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Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Vicarious, May 20, 2015

  1. Dec 27, 2012
    Oh nightmares. Something we all hate but we all have. Tell what kind of nightmares you've had, from the worst, the most recent or one that seem to come back every now and then. What's going on in those nightmares? I'm curious and want to know if you wish to share yours!

    I'll go ahead and get started I guess.

    When I was a kid, I had a type of nightmare that would come back to me for literally years. In the nightmare, there was a very short man with huge eyeballs, especially his right eye seemed to almost pop out. He looked a lot like a porcelain doll that I used to own. In his left hand, he had this huge scissor with razor sharp edges that were very intimidating. He had scars all over him and intestines hanged out from his stomach. He was always smiling and never stopped staring without ever blinking.

    In the nightmare, he would never appear unless I stared at a corner of what could be anything: Walls, sofas, books, anything. He always appeared behind it, slowly revealing himself. Once I have seen him, there was no turning back. I was fucked no matter what I did from that point. When I've spotted him, he has spotted me. He always stared back at me in silence, never blinking and without moving. If I continued to stare at him, I would never break free of the nightmare, not even if someone tried to wake me up. However, as long as I stared at him while he stared back at me, nothing happened.

    If I turned around to make a run for it, he would always catch up to me, laughing and screaming at the same time. When he was in range, he always snapped off both my legs with his scissor. After that, he started to torture me physically and mentally until I realised that I was dreaming, therefore waking up.

    If I looked away from him, I was fucked too. When I looked away then back to him, he was gone. It's almost complete silence at that point. The one thing I can hear loudly and clear though, is that scissor. Snip, snap, snip, snap. From that point and forward, it was like a hide and seek game. Sometimes I was the one hiding, sometimes I was the seeker. When the "game" started, the scissor would slowly and pretty quietly go "...snip...snap..." and the closer I got to him or he got to me the sound grew much more intense and faster like "SNIP.SNAP.SNIP.SNAP. SNIPSNAPSNIPSNAP." No matter if I was the one hiding or seeking, he was the one who always found me. Not only did he find me, it always ended up in a extremely terrifying jumpscare. That was the point when I usually woke up.

    This is how all nightmares regarding this "doll" were like, sometimes they had other twists about them and those twists were usually involving my family into it. In any case, this is probably my worst nightmare I've ever had, one of the reasons for that is because this nightmare started at the age of 4 until I was 13 years old. It took me 9 years to finally grow out of it, nasty.
  2. Feb 13, 2014
    This story will give me nightmares :nailbiting:
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    • Oct 25, 2013
      I almost never have nightmares and if I do it's mostly minor things like doing bad in a game etc. I only recall 2 nightmares I had and both happened when I was younger (maybe around 8?).

      The worse one out of the 2 was that I was walking with my mom through the bridge with a toy in my hand and as we go to the end of the bridge my toy fell on the ground between the joining thing between the bridge and the road (not sure what this is called); then as I tried to pick it up I fell inbetween and into the water, since I couldn't swim I just sank deeper and deeper until I couldn't hold my breath anymore and took a breath. That caused me to wake up and sit right up, I was sweaty and had my heart rate elevated.

      The other one was that my dad was standing on a chair at our house and looking out of the window. Suddently the doors from the bathroom opened and I hid beneath the chair my dad was standing on. After that a ghost slowly flew out from the bathroom and I woke up although I don't remember my reaction.

      That's about it for my nightmares, like I said, I don't have problems with them.
    • Feb 27, 2012
      Pretty much every single dream i can remember has been a lucid dream. There is actually a recurring dream/nightmare that i have. I think ive had it 3 or 4 times since I've been about 8 years old. Whoever said you can't have the same dream twice is a fuckin liar.
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      • Dec 27, 2012
        Indeed. Just shows the ignorance of those who never experienced it. (Not all of them claims this though, obviously.)
      • Oct 24, 2013
        I had a dream also with scissors. I was laying on my stomach in my bathrobe floating down a bowling alley lane.

        As I traveled down the lane I rolled over on my back and these girls dressed like hot Valkyries were standing over me as I stared up their metal short skirts.

        All of sudden everyone disappeares and I'm being chased by three guys, all nihilists who kept tellung me "we don't believe in anything, anything!".

        The guy in the front looked a lot like the bassist for red hot chilli peppers and he has a giant pair of red handled scissors.

        I start running from them and I got to the shoe rental counter. Saddam Hussein was manning the counter.

        He handed me a pair of red bowling shoes and I looked up to see the shoe rack reached all the way to the sky.

        Then I woke up at some party where they were throwing beautiful topless women with a big black circular blanket on the beach.

        I drank a white russian while there and next thing I know I'm in front of a police chief somewhere in Malibu.

        He was a real asshole and threw his coffee mug straight in my forehead, then bullrushed me and laid me and my chair straight on the ground.

        I must have done something ridiculous while I was drunk because he was adamant about me staying out of Malibu.

        The cops then threw me into a taxi with this shitty driver who was some kind of African immigrant with one of those mulim skull cap things all decorated with beads.

        He kept playing the fucking eagles on the tape deck so I asked him to please put on something else.

        I tried to explain to him I really hate the fucking eagles but he had none of it and kicked me out.

        I finally made it home and found some weird artsy feminist chick naked in my house.

        We had sex and I smoked a joint and never saw her again. Sometimes I feel like I have a unknown son from her out there.

        It was a pretty rough time.
      • Feb 2, 2014
        I just don't understand how you guys can remember your dreams, and every single detail...Sounds weird to me.
      • Dec 27, 2012
        If a nightmare comes back to you for 9 years, you start to think about how the nightmare actually look like and why you are having them.
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        • Jul 30, 2013
        • May 2, 2013
          lol those nightmares. you guys are scary. either way i have a recurring nightmare, most likely the only nightmare i can remember or ever had, but the thing is i only have it when im sick like high fever or something and i remenber it always goes like my dad is in the middle of a dark room slightly lit and i dont really remember if he had a glass of milk or something with him coz i havent been sick in a long time so havent had the dream recently.

          But like,theres like weird lines floating in the air and some arrow look alike thing and its like some space time distortion is happening and things are stretching with the space around them but only on the space surrounding them and the sensation and the way it moved made my insides feel scared and i felt like my insides were twisting with the weird arrow thingy its like i was seriously scared of something but i didnt know what it was. unfortunately i havent had it in so long i cant remember what happened with my dad in the room.
        • Oct 24, 2013
          Man nobody here has seen the big lebowski
        • Apr 18, 2012
          The worst recurring nightmare I've ever had is Erik Andersson bunnyhopping to stab me at the last second of a game. I always up sweating soon realising that the swede will be back...
        • Dec 27, 2012
        • Feb 3, 2012
          I once had a dream that there was a song on the iTunes store that had so many decibels that whoever listened to it would get their head blown off. It was then until people around me started putting headphones on senior citizens and children and playing the song.

          was a 2/10 I would not have it again.
        • Dec 30, 2014
          This one time I was dreaming that I was in the car with my buddy and we were driving alone down a long dark road. The setting was very eerie and chilling. Dark pine trees with snow covering them, all you could see on the road was the light provided from the cars headlights. Basically we were talking and listening to the radio when the radio stopped working. I don't know how or why, but suddenly the car lost control and we turned right into the guard rail and flipped over the rail. The car was falling down a huge cliff but it was too dark so I couldn't see anything. I could only hear this ringing in my ears, and my heart was in my stomach. I was just waiting for the car to slam the ground and for me to go through a bunch of pain. I could feel that I was getting closer and closer to the ground. And then I woke up. It wasn't one of my WORST nightmares but it felt so real. I woke up with my heart pounding and I was sweating. Weird thing is I had another nightmare just like this one, except it was with my family in the car instead of a friend this time. Just sound of "NOTHING" while I was falling was terrifying.
        • Jan 5, 2014
          No joke, almost every time I have a nightmare and I'm cornered (zombies after me, nuclear war is about to happen, etc.), I pull down the console, enter sv_cheats 1, and enable god mode.

          This has happened in 95% of my nightmares ever since I learned about cheats on HL:Opposing Force back in the early 2000s.

          I'm pretty lucky that I almost never get serious nightmares. They usually end up being really weird, funny, or I just leave it. I remember back around the time this video first came out:

          I was having a nightmare that I was being chased by a ghost-like demon with lots of tendrils coming out of it (sort of like the twins from The Matrix: Reloaded). Just as it was about to snap my neck, I suddenly had a lucid dream. I yelled, "don't you know who the FUCK I am?" and turned into the Juggernaut and then climbed the Empire State Building like King Kong.

          (this also explains my current forum avatar)
          Beggar So, May 28, 2015 Last edited by Beggar So, May 28, 2015