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New Awesome Minecraft server by me :)

Discussion in Minecraft started by LadyMoOnLiGht, Jul 17, 2017 at 3:41 PM

  1. Oct 10, 2010
    After long time of pause, i just feld like make a new
    Minecraft Server ... and like all time, i make an Survival/Freebuild server
    on difficulty HARD!

    Host: zn-mc.com

    The reason i post here is, the Server is hosted in the USA! (Washington, DC)
    what provides a good ping for you guys

    Clients from version 1.9-1.12 can join, the version used is 1.11.2 Spigot

    The Dynmap is: http://www.zn-mc.com:8123

    If no admin is on, you can claim(protect) land 32 x32 blocks,
    go upperside corners 1 and 2, type /pos1 second corner /pos2

    then type: /rg claim nameofyourland

    I would be happy if one of you "old" guys join ^_^
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    • Aug 10, 2013
      Looks legit! I might have to come check it out sometime soon!
    • Jul 13, 2011
      shit like i havent played mc in years, i remember playing it when it first came out before notch got rid of it. ima play this just to fuck off and do somethin.

      edit; might bring the crew