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Resolved NSanityHD

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by tfreeman451, Mar 20, 2016

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  1. Oct 11, 2013
    Name: NSanityHD

    Description: I've never seen this admin before so I'm assuming they're new - way too quick on the trigger here. You can see my console below as they quickly warn me and then freeze me within seconds. I wasn't in an illegal spot to top it off.

    (Admin) NSanityHD™ [PF]: Freeman, off the illegal spot.
    [Source Mod] Map voting has finished. The next map will be zm_officesspace_pfss_2. (Received 56% of 23 votes)
    Achievements disabled: demo playing.
    NSanityHD™ [PF]: !freeze freeman

    Demo below.

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  2. Feb 8, 2016
    Freeman, unfortunately I couldn't get back on to sort this out as my connection today is horrendous and so I'm having to post this on my iPhone. When checking the !illegal page for the map we were on I wasn't looking at the number on the wall in the screenshot or on the map when I was looking at you and for this I apologise for the action taken and I fully admit to my mistake. That being said, I was just in the process of re-checking the illegal point on the page and then got "Connection Lost, retrying" and got disconnected. As some of the admins know I use a long range wireless adapter to connect to a public hotspot in order to connect to the Internet, and as such isn't very "ideal" nor is it very stable. (as soon from my hideous ping spikes.)
    Technically speaking, my action wasn't exactly "abuse" but more of "misjudgement".

    Again, I admit to my mistake and am sorry for the action taken. With being constantly shot at as well when I was looking back and forth trying to be sure it was the illegal spot in the picture and looking back in front of me (directly toward you) it was difficult to be certain.

    If I'm able to get back online on Steam tonight or tomorrow I can discuss this with you further if you wish.
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    • Feb 27, 2012
      Yeah, that roof top isn't illegal. Also waaaaay too quick to freeze him. give him some time to acknowledge what you're saying and possibly act upon it. Glad this could quickly be resolved. My only advice to you Nsanity is to give a little more time between your warning and taking some form of action. And of course make sure you're looking at the right thing on the illegal spots list, but we all make mistakes.
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