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One of my poems

Discussion in Entertainment started by KillerMp3, Apr 9, 2015

  1. Apr 18, 2014
    Tears of poetry

    I'm tired of all
    Tired of life, tired of death
    Tired of the known and the unknown
    I'm tired

    Love, do not think that it's all worth it
    Do not think that meant nothing
    Love, do not let your tears dirty my poetry
    Not worth drain our memories for those pages

    Lord, I am truly sorry
    Sorry for not having lived
    Sorry for not having died
    Lord, who wish to say that all the pain is justifiable
    And that nothing justifies the pain.

    Teacher, you tried to teach me the art of life
    But only poetry teaches life and death
    Teacher, you tried to teach me to question
    But I just questioned my boredom in your lessons

    Friend, i used your shoulder to cry
    And write my poems in your ribs
    Friend, I know in the end I promised not to leave you
    But life, death and poetry have left me.

    Me(Sorry for erros, i wrote in Portuguese)
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      Jeremy, Apr 9, 2015 Last edited by KillerMp3, Apr 9, 2015
    • Oct 29, 2010
      How dreary.
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      • Apr 18, 2014
        I was suicidal when i wrote it lel
      • Oct 29, 2010
        Stop that.
      • Apr 18, 2014
        It´s true.
      • Oct 29, 2010
        I believe you, hence "Stop that."
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        • Feb 21, 2007
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          • Oct 24, 2013
            It's good just remember people don't always relate to your struggle so don't be offended if someone can't see your point of view.
            I'll show you my one poem I wrote when I went through my tough time a year ago if you want.
            Since the audience for wanting to read something like this is small remember the type of people who can feel your pain won't always be vocal about liking it.
            It's a very taboo subject to talk about still, even in therapy circles.
            I remember sharing my suicidal ideations and a close attempt with a rehab group once, immediately they pulled me out of the group and were ready to strap me down and "Baker" act me.
            Even when you try to share those thoughts you can be met with harsh consequences. When I told those people, I was completely fine and explained it was an extremely bad reaction to a drug called Latuda.
            It's an anti-psychotic that even on the commercials warn it can cause suicidal thinking in young adults, yet they didn't tell me anything about that.
            No matter what you tell people, they cannot read your mind.

            Telling a person like you to cheer up is like telling an insomniac to lay down and sleep.
            You need to live your life without the pills your taking now.
            They will absolutely ruin your mind. Occasionally I still will pop something and almost instantly remember why I hate taking pills.
            Only thing I can say is make your friend proud of what you do since you're still here.

            This is a picture I drew of myself when I first came out of the asylum.

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            • May 31, 2012
              Pretty good, especially since it is translated.

              I don't even know how to write poems, lol. The first part sounds like Engineering :razz:
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              • Apr 18, 2014
                @Grape i love u <3

                I always had this thing that i can write whatever i feel, its natural, like breathing or be alive, but you should try again and again <3
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