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Resource Non-physical 'traditional' levels.

Discussion in Resources & Tutorials started by enviolinador, Nov 23, 2012

  1. May 31, 2012
    Not long ago I posted about linear levels teleporting the spawnpoints. It is more optimized than the traditional system as it requires less entities, but it also needs room for the spawnpoints to change if a 'traditional' map (not linear like Minas, but with the same spawnpoint and changing routes) is being made. I didn't really think about it again, but yesterday Tony told me this linear system couldn't be used always, which is true, and I tried some thingies...

    It was today's morning when, when bored of the map I had been doing lately -which I hope I can release this weekend-, I decided to try again. I had been messing with the modelindexes lately, and I thought about doing the levels as an 'array'. A position of the array would be read, and it would trigger a level; but how could I implement this?

    Basically, this 'moves' a 'reading head (trigger_hurt)' to a position for each level using a func_brush as a moving base that allows the system to read the whole 'array'. Note that the array is not a real array, just a few sorted breakables that are touched by the reading head and, when this happens, they break (triggering that level).

    To see it in detail (as my explanation sucks), download the sample map I attached. You can shoot the glass panes to change the levels, or you could just add a few buttons that teleport the func_brush to the positions of your liking.

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      enviolinador, Nov 23, 2012 Last edited by enviolinador, Nov 23, 2012
    • Jul 20, 2012
      So how does one change level in ZE with this?
    • Apr 9, 2012
      So as I understand it, you move a trigger hurt that just breaks the func_breakables necessary to triggers things for a level right?