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Resource nyro's batch compiler 1.8

Discussion in Resources & Tutorials started by nyronic, Mar 25, 2014

  1. May 17, 2011
    Hello everyone, I recently wanted to know how to compile a map using just a batch file. I never did any type of coding or scripting before, so I did some research and wrote a simple compiler script. After getting that to work I figured out how to make choice menus. So I created a menu system that had a few steps with options(Ex: only entities, fast vis, skip vis, skip rad, etc.) I wasn't really satisfied with it so I rewrote the entire thing from scratch. I'm quiet happy with it so I decided to share it here. I had a lot of fun learning how to create this and while I made it for personal use, I hope someone else will find it useful.

    - Reworked how VMFII is implemented. If it exists in your tools directory, it will run. Otherwise
    it will run vbsp.exe as normal. It will not run if an .fgd file has not been specified(Added a dialogue
    for this in the options).

    - Supports VMF Instance Inserter, by Metapyziks.
    - Checkboxes for each stage of the compile process, so you can easily toggle different stages off just like Hammer allows.
    - Checkboxes for all the various arguments that each part of the compile process uses, as well as the ability to manually add your own.
    - Save/Load/Delete compile setting profiles
    - Save/Load/Delete game configuration profiles, so you can easily switch between different games or mods.
    - Automatically saves most recent settings, so the next time you load the .bat up your previous settings are already there.
    - Includes bspzip.exe as one of the stages, if you don't mind manually writing your own list.txt files you can specify it with this and your files will be automatically packed if this stage is enabled.
    - bspzip.exe also includes the ability to run -deletecubemaps(since it's been broken forever in source now, you can run this which will let you buildcubemaps again)
    -Setup Menu which tries to streamline the setup process for all the different paths required, the only full path you need to type is the one to where your compile tools are located.

    - Extract the .rar anywhere you wish.
    - Then double click mainmenu.bat or drag and drop a .vmf onto mainmenu.bat
    - You may also make a shortcut to mainmenu.bat and drag and drop on that instead.
    - First time start up will take you to the setup menu.

    Special thanks to Detonator & hlstriker for testing it with me and finding a lot of major bugs.

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      nyronic, Mar 25, 2014 Last edited by nyronic, May 13, 2014
    • Apr 9, 2012
      This is the second compiler I see to use a packing phase during the compile process and the first one to use it for mapper users only (the first one I ever saw was from Wall Worm Model Tools but only works if you create you level inside of 3DS Max and also is a self written packer that works with every engine).

      Great stuff man, this should be very useful for all mappers over here! Make sure to put this on GB as well.
    • Mar 24, 2014
      Great Job Man ! I'll have to use this when i start getting really into mapping and start making actual maps.
    • Dec 11, 2013
      @nyronic, u r an AWESOME MAN!!! Good job~ :grin:
    • Mar 30, 2013
      You should not post it on sendspace. It will get removed soon (like every files there), and it's very slow
    • May 17, 2011
      Thanks guys! Let me know if there's any problems or a way I could improve it.

      Where would I submit it on there?

      I don't really know where else to put it... and it's only 18kb
      nyronic, Mar 26, 2014 Last edited by nyronic, Mar 26, 2014
    • Feb 3, 2012
      Nice guide! :thumbsup:
    • May 27, 2012
      For whatever reason, when I set my Steam directory to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam the program just closes. Any idea what could be causing this?
    • May 17, 2011
      Oh, I overlooked that. Pretty sure it's the parentheses in Program Files (x86)

      I'll work on a fix later tonight.
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      • Apr 9, 2007
        You should attach things to the forum, SendSpace may not be around forever.

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      • May 17, 2011
        Here's an updated version(first post), it should work for you now. Hopefully I didn't break anything while adding a billion quotation marks.

        Thanks, I always forget this feature exists. I don't do a lot of forum posting.
        nyronic, Mar 26, 2014 Last edited by nyronic, Apr 1, 2014