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New Admin Duty?

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Mod started by Nayr, Oct 20, 2013

  1. Apr 24, 2012
    Alot of players have been complaining lately about excessive numbers of spectators. Ive been paying attention to this growing problem and have noticed some players have been spectating in excess of 3-6 hours, some longer. Players have asked the admins to kick the afk spectators because it adversely affects rtv voting. Earlier today I noticed in particular that they wanted to rtv and the spectators prevented the vote from passing when all the players that were in the server voted to rtv and becuase of the excessive afk spectators the rtv failed. Level 3 and higher can change the map with a vote, but less than level three cannot and this seems to be a growing problem. Im just putting this out there looking for ideas. I thought maybe if we could be allowed to kick afk spectators who are in spectate longer than 2 hours. (or another time that may be deemed appropriate).... just saying.
  2. Mar 12, 2008
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    • Apr 24, 2012
      Didn't know this had already come up for discussion.
    • Mar 12, 2008

      This would be the same as the other plethora of "is it ok to kick specs" threads.

      I don't want to dig through them all, but the consensus was that it was NOT ok to kick specs, especially if they are donators. They could be waiting for a map they want to play, or some other reason (such as a needed IRL afk) AFKMan automatically handles AFK people and boots any (afk) spectators when the server is FULL, so aside from that, it's not cool to kick them.

      LSA's could go in and clear specs, but that would only clear those who aren't at their computer, or some other reason.
    • Apr 24, 2012
      It just didn't seem fair to the other players that wanted to rtv the map but couldnt because of excessive spectators and some were in over 6 hours.
    • Aug 12, 2012
      guess you haven't been in ZE, this problem always happens in ZE and people always complain.
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      • Oct 18, 2012
        The timer will eventually put up the vote so why don't you just wait?..
      • Feb 27, 2012
        Although that is true nayr, like taters said, AFK Manager will kick people that pass the AFK check once the server is full. I'm not sure how long it takes once the server is full for AFK Manager to activate, but sometimes it seems like a little too long.
        Post Merged, Oct 20, 2013
        Play something like zm_worlds or zm_vampire_medical and then say that.
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        • Jun 4, 2006
          This isn't an issue of spectators being kicked or not, we know the AFK manager will take care of AFK spectators when the server is almost full/full, the issue @Nayr is talking about is spectators increasing the # of RTV's needed to trigger a map vote.

          It has been brought up before and the solution was to make it so those in spectate don't count toward the # needed to trigger a successful RTV, but they can still nominate maps or vote on an RTV mapvote if one is triggered.

          I believe @Detonator was working on making this a plugin but I'm not sure if that ever reached fruition, or if it didn't get past our plugin gatekeeper @Kyle, or if it was just forgotten or what. Maybe one of them can fill us in.
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          • Feb 27, 2012
            I totally forgot Detonator was working on this. it would be awesome if it could be done.
          • Apr 9, 2007
            I believe he finished the plugin, but it became a much larger project and I'm not sure of the present state. Maybe it's a surprise, and you just ruined it.

            As to the presented, constant problem. It doesn't make sense to require N players alive on a team to count towards RTV. If they're there to vote, and can rtv themselves, it just doesn't seem to make sense. I believe Detonator had something for this as well, but to it's present state I do not know. Is there really a ton of spectators? Every time someone says there are a lot now, there's like 7, and they're all there; maybe just bad people are telling me.
          • Feb 11, 2012
            Several, several, several times I join the ZE server and has at least 15 spectators majority of the time (including myself sometimes), but now if I'm just gonna be AFK I just close CSS and that's that. It's really a bummer sometimes seeing that especially when there are around 45 people in the server and 15-20 of them are sitting in spectate..
            It even reaches past 20 spectators at some points depending on which map it goes on, a shit load of people sit in spectate.
            But usually when there are that many, the server is full and I wait for that abusive admin AFK Man. to step in and see a long green list of names being kicked. ^_^
          • Feb 3, 2012
            I think I recall testing something like this with Detonator. Something involving Spectators. :sarcastic:
          • Apr 3, 2013

            I think i went on ZE a morning to rock the vote with 8 spectators, yet i still needed about one more rtv.
          • May 31, 2012
            I "think" I helped Detonator with something related to voting (just merely being there during test, nothing special) - if this is the case - it seems like he is making progress.
          • Aug 13, 2013
            Currently, 6 active players, 14 total and 8 RTVs were needed. Spectators definitively count towards RTV votes atm.
          • Jul 20, 2010
            ^ Someone can't read :razz:. Deto is still working on a plugin for it so until that happens no way around it, unless Kyle can magically do something since his a wizard and such.
          • Sep 25, 2010
            Currently all that is done is that to count to rtv you have to be in a team. Maybe it would be smarter to not count spectators by default and if one of the spectators rtv, rather than forcing them to join a team the plugin would count their vote towards total rtv's.

            At low pop times this becomes a problem when people want to rtv a map which in turn I believe leads to the use of the term ton. And There are times when there are around 15(not sure what the record is) spectators.
          • Apr 9, 2012
            I have a slightly different stance on this 'issue'

            I too find it very annoying, I mean just yesterday we were playing FFXII_Westersand and at one point there were 20 spectators, I recall @tarot to complain about it during gameplay as well as other people.
            I never AFK, that said WHEN I want to AFK I just quit CS:S and once in a while refresh the server browser to check which map is on. I find it very egoïstic of many donators who sit in spec to wait for another map to close out a spot because they're fucking too lazy to hit the quit button...

            Also, I don't understand why donators can not be kicked, full or not. They can rejoin anyway all the time as I have yet to encounter a situation where the server would be full of donators (like 63 donators/admins and other donators could no join... Never had that so far).

            It's especially because they can just rejoin that I do not understand why donators can not be kicked... Really, I've been kicked before I think only once during Minas where I speced for 10mins and got kicked by Root. I really, didn't felt offensivly handled, I hit the join button and there I was again...

            I think it would solve the need for a plugin that would be implemented to deal with lazy people imo... If you are an active spectator ok, if you are spectator for about max 1 hour ok, but any longer is just out of my mind... Why would you even want to load your own CPU of such needless calculations if you are to do nothing with it at all except consuming power for houres to eventually just quit because there potentially would not be the map you wanted :sidefrown:
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            • Apr 9, 2007
              I three find it very annoying.
              Oh my! Was the server full?
              Challenge accepted.
              AFKMan3 handles kicking spectators, `roots`, Administrators, LSAs, Server Admins, donors, or not. As to needlessly removing people, this seems very needless. AFKMan3 could use some forwards, but then I should just rewrite it and call it AFKMan4.
              I'm sorry, I couldn't parse this.

              Post 8,900. Time for some yams.
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