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Resolved once again pvt bubblz

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by 1nfomercial, Jun 30, 2017

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  1. May 24, 2017
    Unfortunately, I did not have a enjoyable gameplay this evening as @PVT. BUBBLZ is still on a personal vendetta as it was also already briefly described in my previous thread. He did not only insult me, he also changed his name. Even when I asked him to change it and even when another admin asked him to change it, he refused and only made fun of me. His behavior also encouraged other players to change their names to insult me as it can be seen in the screenshots.

    Here, @PVT. BUBBLZ calls himself "1nfo sucks cocks daily".
    Also the chat-log provided below is from him as well.
    On top of that, he abuses commands such as !slap and !mute/!unmute as it can be seen on June 15th, 16th, 22nd, 25th, 26th, and 30th in his chat-log.

    At this point, I also want to point out @Melody's great work as an admin. Good job! She's always there and helpful when it's needed.

    pvt_1 pvt_2 pvt_3 pvt_4
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      1nfomercial, Jun 30, 2017 Last edited by 1nfomercial, Jun 30, 2017
    • Feb 27, 2012
    • May 24, 2017
      As far as I know just them two. But I don't want her to get in trouble. She did a very good job to keep everything as mature as possible.
    • Jun 12, 2017
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      • JorisCeoen
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        Jul 1, 2017
      • Dec 31, 2016
        i slapped him when he was contiously talking shit about the past instance saying how shitty of an admin i was saying how kyro had to tell me how to do my job, ask anyone in the lobby what was said over the mic or through chat logs, i didnt go through !admin command because I just wanted to fuck with him and if you will see it says more than one client matched the 1n when i used the slap command there where multiple players with that name present at the time. He acts like he is so innocent when the entire time he is constantly antagonizing me. I !sm for majority of the game then unmuted for a short time because other players informed me of what he contiued to say.
        Post Merged, Jul 1, 2017
        i sm him then used the wrong unmute command to take it off i never muted him in game as well i was trying to take off the sm
        as the pictures show
        Post Merged, Jul 1, 2017
        also i did not intiate people changing there names i was one of the last ones who did there where multple people who did so before I ask meli or any other player present
        Post Merged, Jul 1, 2017
        i would also like to know why this is even brought up in admin abuse
        #1. did i mute him? no i sm then used the wrong command to turn off unmute
        #2. did i slap him? technically yes but i knew there where other players in game with same name so it would not work unless i specified which
        #3. he constantly wants to get on and harass me then if i react to any of it he wants to cry and claim admin abuse its really pathetic
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        • Apr 26, 2015
          Even if the !slap didn't work because there were other people with a 1N in their name, that does nothing but aggravate the situation and continue to escalate it. That's not even what !slap is supposed to be used for. As for everything else, both of you are poking and prodding each other, if either of you have issues with one another, take it outside of the server and resolve it. Otherwise we're going to continue seeing another one of these threads.

          @PVT. BUBBLZ http://plaguefest.com/rules/admin

          As an admin, you are the face of Plague Fest. Admins must be mature, respectful, professional, patient, use common sense, and so forth.

          - Do not impersonate another player or admin on the server.
          - Do not argue with other players/admins on the server. If you have a disagreement to work out, please do so in private so it does not affect others who are not involved.

          You shouldn't have changed your name, especially to start fucking with him. Admins can't go change their names to make fun of players on the server. Every admin, probably at least once, is going to get flack from a player saying they are a shitty admin and get grilled by them, you have to roll with the punches and not let it affect your better judgement. If you can't deal with them, ask one of the other admins on if they can take care of them and !sm them if you can't avoid a flame war on the server. I hate seeing admins make continuous fun of people on the server, it just makes people want to leave. When players see admins doing it, they want to start grilling them too.

          Regarding the comments you made toward him in the screenshot, saying he has no power here and you want to votekick him. You can't threaten players on the server and power trip over them, it does nothing but make you look bad.


          If you're baiting Bubblez, drop it. Its obvious the two of you don't like each other, and I don't want to become the father of two kids arguing with each other over a game.

          Though I haven't seen any demos of you provoking admins, if someone has one of you doing this, they can send it to me. For as much shit as the admins can take, if a single person continuously berates and harasses the admins, I'm not against action in some cases.

          Overall, whatever issue you two have with each other, say sorry and work it out. I'm marking this resolved.
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