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Resolved Oxazebam

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Grape, Jun 16, 2015

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  1. Oct 24, 2013
    Ox repeatedly started talking smack to me today and then as soon as I say something back he get's all defensive. He even questioned why I would say something mean to him like he's completely oblivious. He just banned me a few minutes ago after talking smack back and forth. I have a demo of him earlier talking about my wife. Before he banned me he was instigating things back with me and I said something back then kicks me for it.
    Earlier he was harassing me and private messaging other players to make fun of me.
    Like a coward he repeatedly acts innocent that he's doing it.

    On top of this he didn't write a reason in the ban, and just instigates more by calling me a noob.
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    • Feb 27, 2012
      For the record, the forum ban is for spamming shit.
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      • Feb 27, 2012
        The forum ban has nothing to do with this thread.
      • Apr 13, 2012
        I was not there for the ban, a few hours ago though when Grape first came onto the server he started his usual troll stuff where he pretty much attacks anyone and everyone. There is no limit to his filter he will say some serious screwed up crap. Which in the end of the day is worse than trolling. It really seems like he just joins the server to start crap and be a douche to people. I have a few demos of his time spent on the servers and him attacking people.
        It is quite annoying for you to come onto the forums and play victim when you are the biggest abuser of players I see on the server.. Anyone who is on the servers knows exactly how he is. Disturbed was on for a bit as well and saw a lot of it.
        If more of my info or demos are needed please let me know.
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        • Mar 26, 2012
          I've already extensively spoken with Oxazebam about this so I don't feel it is necessary for him to post in this thread. Luc has already posted, told me what he saw, and is attempting to provide the demos to me. Other admins have noted what they saw.

          It doesn't look like there is too much in chat, but it is obvious that Grape was using harmful speech to offend Oxazebam in chat. This does not include anything that was said over the mic that may be offensive or harmful.
          Oxazebam has admitted to me that he did use harmful speech towards you too, but I do not see it chat. I assume everything negative that Oxazebam said was over the mic.

          Neither Oxazebam or Grape should have talked trash to each other. It doesn't matter who started it at this point. Both the admin and player were wrong. Oxazebam should have asked for help from another admin, LSA, or reported it to us later if none of us were available at the time. We expect our admins to remain professional even in difficult situations. If an admin feels emotionally compromised then they need to take a step back. I understand that this is easier said than done.

          I have contacted Luc and he is sending me the demos so I can listen to what Oxazebam and Grape said over the mic.

          Per Oxazebam, Grape was warned multiple times (twice?) for harassment / harmful speech. Per multiple admins, Grape was also breaking other rules.


          "next time grape its a ban" is a terrible warning. Warnings should be specific about which rule the player is breaking.


          Was kicked with the warning "stop trolling last warning." Trolling isn't necessarily against the rule, but


          Grape was warned (multiple times) and kicked. He was warned for breaking other rules (blocking and glitching?). Grape should have stopped what he was doing after being warned. Grape should have definitely stopped doing what he was doing after being kicked. Usually players are banned after being kicked. He should have known this since he was an admin before. He knew what the consequence was to his actions if he continued. He chose to continue, got banned, and then decided to post an abuse thread on here.

          I think it is reasonable that Grape serves the remainder of his ban unless someone from Management or another LSA believes that this is unjust. In the future, Grape should stop what he is doing after he is warned and/or kicked. If he feels like the admin is incorrectly warning and/or kicking him then he should post an abuse thread. He should not wait until he is banned to post an abuse thread.

          The players and admins involved that said they have demos, screenshots, etc, but didn't post it here or send it to me directly to review should not withhold this evidence. Just post it or send it to me immediately. Don't make me hunt for it. There is emphasis in the Admin Abuse forum to provide evidence. Read the stickies!

          If there are no objections from other LSAs or Management then I will mark this resolved. It was not entirely "Not Admin Abuse" because Oxazebam did also use harmful speech towards Grape too.
          Aprz, Jun 17, 2015 Last edited by Aprz, Jun 17, 2015
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