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New AI

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Fulgens, Jun 5, 2016

  1. Jun 4, 2016

    Since long time, I think on a way to create a new artificial intelligence. But, until now, computing powers were insufficient.
    With the output of the first quantum calculators, this AI could emerge.

    It may seem odd that I say this on a forum of gamers but there are similarities between the new AI and games; and to realize this project, game developers are essential.

    The main difficulty is to have access to a quantum calculator but last month I saw that IBM gives access to a quantum calculator of 5 qubits (See: http://www.research.ibm.com/quantum/ and https://quantumexperience.ng.bluemix.net/qstage). It's a beginning even if 5 qubits will be soon insufficient.

    Maybe it would be possible to bring together people interested in this project.