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Particle positions do not follow parented entities

Discussion in Help Desk started by JorisCeoen, Sep 29, 2012

  1. Apr 9, 2012
    Hi guys, I'm on the final stage of my map (SSBB) and I'm facing the old same problem that I have since years not been able to solve.

    I need to create particle effects for arguably all of my characters, and making them the way I want is no problem at all.

    I face the following problem:
    Let's say you have a beam-like particle (not env_beam) that goes forward, a bit like Bahamut his final attack in the reactor (you know, that attack that kills us all if we can't defeat bahamut in time). I want it to keep going forward no matter how I turn around and such, as if it was parented to the pistol. The problem I am facing is that it never ever turns along with me. Like, I look forward, and the beam goes forward, but when I turn 90° to the left, the beam just keeps facing the same direction. Let me demonstrate it:


    As you can see in this picture, I parented the effect to the top of the pistol. The problem as demonstrated here is that no matter where I look, the beam will always go into the same direction... It should always face the deagle 180°, not just the same direction. This is vital for me to solve and if I can't solve this, I can't release the map :crying:

    I know it is possible. I have taken over certain particles and adjusted them to my needs that apparantly DID go along the way I walked. However, when I create my own particles from scratch, I have never been able to find the correct combination of parameters to achieve this (I don't even know if it's simply 1 paramater).

    I have tried searching out completely all the parameters of existing particles that do have what I need, but so far nothing seemed to reveal the possibility to do this.

    The thing is, I am missing something but I simply don't know what. I would love all the help guys, and sorry but for once it's actually a bit urgent :-/
  2. May 31, 2012
    I believe you can parent things to a determinate attachment defined in the model. In CS:S, I believe it's on the back of the character (DE_ bombs), the hands (?) and the foot. Give me a second and I'll find a complete list for you.

    EDIT 1: For HL2 https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Attachment_points_for_HL2

    Gimme a sec, I know I found CS:S ones somewhere.

    EDIT 2: Just remembered, go to SDK's model viewer, load a model and select attachments. Those are the possible attachment positions, and with those and SetParentAttachment it's doable.

    EDIT 3: Oh, wait, re-read the post. Instead of using Operator's Movement Basic -> Gravity or something alike use Initializer's sphere (or cube?) model move direction thing. I can't remember the names exactly, but if you want me to check, talk to me on Steam and I'll send you a screenshot or something.
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  3. Sep 25, 2010
  4. Apr 9, 2012
    Thanks Detonator, but unfortunatly that entity cannot change the direction of a particle. A particle system defines it's own parameters in a .pcf file so it's a standalone entity which doesn't interfere with anything else.

    Enviolinador, I will try that Initilaser thingy, as I remember something like that being in the list.
    Post Merged, Sep 29, 2012
    Just a sec, it might have something to do with Position within Sphere Random...
  5. May 31, 2012
    It does, that was the name I couldn't remember.
  6. Jan 11, 2011
    The thing is... You want to be able to rotate and the particle to rotate aswel, making you able to do spirals, is that right? If that's what you want; I would recomend forgetting about it.. Because, what will the special attack be? Is it a push? Is it a hurt? Whatever it is (unless its based on lots of invisible projectiles, wich I highly doubt; and woul most likely make your map crash) it will always aim in the direction you are facing; it won't become a spiral... So if the effect is always a straight line (the shape of the trigger) the particle should aswel be a straight line.

    If that's not the case and you just want the particle/beam to be a straight line like the trigger he is covering... You are using the wrong particle values/outputs/whatevers.
    As mentioned many times; I never touched the particle editor myself; so I'm not an expert on it; but I'm going to guess you are using Bahamuth's Megaflare as your foundation to edit the particles. If that's the case, big mistake.

    I don't know Hannibal did on that particle (or what did he base it on), but its broken. Almost everyone has seen that the second Bahamuth on Sephiroth's bridge on Extreme 2, if not defeated, will Megaflare on the humans... And everyone saw that the attack doesn't go in the bridge direction, but instead to the left, following the same direction it does while on the Reactor.
    Stop using that particle as your editing foundation and you should be fine.

    There are tons of "directional" particles that go always in the right direction (the one the player is facing)
    Paranoid: Vortigaun's lightning, Flamethrower's flames, Vulcan Minigun's bullets...
    Predator: Push Gun's effect, Rail Gun's laser, Flamethrower's Flames...
    Mako Reactor: Wind Lv1 and 2, Fire Lv1...

    In fact, I believe Bahamuth's MegaFlare to be the ONLY directional particle that always goes the same direction; and I bet you mistake was using that one as a foundation for yours.
  7. Apr 9, 2012
    Thanks for the suggestions, but I don't use any particle as foundation, I start them from scratch. I indeed just want the particle to face the direction I'm walking into, like all those flamethrowers. The flames always go in the direction the player looks at, it's exactly that that I want to achieve.
  8. Jan 11, 2011
    Imo check any of those working particles (like the Flamethrower one) on your own, or ask Luffaren, he is kinda pro with particles.
  9. Feb 24, 2011

    Keep the "operator --> movement basic" in there, but remove the movement speed on it (make sure it's "0 0 0")
    Add "initializer --> velocity random" and put in the desired speed which you originally had on the "movement basic"

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    • Apr 9, 2012
      I approve :thumbsup:
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      • Nov 11, 2011
        The fucking man has spoken. :thumbsup:
      • Oct 17, 2011
        It took you a second to discover the problem but it took joris months and he couldn't figure it out. Damn yo.
      • May 14, 2011
        I assume luffaren had the problem before, which is how he knew the fix.
      • Nov 11, 2011
        Luffaren probably developed Hammer for all we know. Just leave the man alone and heed his wisdom.

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