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New FFVII_Mako_reactor_v5_3

Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by Synopsis, Jul 2, 2012

  1. May 28, 2012
    Has some bug fixes. Must update and use on server go!

    About Mako Reactor:
    The problems you told me in previous post have been fixed. This is the list of bugfixed bugs:
    • Epic bug of no teleporting area when bahamut fight, screwing the game.
    • Gravity projectile was solid (now is passable)
    • Trigger_teleport at Sephiroth bridge, at the hole, sending you before elevator, has been fixed
    • End Vent now opens 1 second earlier
    • “Sometimes the materia filter doesn’t work” maybe you were talking about zm (there is a restore name trigger there that has been removed). If it happens in other difficulties, then drop your weapons and pick up them again, because it seems to be a real unfixable problem (soruce engine not workin propertly)
    • Zombies bunny jumping at pipes: I put an invisible block to prevent that (don’t worry, only bunnyjumpers will touch that brush).
    • Zombie stuck in jail: the teleport destination has been lowered
    • Zombie plague problem: the core teleport is active more seconds.
    • Non showing materias: I force to re-start the materias effect to prevent that.
    • ZM super camp spots (roofs) fixed.
    • “Immortality ends in x seconds” message instead “Inmortality will end in x seconds”
    This is the link, profit!
  2. Jun 4, 2006
    This has been on ZE for the past couple days if I'm not mistaken.
  3. Oct 29, 2010
    You're late Synopsis -_-

    *@Brian I'll fix my sig.
  4. Jul 4, 2011
    I've seen you play this version of the map several times since it was added. :bugeyes:
  5. May 28, 2012
    Oh derp, i thought that was only v3_3 haha
    • Zing! Zing! x 1