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Official Steam Coupon Thread - Giveaways Ahoy!

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Vadleon, Sep 7, 2012

  1. Jan 12, 2011
    There have been threads for various coupons before, but I think it's time we have a general thread for this stuff. If anyone has a coupon they don't want and wish to give it away and/or trade it for something, post it here! If you're looking for something, read the thread and check dates to see if it's still available from someone.

    Just a few quick rules for the thread:
    1) PLEASE edit and use the text strike-through (example) on any offers after you've gifted/traded them so we don't have people asking for old items.
    2) Please include all important information about the coupon in your post, such as title, discount, and valid dates. It also helps to say if you're giving it away or if you wish to trade for something.
    3) If you are responding to someone's offer, please include your Steam user or profile name in your post to expedite the process. If preferred, the participating people may also use PMs to coordinate the trade.
    Otherwise, have fun and be sure to thank your fellow posters for the goods!


    First on the menu are a couple coupons I have:
    - 50% off any Saints Row the Third DLC. Valid Aug 27 - Sept 10, 2012.
    - 75% off Portal 2. Valid Aug 16 - Sept 14, 2012.
    I'm giving these away, so first come, first serve!
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      Vadleon, Sep 7, 2012 Last edited by Vadleon, Sep 7, 2012