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Not a map request, but a map rotation request ? :O

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Mod started by Army pro vision, Aug 9, 2017

  1. May 6, 2017
    So as it is, there is a good count of maps on the server.

    What would be really nice , instead of people submitting new ones and adding them on , making the list larger. Why not have them rotate.

    List a:
    map 23923
    map 2392193
    map 998339

    list b:
    map 099
    map 02374
    map 812394

    So basically the server will have a FRESH set of maps every week, two weeks, every month, every two months. Would be up to higher ups

    Would mix things up a bit (which is nice)
    not accidently picking the same map you played 4 days ago thinking its a new one
    fresh list, new maps no one's seen is always great
    People don't have all the SECRET Rooms/Secret Spots/CODES ##'s to enter and get to there uber cool spots.
    Excitement of exploring new maps/areas that people have created.

    Could be time consuming switching out that much data.
    Too much work?
    Why not add them to the current map and make a large cluster of maps? (Because this is easier and people will get Fresh maps, and new List a,b,c,d,e,f,g, can be added.)(Read rest below)

    Such as when it gets winter time, or even December time frame we can have it only listed showing Snow maps or x-mas (christmas) themed maps , party zombie maps with those kind of disco lights etc, which there are a good ammount zombie maps such as. (snowy maps, not looked into christmas maps too much)

    Either way, you get the idea.

    Halloween timeframe , scary spooky dark maps.

    Overall summary: Would be a great addition in my opinion for there to be seperate lists of maps, to avoid people playing the same ones over and over , I know there is a limit where you can't play the same map within X ammount of map changes.
    People know too many secret codes/spots/tricks/map secrets, all over and it gives those people advantages. Sure you can google the map but it takes time, then sometime nothing shows, but that 1 person always gets to these secret places. A new landscape of maps would difer this.

    Thats all I got for now.

    -Pro Vision

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    • Aug 6, 2016
      Really love the picture, at the end. Really hate how they changed out the actor...I don't believe it's even possible to make a rotation like that. Not an automated one, at least. Someone would have to manually switch it, every day or week or however it would be set.
      Quite a few players come into the server to play specific maps. If they have to wait however long it may be to play those maps, they just won't be here.
      I like the idea of some "Seasonal/Festival" maps though. Perhaps we could possibly get some mappers to make some that are only available in their appropriate timeframes?
      As far as secrets go, that's why they are secrets. It's ultimately pointless when everyone knows it. There are several other ways to find out secrets in the map, aside from Google.
    • Jun 4, 2006
      Temporary festive maps sound fine if any decent ones can be found.

      If we were to do your rotate idea it would require a custom plugin that shuffles the map rotation every day (or whatever) with a set limit (at least 20) of maps out of the entire list. We already change out the current map list with a "low pop" map list (smaller maps better suited for fewer players) for when the player count gets too low, so this new plugin would have to respect that and let it take precedence when that happens. So yes, some iteration of the idea would probably be possible, but it's likely not something we're going to pursue.

      Players will complain that they can't play their favorite map. "It's my only day off this week and I can't play my fav map firewall!? wtf man y u do this to me pf D:". Players already complain when the low pop map rotation is active, but thankfully there's enough maps on that list - ones well-suited for smaller player counts - that most players don't mind or even notice. Maps are key to maintaining the server pop and Isnu's right, if players can't play the ones they want, there's a good chance they'll go do something else.

      Another problem is there's hardly enough maps in total to effectively pull the idea off, and there's really nothing to suggest that limiting players to the maps they can choose will result in a better experience, especially when they can still RTV the maps they don't like and with fewer maps on the rotation for that day, you're more likely to replay the only decent maps on the list. Beyond that, there's far less mappers these days actually making new ZM maps, probably because within the last 30 days CSS has only had an average of ~4.7k players (~8k peak). For comparison, CS 1.6 is averaging ~11.5k players (peak ~18.6k) and CSGO ~386k avg (~624.7k peak).

      I'm not surprised you feel things may be getting stale or repetitive as new map additions have died down. That's just the nature of the game right now. We could increase the limit on the number of recently played maps so maps can't be played as often, if that's the consensus of the community. We could also think of ideas to encourage the creation of new, fresh ZM maps, but with so few players in CSS, let alone ZM players, let alone ZM mappers... it makes one doubtful anything will come from such efforts, even the usual shindig of holding a community mapping contest of sorts with prizes. In large communities, back when CSS was more active with more mappers, that probably worked great. Nowadays, I'm not so sure. We already give mappers free donator if their map is added to rotation, but that's not meant to be an incentive, it's more of a thank you.

      Sorry to be a bit of a pessimistic Debbie Downer. Perhaps this thread will spark some interest or inspiration in some of the mappers out there and we'll see some more new maps (at least, one can hope). If you want a more immediate way to mix things up, you can always sift through sites like gamebanana for new maps or old ones we don't have on rotation (though these may have been removed for one reason or another) and suggest them in the map suggestion thread. You can also bug a level 3+ to change the server to a map not on rotation (such as a stock map, or Kyle's terrible ZM map, or megabox, etc.), just know that this should be a rare occasion; we want to keep those maps special / fun and don't want to drive players away by continually playing maps not meant for ZM. Another thing you could try is encouraging players to vote for lesser-played maps, but I wouldn't suggest blindly voting, at least know what the map is and if it's going to kill the server or not. After all there's a reason (or two) those maps aren't as popular.

      Thanks for taking the time to propose your ideas by the way. Always nice to see the community try to improve things around here.
    • May 6, 2017
      Yeah we'll seeing other players get frustrated, by not knowing them and seeing others excel in the game due to secret spots frustrates them.
      Yes seasonal/festival would be nice :bunny::devil::skeleton:

      I haven't seen anyone say that yet lol, NOOOOOOOOOO I came onto cs source just to play this map only the whole server has to agree with just me me me

      Yeah, I feel like they are , we need some umpfh umpf in here
      I can look at some maps next week possibly, having a baby tonight so going to be to hectic this weekend.
      Hopefully though yes in the end we can get some new maps thrown in w/ a rotation I can tell you guys don't hate the idea, somewhat like it. But the supply is not there currently to supply 50x maps per rotation.

    • Apr 9, 2012
    • Apr 26, 2015

      Actually I've seen this quite a bit. There are a lot of older players who come onto the server who want to play the classic maps, and some get pissed when a map like dontfall will win over firewall, or even when there is the occasional ZM fun time games on Megabox. "man I don't wanna play this shit I come here for ZM this isn't minigames."
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