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Need help with my map optimizing

Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by Super Mario, Aug 17, 2012

  1. Oct 17, 2011
    I been looking for a week for someone to help me optimize my map. Let me just tell you that I am a badass optimizer and never optimized any ze map. I would really like for someone to help me my first ze map since it's almost done and I want to finally try out the WIP on the training server. Please, if athere is any good map optimizer, I would appreciate the help. My map is split into areas, so it would be piece of cake. I tried some hints and skips stuff but it didn't work when I tested them with normal compile, so I removed em. I won't post the vmf file here but I will add him on my list if he can help me. Map has about 1255 entities but a lot get killed during boss fight mostly. Thanks for the help.
  2. May 31, 2012
    Try 'chopping' with hints, so -I remember a few screens- if there are a few heights you separate with hints from height to height... Areaportals are good if there are a lots of props/crap at the other side of the door, as it blocks it from rendering -or I believe that's what it does-... About the entity number, have you disabled bone followers on all your prop dynamics? If not, do it.
  3. Nov 11, 2011
    Or use areaportalwindows and use the brush replacement that matches the environment so you have a smooth transition. But if it's a really open are...you need to use hints/skips more extensively.
  4. Oct 17, 2011
    I keep getting leaks with areaportals cause most of the spots where I need to use them are func_details and give me a leak even tho I seal the whole thing. The map would take about 10 minutes for a pro optimizer if he wants to do it. I had firewavezZ who had helped me with optimizing my maps but he is now gone. @enviolinador most the props I used are static for less entity limit and with a lot of static props, map still reached more then 1200 entities and static props do not count and disablebonefollowers is on for every one of them. @sajak, I did use areaportal windows inside a brush making the brush in it looking like its fading but only 2 of them worked and I got leaks in the others. My map is a whole opened area, so i don't think too much areaportals are useful but I just need a few hints and skips and that's it. I want to release my ze map already but optimizing is still stopping me from doing it omg.
  5. May 17, 2011
    vbsp.exe will accept and compile up to 8191 entities.(crashes on 8192)

    You can have however many entities you want as long as you don't go over this limit. The real entity limit that actually matters is edicts.

    Load your map up and type reportentities in the console. Check and see how many edicts you have(you will see 2 numbers, total entities and total edicts). Edicts are networked entities meaning that their state is synchronized with all clients.(physics objects, doors, triggers, etc). The listed limit for this is 2048, but due to bugs with entity indexing it can crash much sooner than that. Keep this number under 1700~ to be safe. Also, use the assumption that your actual edict value will be higher than whatever is reported. Every client counts as 2 or 3 I believe, and a client can have an additional 7 weapon entities(primary, secondary, all nades) not including c4/diffuse kit. A 64 player server could technically add 640 edicts alone.

    As for the areaportal problem, use the VIS groups on the right side in hammer. Hide everything except world geometry(turn off func_detail, entities, displacements, etc). This will make it easy to see where the holes are in your map. Generally areaportals should be avoided if possible as hint based optimization is much faster for the engine to render.
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