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Need a mapper!

Discussion in Help Desk started by Anathema, May 21, 2011

  1. Feb 18, 2011
    Got a few ideas for a few maps, but, I am a shitty mapper. Can I get a mapper to add me and check my stuff out? If you feel as if it isnt a good idea or want to help out with it, thats fine. Just, someone who is a good mapper add me.
  2. Oct 10, 2010
    whats about start to learn mapping,
    and becoming a good mapper?
  3. Apr 14, 2011
    you and about 1000 more have good ideas for mapping. im full up atm with 3 maps im working on. but if you send me ur ideas i have a look at them or just post them in the topic.
  4. May 15, 2011
    Could you atleast state what you want doing done? The good mappers (Everyone who is busy) Could do a far better job than a noob like me. Unfortunately, they are usually to busy. So depending on how complex your idea is can shift the focus from having to be a pro mapper to just a simple mapper.

    Sadly I don't think I'll be able to help either since I'm busy as hell too. o.O
    But I'll try atleast.


    A Dirty Bag