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Papers, Please.

Discussion in Gaming started by Dirtbag, Sep 4, 2013

  1. May 15, 2011
    Papers, Please is a Dystopian Document Thriller with an immense immersion of gameplay brought out with nothing more than pix-elated figures and poorly given instructions as you do your best to do your job ensuring criminals and other intrusive people are disposed of or rejected by the state. In other words, you're a border control agent who sits at a desk 8 hours a day and looks at paper. But by god if this isn't one hell of a game, the instant you start playing story you are hooked, not only by the extravagant music, lore and gameplay but by how touching it can be at times. Giving you situations straight up you know are wrong and should decline, but as a human being you feel obligated to help these people out of good will, risking your own home and family as to not feel like a right dick. Moral choices that actually have moral. (That's right, I'm calling you out, Fable.)

    As for the gameplay, you are taxed with balancing time, money and your job. Letting someone through, searching them or even just asking them questions, all decisions are hard made and at the cost of your money, for you only get paid for each pedestrian you encounter. But what about your family, rent and food? You must work to live, but the more you question and study a potential threat, the closer the clock ticks to closing time, which means less money for you. So how will you play? Will you let people through with little thought, or can you afford to be perilous, paying attention to each and every detail as the clock ticks away?

    All in all, I can say this game is AMAZING. I have never once been so quickly hooked into something that sounded so boring and looked worse than Minecraft, but throws the consumer right in, engulfing you in a world of choice, pain and emotion as you discover what it means to be, a border guard. C:

    Steam Page
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      Dirtbag, Sep 4, 2013 Last edited by Dirtbag, Sep 4, 2013
    • Jun 23, 2010
      I like this game!
    • Aug 12, 2012
      looks interesting, might give it a try