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NotD DDoSing pF Servers - Evidence by Flooded iP

Discussion in Help Desk started by Flooded iP, Aug 7, 2011

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  1. Aug 7, 2011
    Never tell your password to anyone.
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: what do you mean on your profile? btw i check everyone out before adding them...
    Aimer [Jiggled]: Ah
    Aimer [Jiggled]: Im trying to stop it
    Aimer [Jiggled]: its all turned out by a stupid joke that they shouldnt have done if that really caused us to be ddosed
    Aimer [Jiggled]: mind if i talk to you after this i gotta finish it before people get mad at me
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: sure, finish your game or what not
    Aimer [Jiggled]: So anyways you're the one ddosing notd right, may i ask why because i think my reason isnt the real one
    Aimer [Jiggled]: And basically i feel like if local takes this even more further and gets shit involved it'll be a mistake he couldnt take back
    Aimer [Jiggled]: I was wondering if there was a reason you could stop ddosing them because about 2 months ago or so they were just ddosed by another community for no reason at all just pure hatred of two admins and to get people in their servers
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: its just me. your "admins" sent a guy named HB Gary - White Hat into the server to ddos me and the server for no reason...that kid is no longer able to get on his computer cuz of me and the admin who sent him started it. i havent done anything until this point. i DDoSed the NotD server before that due to being banned since i survived a ddos by one of your members for "stalling" on a 21 v 1 on ZH....
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: the fact is. i have no admin or membership with pF i just go there to play. they crossed the line by hitting people i enjoy talking to/playing with for no reason and trying to shut it down.
    Aimer [Jiggled]: No one even told me that
    Aimer [Jiggled]: It wasnt us because i've been talking to the some of the top admins
    Aimer [Jiggled]: and since i was a ex they do trust us if they did it was the owners
    Aimer [Jiggled]: and if it is true continue on they deserve what they are getting
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: gotta love one sided stories right? but im not even trying to DDoS im only sending 3.4k bots. just enoguh to knock them off and prevent putting them back up.
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: i could just hack onto their @localhost central server and shut it down permantly ip banning all possible people who try to create another central server from the site, the firewalls at the site are the basic ones to prevent "botting" but no bi-coding past it
    Aimer [Jiggled]: Sorry to hear that but since this person came to notd and became power hungry shes basically controlling it and hiding stuff
    Aimer [Jiggled]: I've actually tried everything to remove her but it never works and she was the one that probably did that
    Aimer [Jiggled]: because the lead admin i was talking to didnt know anything about that
    Aimer [Jiggled]: Hmm if this is true then continue on
    Aimer [Jiggled]: sorry to bug ya about it and hearing one sided stories
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: its fine. considering i have a 80k botnet and i havent used all of it to take them down its a miracle tehy havent annoyed me enough -_- but whose the power hungry admin?
    Aimer [Jiggled]: Sorrow fatesmom
    Aimer [Jiggled]: w/e
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: thats the one who banned me when i was on teh server that day.
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: and she had teh HB Gary try to ddos me on their server
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: only got my ping to 51 lmao
    Aimer [Jiggled]: Oh wow
    Aimer [Jiggled]: what a shitty ddoser
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: packet flooding from a shell booter. not surprised
    Aimer [Jiggled]: So what do i do now.
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: copy paste this convo and send to admins. Obvious choice is to get her removed from admin. shes banning people for no reason and trying to take down other servers that have done nothing and pissed off a black hat who can, at anytime, shut down anything i would want to. Idc if she paid, their servers "record, rating, etc." is on the line due to word of mouth of people being banned and what not
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: i talked to 14 other people who have also been banned for "no reason" such as "stalling" like i did or playing "cheap"
    Aimer [Jiggled]: Hmmmm, i could try again but at the same time i have the chance of it not happening again and she just spreads even more lies to make people hate me
    Aimer [Jiggled]: and people will agree with her just to get into notd which is stupid
    Aimer [Jiggled]: I'll talk to some admins that i can trust and see if we can get this ov er to local
    Aimer [Jiggled]: without her knowing
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: well hopefully we can get this dealt with in a civil manner rather than ddosing eachother preffered servers with me obviously winning >.> lmao
    Aimer [Jiggled]: lol
    Aimer [Jiggled]: Yep right there she hid that she got hb gary to ddos you
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: and the server as well -_-
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: totally pointless.
    Aimer [Jiggled]: I dont know ill be talking to the admins for awhile thats for sure
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: whats even funnier is that i hacked teh HB Gary email files for Anonymous and i put it in my about me about the Ops i leaded and put it in there as HB Gary is MY bitch wayyyy before he found me
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: and it still turned out true. LMFAO
    Aimer [Jiggled]: lmao
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: he changed his name for the "glorious event" umm...obviously it wasnt to glorious for him lol
    Aimer [Jiggled]: lmao
    Aimer [Jiggled]: 11:26 PM - [NotD] Ďєαtђ ☠☠: I don't know what she did, but I wish he would stop for the rest of us.
    thats from one of the admins
    Aimer [Jiggled]: its hard to convince them that sorrow would do this because shes basically another leader and controlling the community other then the true leader and co-owner
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: well im not surprised since shes banning people like no other for no reason so no one will argue. if they remove her from admin i garuntee youll get alot of protesting if they tell people about it
    Aimer [Jiggled]: Well since to this unwinding out
    Aimer [Jiggled]: I thank you for doing this and how it played out if it does get sorrow removed
    Aimer [Jiggled]: two groups of people left to make different groups cause of her
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: anytime man. i just wish it didnt resort to me retaliating even though i barely tried to lol. simple "light" ddos attacks is what i did even though 3.4k sounds like a VAST amount. from what i can use its basicaly me pinching the server
    Aimer [Jiggled]: lmao i know what you guys can do, im already scared to piss anon off thats for sure
    Aimer [Jiggled]: But since you are pretty cool i dont think that'll ever happen
    Aimer [Jiggled]: haha
    Flooded iP - Black Hat: nope, im pretty laid back. ill sit in a server for about 30 minutes getting TKed just to play a round without gettnig mad lmao

    This Convo goes on but about non-related topics and no more info about this instance. This legitly directly copy and pasted from the conversation i was having with a FORMER NotD admin and still reliable person to the NotD clan.
  2. Nov 29, 2010
    Like we haven't been ddos'd before...

    Steam ID of Flooded IP: STEAM_0:1:11331543
  3. Oct 29, 2010
  4. Mar 12, 2008
    Lol, look guys it's a keyboard warrior who knows how to paste an I.P. into a command prompt.

    This guy is so 1337 i am going to pull out my internet before he steals my bandwidth and makes me BSOD! Quick pull out your dial-up!

    Edit: NotD is Night of the Dicks, right?
  5. Nov 29, 2010
    Alright, let's clarify shit. So we're somehow involved in a "war" with NoTD because this guy is ddosing their servers because of the fact that they banned some of his buddies? O.o since when did we get dragged into this

    EDIT: Also hearing that he's the one "protecting" us from being attacked from them? What?
  6. Jul 13, 2011
    so confused and tired.
  7. Feb 18, 2011

    Clarify more please....Cause this is confusing me...
  8. Jul 25, 2011
    Wow you guys are lame. Why do you have to resort to ddosing any community over a ban or argument... And why are you getting plaguefest involved?
  9. Jun 4, 2006
  10. Jul 25, 2011
    I have no idea whats going on...
  11. Sep 22, 2010
  12. May 27, 2008
    All of you are fucking stupid with the exception of Aka and Brian.. Let the roots deal with this because NONE of you can do jack shit.
  13. Jul 25, 2011
    Ya my bad for getting involved
  14. Feb 18, 2011
    Is Serenity involved in this somehow?
  15. Jun 4, 2006
    locking this cause i have no idea what the fuck it is but i don't like it

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