 Last edited by Brett, May 20, 2013
    • Mar 12, 2008
      I wish i had a basement to live in
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      • Feb 3, 2012
        Looks nice.
      • May 14, 2012
        make sure to cover up those windows, too much light is bad for a gamer.
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        • Dec 6, 2011
          The man cave has a door and no windows, look at the pics.
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          • Jun 11, 2012
            Man cave for a man
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            • Jul 8, 2012
              Looks good man. :thumbsup:
            • Aug 2, 2010
              Way to live up to the gamer stereotype!

              I'd also love to live in the basement of my mom's house.
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              • Sep 6, 2010
                That's a huge house with a huge basement. Mine is occupied by tenants so I can't move in down there.
              • Oct 29, 2010
                Brett's Summer Rape Cave FTFY
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                • Dec 7, 2012
                  I like your crib! It needs some work but it still looks great. I wish I could help with the remodeling! "Enjoy!" :wink: